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  1. i was out around 1-2km fisharoo only caught a few trevally, tailor here's another
  2. thanks mate it was far more spectacular than my phone camera can show
  3. Norah Head out in the Yak sunday morning. the pics don't reaaly do it justice!!! Baited
  4. went down tuggerah lake this morning in the hobie. had a late start 7am. started flicking poppers over the flats. had a lot of hits and swirls but no hook ups for 30 mins. alot of fish were grabbing the popper but coming off straight away. caught this small whitebait looking fish and three of his mates on the popper ...must have been bloody hungry!!! caught 6 bream most of which were small around 23- 27 cm except for my new P.B bream on popper went 38.5 cm and was fairly thick.. caught on 4lb braid and 6lb leader in 2-3ft of water only one whiting today and he was small. not bad
  5. thanks guys i'm stoked to get my first jew after so many years. it was the new penny colour shrimp
  6. hi all took the yak out this morning with a few mates, fishing for bream around woy woy. nothing much happening for the first hour ......small whiting and pinkies. all of a sudden something good grabs the plastic and runs hard pulling line after 8- 10 mins and calls of 'massive bream' 'big flattie' stingray' from the boys i could see colour ,my first ever jew after numerous attempts with the net i finally got it in the yak it went 73cm and 3.6 kg caught on 2 inch gulp shrimp and 8lb line STOKED :beersmile: time!!!!
  7. paul best report!!!!! i couldn't look away until i finished reading, felt like i was there. Big congratulations on your marlin especially from a yak i'm sure the memories will never fade. YAK ON !!!!!!!
  8. nah mate mine is a single kayak ... hobie outback the clear poppers are definately the go roberta
  9. i'm totally adicted now . sold the boat to buy it. can't beat the excitement of a fish smashing the popper or the heart in mouth as you see swirls and bow waves behind it. just saw th e report you posted roberta of the marlin. that is amazing to say the least
  10. that is absolutely amazing bragging rights for life at the pub i have only just got into kayak fishing( hobie outback)and a big flatty bream or whiting gives you a lot of curry i can,t imagine what a marlin would be like , but would love to have the chance one day nothing compares to pedals!! that has pumped me up
  11. hello all a couple of pics from the last outings in the kayak. 2 weeks ago fished brisbane water in friends old red beast yak for 7 flathead between us caught on gulp shrimp. last week tried the entrance in my new outback for 3 whiting, 1 bream (small) and one flatty 40cm all on poppers. the whiting were around 35 to 42 cm and top fun in the shallow water.
  12. stones is just the rocks anywhere.i fish at a number of spots between terrigal and the entrance. any place that has green weed growing on the rocks will have fish just depends on the swell.. terrigal and avoca are good options but can get crowded on weekends. the channel at the entrance fishes well for them too.
  13. hi all decided to fish off the stones this morning up here on the central coast . a mate and i managed to pick up 7 blackfish between 32 and 38cm. lost atleast 5 others at our feet .....had no net and 2 unstoppable pigs.. would have been a miracle on only 6lb line.all fish caught with fresh cabbage off rocks and no. 6 hooks on high tide. went off the bite when the tide got lower...
  14. baited

    Mini Tornado?

    wouldn,t want to be cleaning out the gutters on that roof at the time
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