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  1. Nick1987k

    Tommmorow Sydney

    U heading wide mate I'll be staying shelf at this stage Nick BLUE LABEL
  2. Nick1987k

    Tommmorow Sydney

    Hey guys anyone heading out for a troll tomorrow Nick BLUE LABEL
  3. Nick1987k

    Bellambi tommorow

    Anyone fished bellambi this week heading down tommorow Nick BLUE LABEL
  4. Nick1987k

    Humps tommorow

    Will be fishing the humps tommorow ! On channel 21 bluelabel Nick BLUE LABEL
  5. Nick1987k

    Humps tommorow

    Yeh I'm back at work Wednsday so trying to sneak it in Tommorow mark . Nick BLUE LABEL
  6. Nick1987k

    Humps tommorow

    Anyone planning on heading down stanwell way tommorow ! Thinking of heading to humps . Just watching forecast though Nick BLUE LABEL
  7. Nick1987k

    Reef Magic tuna report

    Anyone heading wide tommrow Nick BLUE LABEL
  8. Nick1987k

    Reef Magic tuna report

    Bluelabel will be out on Sunday ' Nick BLUE LABEL
  9. Nick1987k

    Heading out again this Tuesday

    Good luck mark !! Would love to jump on but stuck at work all week !! Good luck mate waters looking good !! Nick BLUE LABEL
  10. Nick1987k

    Bluelabel heading out Tuesday for tuna !

    Hey mark I could hear your reply but very fuzzy so I was guessing you were still very wide ! I was heading back in at that stage !! Nick BLUE LABEL
  11. Nick1987k

    Bluelabel heading out Tuesday for tuna !

    Likewise trolled southern canyons an to 600 line did 160km for 0 !! Nick BLUE LABEL
  12. Nick1987k

    Bluelabel heading out Tuesday for tuna !

    Sounds good lets hope weather hold s up . I'll be on 21 bluelabel Nick BLUE LABEL
  13. Hey raider s looking at heading out on Tuesday for a crack at the tuna . Not sure whether I'll be fishing out of hacking or launching down the gong . Anyone else planning on heading out . Nick BLUE LABEL
  14. Nick1987k

    Sydney Wide Sunday 22nd

    I'd say flying fish mate Nick BLUE LABEL
  15. Nick1987k

    Sydney YFT - 19.06.2014

    Well done mate .. Let's the season begin!! Nick BLUE LABEL