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  1. Cheyne_r

    kiama bait grounds

    Slimies are everywhere here at the moment, all along the 30-40m mark, won't take you long to find them
  2. Cheyne_r

    Slow day off Sydney 2/1/16

    There was a very hot bite off Kiama, many boats dropping multiple fish, a few boats had double and triple hookups, a few good fish tagged and captured. We dropped a nice striped, but was a great day, never seen so much bait in one area, it was insane, bait balls everywhere.
  3. Cheyne_r

    Sydney – 23-7-2015 Yellowfin

    I have had a few close encounters with whites spearing off the illawarra, at the banks, and off the Central Coast. Whites travel all the way up to QLD especially at this time of year following the whales.
  4. Cheyne_r

    Brown's Mountain Monday

    Nice gemmies, I'm with you, we don't use electrics, it's just not fishing. We use a big reef queen deep drop winch. Works a treat, just get a but of a work out.
  5. Cheyne_r

    Fishing Sunday.

    Still looks very ordinary off Kiama at the moment.
  6. Cheyne_r

    Thursday report - yellowfin & albacore

    Well done. How was the wind off sydney? We were out of Kiama, but turned around at the shelf and headed back in as we had to 20-25knots by 10am and was getting nasty quick, no fun in a 6m plate boat.
  7. JBL Dingo or Micro Dingo's.
  8. Cheyne_r

    New Bluefin Bag limits

    I've got no problem with it if that is the new bag limit. What I have a problem with is fisheries officers out there actively trying to enforce it when it hasn't been publicised anywhere.
  9. Cheyne_r

    2 Barrels for Reef Magic today - pics attached

    Well done guys! Great fish!
  10. Cheyne_r

    New Bluefin Bag limits

    This states 1 per person per day. Not the 1 per person in possession we were informed the new limit is.
  11. Cheyne_r

    New Bluefin Bag limits

    I agree, and we haven't been able to find anything stating it in writing, this is just what we were told by several different fisheries officers, as well as the guys at berm bait and tackle.
  12. Cheyne_r

    New Bluefin Bag limits

    Yeah I believe that 1 per person in possession is fair, but they should be reducing the commercial quotas if they really want to make a difference to the fish stocks. And this is just for southern bluefin, all other tuna remain the same
  13. Cheyne_r

    New Bluefin Bag limits

    Yeah we knew nothing of it Untill we were at the ramp on the way out
  14. So after chasing the fish down at Bermi over the weekend (with no luck) we were informed by fisheries officers on both days, that the limit is now 1 per person in possession. This means if you keep a bluefin, and have fillets in the freezer etc, you cannot keep another one. Apparently they are going to be cracking down on this, so just a heads up for those chasing them.
  15. Cheyne_r

    Did anyone manage to get out over the w/end?

    We fished Bermagui both days for zero's. Few good yellowfin were caught Saturday, then there was a bluefin bite that came on south of eden both days but it was a long run down. Pretty quiet otherwise.