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  1. I am grateful to Koalaboi and JamoDamo giving me some advice around March 25 re the Alvey Blackfish 455B reel I'd purchased and general set-up. I usually fish out of a kayak but when it starts getting a bit cold prefer to revert to shore-based fishing. This year I thought I would improve my black-fishing technique......and started off on a great footing with pretty good catch on May 8 from a well known jetty in SansSouci. Locals will see where it is from the photo - a popular spot close to the Taren Point bridge. Mind you, I got lucky I think as it was literally the last cast, and no-one on the jetty was getting any excitement - I called out "one more cast" to my husband who was sitting up in the shade and starting to look a bit impatient. It was a bit of a tussle getting it in - he wanted to wrap me around the pylons....and young Pat came to my aid with the net. First fish with my alley reel so pretty impressed and its a PB for me at 40cms!
  2. Appreciate all this advice - you are all very gracious. 👏
  3. Interesting- have just purchased one of these ( alvey direct wind blackfish reel model No. 455B) at my fishing club’s auction. Unused. Have yet to even put line on it.....might need to do more research though 😜 any recommendations on YouTube maybe?.... I’m bit of a rookie
  4. Good on you releasing her - my 'shore crew' (and cook) would complain if I didn't bring anything home for dinner so the pressure is always on - and my catch rate isn't always as good as some of you guys as I am in a kayak and can't cover as much ground as the boaties.
  5. Bit envious. Not having much luck with whiting out of my kayak. Still learning.....I seem to be better with flatties and bream.
  6. I'm just a rookie kayak fisher, focussing mainly on estuary areas in and around Sydney, NSW.  I also like a bit of luderick fishing off the rocks from time to time.  When I travel I also like to take a rod & reel with me.  Recently had fun in Vancouver learning about salmon and trout fishing.