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  1. fat_souvlaki

    Crab dawn raid

    Good size blue swimmers mate! Do you find they just hang onto the bait or do they get tangled in the line? I want to try and start doing this type of fishing on my next trip. Cheers , John
  2. fat_souvlaki

    Not a good Friday-Botany 30.3.18

    All Sp's, the Bay has been abit hit and miss over our last few trips. Our last trip we only managed afew flatties and some bream. It just happened to fire up for us that day!
  3. fat_souvlaki

    Not a good Friday-Botany 30.3.18

    All duskies, they lost their scales in the keeper bag
  4. fat_souvlaki

    Not a good Friday-Botany 30.3.18

    We bagged 14 flatties and 2 arrow squid. Dropped some good fish, and lots of ankle biter throw backs!
  5. fat_souvlaki

    IMPORTANT SURVEY ALL - show our relevance

  6. fat_souvlaki

    6kg braid

    When you spooled the new braid, did you put it on with pressure? I have also found that if you are constantly casting and retrieving light lures, the line can go back on the spool with some slack. Some of the sp bream fishos will be able to provide more info. Cheers, John.
  7. fat_souvlaki

    Jig heads !

    Keep them out of the sun mate!
  8. fat_souvlaki

    Rod wrapper DIY

    hey mate you can buy quick set epoxy..rock hard within 5 minutes...so just turn by hand
  9. fat_souvlaki

    A Day In the Bay 21.5.17

    That's a solid feed, well done mate. Do you use traps or hats for the crabs? Cheers John.
  10. fat_souvlaki

    George's River

    What size jig head mate? That's a great effort on plastics! Regards John Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  11. fat_souvlaki

    fishing spots for boat in botany bay and around oatley

    You will hit the flatties drifting along drops in the bay, slow drifts are best! Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  12. fat_souvlaki

    PB Sydney Mulloway

    Well done mate, that is an absolute cracker!!!!! Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  13. fat_souvlaki

    Port Hacking - early morning session

    Top job yowie! A great feed and off the water by sunrise! The time when the rest of us are getting on the water.
  14. fat_souvlaki

    Botany Bay 19-2

    Ye I have heard of them being caught at night. Well done on the fishing boys
  15. fat_souvlaki

    Botany Bay 19-2

    Good job on the jewfish mate!! I'm surprised you didn't hook any kingfish because they are everywhere in the bay atm. What was the tide like when you caught the jewfish? Enjoy the feed!