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  1. It was a great day, thanks mate
  2. was that the day Robeiro was with you, he sent me a similar pic. He said it was an awesome day. Cant wait to get out there..
  3. Spoke to a mate today said rat kingies in botany bay. might start there at mollys then head out further if no good.
  4. Hi all, Heading out of Hacking on Friday, probably outside. Any good spots or ideas? Regards, Steve
  5. Hi all, it has been a while. Am heading out early Friday morning and was thinking of heading outside and down the coast a little. Maybe off Marley, any ideas for a good spot. Regards, Steve
  6. Hi All, Had a nice day out on the water on Thursday morning. Weather way great. Nice flat water. Tried for a few squid off Kernell - with no luck. Went of for a trawl down to Cronulla for about 8 foot long Bonito - kept us busy. Tried for flatty's on a few drifts past Towra off Kernell ramp with no luck. On the way back stopped in at Woolaware Bay between the moorings, first stop landed my bait on this guys head. Very Happy. Cheers, Steve
  7. devon007

    Bonito time

    I didn't think bonito were good to eat?
  8. what a smashing day on he water. we didn't do too well on the fishing stakes but didn't expect too much. started out at the heads and drifted all the way to bundeena wharf with a couple of bites and mutton birds hanging around diving deep and stealing out baits. we then headed in a bit and fished black water bay for baby snapper every cast. soon got sick of that and headed down sth west arm and got more baby snapper. we then fished the chanel near lilli pilli for a few tiny flathead. back out to bass and flinders point on dusk for not even a bite. no take home catch but a fun day on the water. boat went really well for its second time out. Steve
  9. Good job Yowie, I'm heading out there tomorrow, cant wait. Steve
  10. Hey guys, Finally got the boat together (mostly) took it for a 2 hr run last week with its new 90hp Honda (smooth), now I need to fish. Thinking of putting in at water st port hacking about 11am then trying a few spots any ideas where they might be running? Possibly take it outside if the day is good down the coast a little. Once again any ideas for spot to catch a few flatty. Hope it all goes well. Cheers, Steve
  11. devon007


    Thanks Phil I will give them a try
  12. devon007


    hope this never happens. marine ply floor screws down so I think I am going to get some foam blocks from clark rubber and cut them to fit
  13. devon007

    Live Bait Tank

    i'm looking at this but worried it might block the view to the motor? only 300mm high though