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  1. downsouth

    Sushi recipe

    Hey Luke , Yeah mate that's it, cost the missus $25 I think for fathers day! Never done an outside roll, but they are delicous. Get ur self to an Asian grocer, they have all the gear u need, garlic mayo, fried onion,dried shrimp(prefer fresh myself), dipping sauce, WASABI etc Another good one fresh calamari soaked in dark soy chili lime then slow cooked. and mayo AS you can tell I don't have a time consuming boat, but love to fish, eat, seafood. Good luck putting ur local sushi maker out of business. We have saved hundreds
  2. downsouth

    Sushi recipe

    Hey Luke , good on you for having a go mate. Most people think its a waste of time making sushi but done a couple of times its gets easier everytime. And don't the kids just love it!! Mate ive got a sushi maker call SUSHEZI look it up online, it compacts the rice and filling to make for a fuller roll. It Also has a stand to cut the roll with no collapse, Keep on experimenting with your fillings also, one tip would be to buy sushi rice it takes the sticky vinegar much better. Cooked bream garlic mayo and lettuce!!!!! Sooo nice!!!
  3. downsouth

    Camping advice needed.

    Definetly no dogs allowed there its national parks I'm sure . Not wrong about the rest though great spot out of holiday season
  4. downsouth

    Port Stephens - Easter 2016

    Awesome report nanman you have me excited as im heading up for a week on friday. Can i ask you re squid drifts, were they close to shore or even at eastern side of bay in close, as im land based/ maybe kayak. As for the 60lb being cut im gunna have to go shopping to upgrade if thats not big enough!!!!
  5. downsouth

    Squid session Sunday 2/1

    Oh welst cmon I love fishing when I work for your mob? Ahh now I see the squid in the picture ! Did better than me down jervis bay in the yak . 0
  6. downsouth

    Squid session Sunday 2/1

    Looks like your channel grate needs unblocking?
  7. downsouth

    DOM-inated @port Stephens (massive snapper)

    Caught in close by Dom, HOWZATTT!!! Got him YEESSS
  8. downsouth

    Port Hacking Monday 24/5

    Wow some guys have all the luck, nice haul of squid out in the hacking on a work day!!!! This is how my Monday went, knocked the phone off bedside table turning off alarm, breaking screen and battery, then had a cold shower due to faulty hot water system, then on the way to mobile repair shop my ute started making a strange whining noise. ARGGHH what a day! Looks like I used up all my bad luck, so must be time to jump on your boat welst.