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  1. Yes it's true that marine rescue, another govt dept, has moved into Cronulla Fisheries. The crazy thing is that some fisheries guys are still working there every day, feeding the fish left in the pond, analysing samples and making gear. This is because the anti-fishing minister Hodgkinson and her inept senior bureaucrats wanted to publicly announce a successful closure prematurely, before many of our fisheries scientists had any suitable alternative work places.
  2. I'll be there. This is too important to let O'Farrell do nothing. Good on the folk at Cronulla Fisheries for fighting for what they believe in - accountable government and sustainable fisheries. It will be interesting to see whether the Shooters & Fishers show their faces, or continue to remain silent.
  3. This is quite simply a disgrace and this incompetent, anti-recreational fishing minister must be sacked. It's not just the Cronulla Fisheries issue (the minister is either incompetent or corrupt here, both of which deserve sacking), but she's set us back decades since she became the fisheries minister. Sure, we had a small win with the grey nurse debacle, but nowhere near what we should have got. Now we face having our licence fees given to the shooters and fishers, the commercial sector given a greater share of the mulloway resource, an overdue bag and size review, the fishcare volunteers i
  4. So to summarize, Brown and Borsak have apparently done nothing for recreational fishing. Apparently not even tried to do anything positive for us despite holding the balance of power. They are either very poor politicians or anti recreational fishing. Perhaps both. It would be easy for these politicians to get the useless minister Hodgkinson to overturn her misguided decision to close Cronulla fisheries but they don't. Why?
  5. Yep, they've played us for fools and totally used us. They've played the Cronulla Fisheries card poorly. Lets see what they say after the decision to close Cronulla Fisheries is overturned as a result of the current parliamentary inquiry. They'll probably claim credit! Just like they've tried to do for other things they've had nothing to do with such as banning kingy traps. They'd better start doing stuff for us or they're out next time around.
  6. I totally agree, we all should do what we can to help save Cronulla Fisheries. One of the reasons we have such great fishing is the work done by the scientists and managers at Cronulla. It is sad that political agendas can get in the way of sensible government. Mark my words, if the scientists at NSW Fisheries who know about wild fisheries, and there are only about 10 of them, lose their jobs because they cannot move to Coffs, Port Stephens or Nowra, then the annual assessments of our fish stocks will fall over. The result? More precuationary management including more justification for marine
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