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  1. sydangler

    Stockton Saturday

    what sort of gear were you using? ive fished there for jews and you have no choice but go heavy in my opinion theres to much current and to much structure for them to bust you off in. i fish an 18000 saragossa 50lb braid/80-100lb leader on a wilson 5120 and a 10000 saragossa with 40lb braid/60-80lb leader on a wilson 9144 and have still been smoked up there.
  2. Alright marlin session is slowly approaching and I'm new to the whole game fishing scene (haven't managed to catch anything yet) and this will be my first session targeting them and I want to make some wind on leaders just wondering what size dacron should I use for what size leader? And what size leader should I be running for Sydney marlin? Any help will be much appreciated Cheers Ollie.
  3. sydangler

    Terrigal reefs

    Has anyone fished the reefs up around terrigal for kings lately? Me and a mate are thinking of doing a trip up there for a change of scenery but haven't seen any reports
  4. sydangler

    12 mile fishing ?

    Marked some good patches of fish on Wednesday late afternoon but no joy. But they are there maybe early morning will be the go
  5. sydangler

    Epic Day off Sydney.. Bluefin everywhere

    what lures were they hitting today? and any idea what size bait they seem to be chasing?
  6. sydangler

    chasing tuna on wednesday

    Yer I know guys who have just taken the week off. I'm still waiting for the skipper to give us the news if he gets the day off. Hopefully be out there
  7. with all the hype from last week we are hoping to get a run on wednesday chasing blue fin out of sydney harbour. anyone else heading out? planning on trolling and cubing we will make a call on where closer to the date.
  8. sydangler

    Battle scars

    Mount it. I've been meaning to start mounting some old lure like that but always end up loosing them just before retirememt If I crack my first big tuna this year that lure will be retired and mounted that day.
  9. sydangler

    50m first run and 50m plus second run

    I pick my leader from my main line strength and up. Also do some research most braids break well above the stated breaking strain. 50 lb can be closer to 70lb. Sure you might loose some braid here and there but 10lb braid to 12lb leader will still snap at the knot if not at the hook.
  10. sydangler

    50m first run and 50m plus second run

    A jewy will do that too you on light tackle easy. After the first run did it stop and feel like a snag? If so ray, if it just stopped running and had some head shakes possibly a jew. Kings will do it but they don't usually stop until they get you in the reef. I had a similar experience a few weeks ago getting spooled on 20 lb with about 200m. It's didn't even slow down and even sped up towards the end I call that one for a big ray. Or lost barrel blue fin tuna in north harbour lol.
  11. sydangler

    Heading out again this Tuesday

    I got no chance of getting out but got some info from a marine biologist mate saying between browns and broken bay wide around the bait station is the go. Just wish I could get out and get into them my self. Good luck.
  12. sydangler

    Had all my gear stolen

    Mate sorry to hear about that. The scum should be hung out to dry. It's a good point to mark alk your gear and photograph it. Happened to a mate a while back and it turned up in cash traders but the cops could do anything cos he could prove it was his. I would be devastated if it happened to me. I hope the insurance company comes through for you.
  13. sydangler

    Shimano v Okuma

    I fish hard and often. Up to 4 times a week for squid to tuna and if owned several different brands and for me if I have to replace a reel or send it back for warranty that means time I don't have that reel. Also if your reel is seizing up okuma will probably claim mistreatment. These days I own about 20 shimano reels and apart from the odd roller bearing replacement they all work great. 1 of my 10,000 Saragossa has gone through 4 jigging seasons and 4 summers fished hard for jews and kings from rocks beach and from boats and never missed a beat even caused me to buy another one for fishing multiple rods.
  14. sydangler

    12 mile

    Yer mate I dare say we will give it a shot. We will be the black and grey 615 bar crusher circus 4
  15. sydangler

    12 mile

    Has anyone been out to 12 mile in recent weeks? Heading out Saturday mainly chasing fin but we are tossing up weather or not to hit 12 mile as well and try jig a few kings