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  1. 35R

    Anyone heading out tomorrow ?

    yeah swell was pretty big almost turned back a couple of times
  2. 35R

    Yellowfin today

    Fantastic, was this caught off Sydney or South?
  3. 35R

    Anyone heading out tomorrow ?

    did you get out? I was off Sydney, Nth East of Heatons and it was extremely quiet
  4. 35R

    Anyone heading out tomorrow ?

    Trying for tomorrow. BP = blood pressure?
  5. Thanks guys, what am experience - bitter sweet. If we could have released it and watched it swim away that would have been just perfect. What a great beast these things are, just something about them.
  6. We headed out from Botany heads just before dawn making a beeline direct to Heatons. Some bird action between the shelf and browns but it looked like stripie tuna so we continued east. I was hoping to find action based on ripcharts current showing about 5~10m east of Heatons but is was REALLY dead out there. So we headed Nth East in search of birds, then ride the Nth Easter home. No joy so we turned to head back to Botany. On the way back, out of nowhere we had a spectacular hit with the fish jumping out of the water doing backflips waaaay back- we couldn't quite see but we called it for a small Marlin. Finally getting it to the boat we realised is was a dollie! Great we thought as we can keep it and should be great on the BBQ. After boating the fish (and on ice) we continued trolling home then AGAIN out of nowhere we get hit on the same outfit, same lure! This time there was no mistaking it was a Marlin! Jumping out of the water doing backflips. I have some video I will try and post up later. We finally got the fish to the boat, even though it was only baby it was a magnificent sight. Unfortunately the hook had destroyed its right eye. We tried to swim it for about half an hour but it was gone, so we have kept this one. My mate George was on the rod and son Thomas on the wheel while I was on deckie/camera duties What a day, epic. Here is to many more.
  7. 35R

    Seems like tuna back

    so who is out tomorrow? got these bad boys to help tomorrow
  8. 35R

    Seems like tuna back

    Anyone thinking about tomorrow off Sydney? Swell looks a tad substantial (2 to 2.5m) but winds look ok. Current seems a bit wide, any thoughts?
  9. 35R

    Seems like tuna back

    giddy up. I was going to go out today but the arvo wind forecast looked suss
  10. When parking at Rosebay, park your car / trailer well out so as not to give anyone space to park in front. That and get there at 4am.... return at 6pm...
  11. I will use a combination of sources. Firstly i use seabreeze to scout for aday where onshore will be relatively good, which will give an indication of offshore conditions, then i use BOM (their "meteye" feature) which can be used to pinpoint conditions (wave and wind) charts well offshore, which is great. Buoyweather is good too. I would never rely on seabreeze alone if heading far offshore.
  12. I recently ordered a new Sailfish S8 Cat from Webbe Marine. To say i am stoked would be an understatement. It will be quite customised and tailored for Game and Kingy Fishing. Having said that i am relatively inexperienced and have only owned (half) a boat for about a year now. In that time we have got into downrigging for kings off Sydney and JB with moderate success. Lately we have tried YFT fishing and have bagged a few 40~70kg fish off Sydney and JB, suffice to say we are seriously hooked My question relates to RADAR options. The new boat will cost the best part of $160k and i do not want to compromise potential results for the sake of a few grand considering the entire expense. Now i have discovered (albeit via limited experience) that finding bird action almost always correlates with extra hookups for obvious reasons. Research online suggests that detecting bird action via radar is going to be heavily impacted by conditions (very hit and miss). But let's assume for a moment we have relativeily calm/flat conditions for the sake of the argument. What radar setup would you go with if you wanted to detect bird action beyond eyesight? Keen in mind the circumstances; a 7m~8m Alloy Cat, height of the radar (probably about 3m off water level) Whadayareckon? Interested in thoughts of those with experience using modern radar options, within the contextof the above requirements. Thanks guys.
  13. 35R

    YFT Intel

    Yep we towed down there. Just have a look at the updated ripcharts currents, the further we went east the crazier it got (someone mentioned 30nm they are spot on) but there were patches closer in between 500 to 1000 fathoms, a few boated there too.
  14. 35R

    YFT Intel

    We were down South today pretty wide and picked up two Yellowfin 140cm qand 150cm. We had to leave them when they were starting to reallycome onto he boil. Only just got back, another fridge full of gold in the garage. I may have some gopro video will check later.