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  1. reelaxation

    Sunday arvo squid session

    Good session on the inkers buddy thats a great feed or a few baits
  2. reelaxation

    Smashed my bream PB by 10cm! (41cm/1kg)

    Nice fish mate & congrats on the new PB... there are some cracking Bream around Gladesville area - my PB from that area is 45cm but I have seen others catch them 50cm+ from that stretch of the Parra River. All my monster Bream have been taken on bait- i reckon its pretty hard to fool a 40cm+ bream on a lure these days, but it can be done I am sure. Look forwards to hearing you got a 45+ modem in the future. Tight lines Anthony
  3. reelaxation

    Reef fishing

    Thats a great mixed bag of reefies mate and a top feed
  4. reelaxation

    Central coat

    Great report mate- Putty is def one of my favourite locations to fish. I might send you a PM next time I am heading down there- I normally fish the beach for Taylor, Salmon, Bream. Ting and Jews with the odd Bronzie or Bull shark coming in... Hopefully I can get down there this weekend if the tides are good. Tight lines mate Anthony
  5. reelaxation

    Central Coast Frehwater Fishing

    PM sent mate, thanks 👍
  6. reelaxation

    Central Coast Beach Fishing

    You cannot drive 4WD on any of the coast beaches - but pick a beach anywhere between Broken Bay and Swansea there are fish- this time of Year Whiting, big Bream and Salmon with the odd taylor mixed in. The odd Jew are caught around Broken Bay esp after a good downpour of rain, otherwise nth Entrance is the go for Jews ATM. Most beaches are still crowded esp on weekends so pick your times to go, I fish the run-in tide and prefer it around where I fish (Broken bay). More towards Winter the 'ting really fire up and more Salmon + big Taylor and Jews coming in close to feed on the mullet run. FYI- Live bait is best on the beaches but fresh local mullet/squid/yakkas and slimeys will all work on most species. Beach worms and tube worms are the go for the 'ting and bream ATM. Good luck mate Tight lines Anthony
  7. G'Day everyone, I have been looking into the fresh water systems around the Central Coast and I am keen to try the Railway Dams, Top end of Narara Ck and also up Piles Creek in Somersby at the back of Girrakool. Anyone fished these ares before and what lures would work best? I will be primarily chasing Bass but I am keen to try for anything. Thx in advance Anthony
  8. reelaxation

    Port stephens jewy

    Stonker mate congrats on the capture she's a beauty. Tight lines Anthony
  9. reelaxation

    More Bluefin off Sydney today- Wednesday 22nd

    This time last year we got a 95kegger on the 1000FA line while cubing!... Ol mate Roosterman (Steve) dropped another goodun same time from the bow. Long way 'tween Browns and the 1000FA mark but worth the travel imho