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  1. Righto.... there you go then hey LOLOLOLOL So, my Bass PB remains at 38cm. My EP PB is 50cm. I said to my mate Chris one of the fish he caught early in the day was an EP but I didn't think they went into the fresh, I thought they stayed in salt. You live and learn. Thanks guys.
  2. Thanks guys. Its something I'll never forget. Certainly a trophy fish for me. Still stoked :-)
  3. Howdy Raiders, Well it took many years to happen but I've finally cracked the magical 50cm mark for a bass. Put the yak in and headed off into the fog - couldn't see a thing. My mate Chris and I caught the regulation fish of 25cm and smaller early in the fog and then later in the morning I sounded some fish holding on structure in a hole near the bank. I was fishing an el-cheapo lure from a well known online store LOL. It was a sinking Bass jellybean (fat crank) so I let it sink down in the hole for a good couple of minutes. I gave it a couple of cranks up off the bottom and the lure stopped dead. Thought I caught the structure then all hell broke lose and I was being towed up the river. After a long fish on 4lb leader, 4lb main line and a 1-3 kg rod I landed the fish of a lifetime for me. The fish measured exactly 50cm to the tip of the tail and was fat and round like a football. It had a mouth like a bucket!!! After some snaps the fish swam away very strongly and I lined up the same spot and put in another cast. Sat... waited, waited, waited, two cranks bang. On again. This time a 35cm model. Awesome day and something I'll truly treasure for the rest of my life. Below are some pics.
  4. Sensational - I'm still trying to get a Jew (any Jew) on plastics after all these years... one day. Fantastic session - love the pics. Dave.
  5. Hi Folks, Hit Chipping Norton Lakes again today but much different result. Fished all the same areas with same techniques and lures and got one nice bream very late in the session. Got another very small one to the side of the yak earlier and that was it. Plenty of small hits all day but nothing hooked up. Did see a very large green back slash up the surface chasing bait right between our yaks when fishing together which was exciting but it didn't stick around. I'm thinking a salmon. It was a long session for just one fish but that's the way it goes I guess. A quick pic below, check out the choppers on him :-) Cheers David.
  6. mottyman

    St Georges Basin surprise

    Congratulations! That's a massive effort on that gear. It shows great skills and patience. This is why angling is an art :-)
  7. mottyman

    Amazing day on Chipping Norton Lake today

    Let the lure hit the bottom and then work it very slowly. If you think you're going slow, slow it down again. Just a very gentle lift of the bottom (not very high) and then let it sink down again. Most strikes today came just as the lure hit the bottom which was great and set the hook well, especially with the flatties, all hooked right in the front of the top jaw so no bite offs.
  8. mottyman

    Amazing day on Chipping Norton Lake today

    Hey Flathead. The mono I use is bright orange so I can see it. It holds its color really well and hasn't faded (new on reels at the start of last year's Bass season). I really like to be able to see the line very clearly so I can tell when the lure has hit the bottom. Its just something I like and I'm used to fishing that way. You're right tho, strait through fluro would be a good idea and cut out leader knots, I just like to be able to see the main line.
  9. mottyman

    Amazing day on Chipping Norton Lake today

    Thanks guys. Fishseeker, I cut them in half and use them on a very small ball head jig. I've got no idea about weights of jig heads, I just use what feels about right for the conditions. Just enough to hold the bottom.
  10. mottyman

    Amazing day on Chipping Norton Lake today

    Thanks mate. Sorry, I should clarify. I use braid on heavier outfits but I find light mono these days is just as good as braid when fishing very light and I don't get casting knots at all or tip wrapped as much using the mono. Joining leaders is easier as I just use a double blood knot. I really like the light mono, I'm using Berkley trilene. Anything heavier than 4lb in that line doesn't really work however. Cheers David.
  11. Hi everyone, Since the Bass have moved on my mate Chris and I decided to head to Chipping Norton Lake to give the bream a go. Today didn't disappoint with some nice fish coming on board the Yak - largest was 32cm. Biggest Flattie went 48cm. All fish were taken on Berkley Sandworms in Camo and Halco Scorpion 45mm hardbody in Pink/Yellow. I didn't get another lure out all day - when something works, stick with it I reckon. I fished very light - 1-3kg rods with 4lb mono main line (I don't use braid anymore) to a 4lb Vanish leader. All the bream made a really good account of themselves and I had some fun listening to the drag scream as they headed off and circled the yak. Here's some pics from a great day. Cheers David.
  12. mottyman

    Maiden voyage

    Very nice and well done on a couple of Bass. Devlins by the look of the scenery? Excellent stuff.
  13. mottyman

    I joined the Kayak Krew

    Lovely look'n Yak and as everyone has said, good work on the rocket launchers. Hopefully run into you on the Nepean one day, I fish it quite a bit. Cheers
  14. Ok, videos. Please excuse my appalling commentary. I do enjoy my fishing so get extremely carried away :-)