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  1. Toona time out aswell tommorow happy share info
  2. That's off bermi I was there for the long weekend
  3. After 10 minutes of cubing we had this guy on wide off tahtra canyons
  4. Yeah eroll I have got that and it works really well also got the go pro app and you can delete after every 15 mins if you haven't caught anything or save it to your album and start again to keep your card free
  5. Awesome lure mate tailpipe I have a hole collection of polu Kai lures went to Hawaii bought like 50 of them
  6. Well done mate the first very memorable
  7. I had birds and bait on the 500 fathom line on Friday but couldn't raise them
  8. Might have to do a wide run up north again
  9. Hi finin toona time here mate were did you hear of the yellowfin sounds interesting I will be out tommorow
  10. Yeah it was us thinking it could have been a big blue or yellowfin as it didn't surface at all had maybe 50 meets left
  11. Went east from botany bay towards the shelf hit that 24.8 water and then shot gun was screaming thought it was a marlin until it came to boat couldn't believe it wahoo any way went 1-1-1 on wahoo 3-3-1 on marlin
  12. Dollie on Tuesday had a 3-3-0 on marlin as well
  13. Thanks Gary will put something together
  14. We'll done Marty big hours pays off
  15. Hey David we got a couple of jelly bean yft that's all 10 kilo range and also when your rubber bands break I usually use two rubber bands when one isn't holding
  16. Heading out tommorow David let you how we go congrats on the fish
  17. Ok we where marking a lot of fish and bait
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