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  1. Hey mate, I’d definitely be keen, I don’t have any experience kayaking offshore and would be keen to do it with a group of raiders who have done it before. I’d have time from the second half of November onwards anytime so let me know if you ever need some company ?? Jacob
  2. They should stay on pretty well without having to use glue, it also takes away the versatility of being able to change plastics if the fish aren’t playing ball on a certain colour or type. What issues are you having with plastics atm and which jig heads are you using? Cheers Jacob
  3. Number one most versatile for me has been the gulp of powerbait 3” minnows in darker colours e.g. dark greens etc, got flattie, kings, bream, tailor, trevally, salmon. They’re my number 1. jacob
  4. Cracking salmon mate, let’s hope there’s a few of them still waiting for me after hsc ?
  5. Not sure about snook, but for tailor, I’d recommend 3 or 4” zmans as their tails wont come off as easily because of the tailors sharp teeth, jighead wise, try use the lightest possible jighead that would get you to the bottom so the action is as natural as possible, anything from 1/4th to maybe a 1/2, depending on drift speed, current etc. Tailor are surface fish however, so you may have more luck with metals or small shallow diving hardbodies I’m sure there are plenty of other people who can supply you with more insightful info. best of luck jacob
  6. Happiest of birthdays to you! Thank you for keeping this site running smoothly!
  7. I don't think they are mate as they are all private marinas, such a shame haha
  8. That'd be great, haven't done much blue water yaking but would be keen to do it with a few others. Would love to be kept in the loop. Cheers Jacob
  9. Would definitely be keen on heading out with you guys when you come up to Pittwater, or even around middle/north harbour, let us know when you're around for sure ??????
  10. Solid king mate, especially for this time of year. You'll have to come up Pittwater way in the summer when the kings are around in numbers!! Jacob
  11. Oh and the best time I've found is around March-April for the bigger ones, and December - Feb for the smaller ones.
  12. G'day mate, Cant help much with the Haven area, but the best setup to use landbased would be 20lb braid mainline and a 30-40lb leader depending on structure, maybe heavier if you are around rocks. I usually use a running sinker down to one of those Gamakatsu 6/0 live bait hooks, and then I just cut the squid up into strips so you can save your squid, rather than throwing out a whole. Hope this helps!
  13. When I was burleying up the trevs a couple of kings came through and you could tell they were in control, the trevs would move out of the way of the kings as the rocketed through to the burley trail, we could see this happening underneath our boat as all the fish were quite high up in the water column, we had a hit bite from 9am till 2pm and it was still going as we left, they don't seem to fussed by the tides or time, however the kings did not hang around long, only for half an hour or so, it was mental!!
  14. Trevally are going off on the unweighted pillies atm, if you stay on then long enough with a burley trail, the kings come through too and they give an even better account for themselves ?? solid trev mate!! Cracker!
  15. 3" minnows by gulp or powerbait in darker colours are the go in the lakes. Wade out onto the sand flats at the caravan park and walk along the edge of the drop off allllllll the way down back and forth casting, you should be able to fish a good 2-300m stretch however there is a deeper bit in the middle where the wetsuit will come in handy. Let me know if you need a photo of the map. But definitely darker colours like camo, pumpkinseed etc in 3" minnow or 3" minnow grub. Keep moving and casting in all areas and you'll get fish. Hope this helps