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  1. Hi guys just wondering if anyone wants to help me out with some techniques and target species for around Sydney? would spots like Narrabeen or Manly be worth a look with a fly? Brand new to it and I'm just looking to get a bit of advice so I don't embarrass myself. Thanks heaps.
  2. ryan169

    Beginner soft plastics

    Hi all Just caught my 1st flathead on soft plastics yesterday arvo. I was using a squidgies wriggler down at little manly. Just wondering if any of you have any tips for plastics in winter for a beginner, like spots or different plastics to try? Cheers Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  3. ryan169

    Land based flathead

    Thanks man i might be going down on friday so ill pick up a packet of those lures and try snag a couple flathead for lunch tomorrow
  4. ryan169

    Land based flathead

    Hey guys, Just wondering if you could give me some tips on how to catch some flathead from the land? Eg. lures or how to work them or where to fish. i am based in North Manly if that helps. Thanks guys!
  5. ryan169

    Land based crabs

    Hey guys The other day I had some blue swimmer and it was lovely! Since then I have been obssessed with catching my own crabs. Only problem is I'm land based and dont know a whole heap about how to catch them. If you guys could give me some tips about locations, traps or bait it would much appreciated Thanks guys!
  6. ryan169

    Soccerball fish lol

    box fish i think
  7. ryan169

    What is this fish?

    dont they have about 3 spines?
  8. ryan169

    Have boat, will fish

    For kingies i'd go trolling with hard bodies or live baiting with squid at south head and for jewies go under the roseville bridge
  9. ryan169


    Hey guys, I am planning on going fishing Friday evening and I really want to catch a squid. I've never caught a squid, and recently picked up some squid jigs and have some of my late Pop's old ones. I was just wondering if you guys could tell me some spots and techniques for catching the squid? Note: I live in the Manly-Warringah area and I cant travel too far. I am also a land based fisherman. Thanks guys.
  10. ryan169

    Estuary bream

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone wants to teach me where to look for bream and how to catch them in lakes. I fish around northern beaches and i usually fish narrabeen lakes.
  11. ryan169

    Fishermans Beach

    Gday Raiders. I was out fishing with my Nan and we were leaving Narrabeen and I asked about Fishermans Beach. I was just wondering if it was still any good, as it was one of my Pops favorite spots before he passed away. I have heard lots about it and i would really appreciate a reply. Thanks
  12. ryan169

    squidding methods

    Thanks mate I tried all that but none were biteing. Could you please tell me where you go out? Thanks
  13. ryan169

    squidding methods

    Hi guys, I was at mosman the other day and i saw some squidders and i wanted to take it up. I just wanted to know any good squidding techniques/spots? Please reply! Thanks
  14. If you go to palmm beach and go left to pitwater and troll all the way, you should get a few big kings
  15. ryan169

    Fishing Trip

    Hi guys I was planning a fisshing trip and im out of ideas of where to go. has anyone got any places where you can catch big fish? Thanks