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    Fuel in the bilge, 5m freedom sport

    Jim, I would lift your floor and check the tank thoroughly, I was recently out in my coastrunner(2005) and after smelling fuel, I liftied up a hatch and found raw fuel in the bilge. Immediately diluted it with sea water and headed back in. Found a hole in bottom of fuel tank and fuel constantly running out. Your fuel line will be at the top of the tank and going into a fitting with a solid pickup line into the tank. Both breathers will be at the top as well. On removal found 2 other spots on the tank undersurface that were starting to pit/corrode. Had it welded up as the rest of the tank was I good nic. Gaz
  2. gaz

    Quintrex 475 Coastrunner info/advice

    Mate, perfect for that type of fishing on the right days. As per most kidney bashers, drive to the conditions. They are a fairly dry boats and handle well enough off shore. Gaz
  3. gaz

    Quintrex 475 Coastrunner info/advice

    Mutt, I have the 475 page from the quintrex range brochure of that era as I have that boat. You should have no problems towing it with a v6. I tow with v6 vt commodore. Trailer bout 300kg and boat is the 452 kg model and my motor a 75hp optimax so heavy and i based mine on a ton. Length overall 5.04m Length bow - transom - 4.89m Beam - 2.19m Depth - 1.17m Boat length with motor - 6m Boat height on trailer - 2.07m Flotation Cr Cv model - basic Cr - level Thickness btm - 3mm Sides - 2mm Shaft length - ls Weight Cr cv model - 375kg Cr - 452kg Hp min - 60hp Max - 80 hp Max mtr weight 175kg Max People - 5
  4. gaz

    Your waterway

    Was at bobbin head today, river still very brown atm.
  5. gaz

    Sounder gps combo

    Huey pm sent
  6. gaz

    Sounder gps combo

    quote name='csg' timestamp='1308771325' post='405996'] Hds5 is a combo sounder and plotter Hds5x is just a sounder Hds5m is just a plotter Hope this helps Cheers Gus Thanks Gus
  7. gaz

    Sounder gps combo

    Looking at purchasing a sounder maybe a sounder plotter combo to replace an old lowrance 47x, Budget about 1k. Anyone know what's the diff between the 3 hds5 models? The other options are the hummingbirds 788/798 units. Anyone recommend any others? Gaz
  8. gaz

    trim display problem

    Noah, If it's like my mates yamie there a plastic arm connected to the electric sensor thingy, that moves with the leg that gets stuck, probaly just needs a bit of inox or similar. Gaz
  9. gaz

    Lifejacket Reforms

    Mr 475, Can you check your rego papers and see what its states(lenght), mine is 4.89mtrs as per the rego papers and catalogue states bow to transom is the same at 4.89mtrs(can't see quintrex quoting wrong figures and there may be slight changes between mine(2005)and your model) I release it doesn't include the bow roller and measurement starts where hull meets the top deck at the pointy end. I will re-check with the tape (boat doesn't live at home)to be sure though. Again another reason to keep rego papers handy as this shows there can be slight variations between 475 models of boats. Gaz
  10. gaz

    Lifejacket Reforms

    Fishmaniac, Good point, i checked my rego papers and its down as 4.89m same as the lenght bow-transom stats as per a page i kept from the catalogue of my boat. Although lenght overall is 5.04 on the catalogue as well. My concern was the link to boat measurements guide had the lenght short of the pod on the examples but i'm guessing its for a bolt on pod or such like. I figure to as the boat has 475 on the side i will get hassled by some officers who think they know all, so i'm guessing i'm keeping a copy of my rego papers on board for the last word.
  11. gaz

    Lifejacket Reforms

    Now this is confusing if you look at where their site direct you for boat sizing, i have a 2005 quinnie 475 coast runner total lenght 5.04mtrs from nose(no not from the roller but where the hull meets the small bow spirit)to the back where the motor sits. As my pod is not removeable and is part of the hull is it included? Now if i take a measurement to the back of the boat before the pod its under the 4.8mtrs I consider my boat to be over the 4.8 mtrs as thats its total hull lenght is 5.04mtrs What are your thoughts, as i gather there will be several people is this predicament you maybe can have the waterways respond on this!!! Gaz Quoting there definiton How do I determine the length of my vessel? The length of the vessel means its length of its hull. This includes all structural and integral parts of the craft, such as wooden, plastic or metal stem or sterns, bulwarks and hull/deck joints. Hull length excludes removable parts that can be detached in a non-destructive manner and without affecting the structural integrity of the craft, eg outboard motors, swimming platforms, bowsprits, fittings or attachments. This measure is consistent with the International Standard, Small Craft – Principal Data Standard.
  12. gaz

    Oysters Killpatrick

    You can also do half barbecue sauce half Worcestershire sauce, i also add cheese on top of the bacon to some.
  13. gaz

    New Look Site For 2010

    Looking good guys
  14. gaz

    Wharf Rd Ramp

    LOCATION Wharf Rd Melrose Park Ermington CONDITION & ACCESS Recently refurbished 3 lanes ramp with pontoon. Has toilets close to ramp and fish cleaning table with 4 boards (with 2 taps). PARKING Ample parking
  15. gaz

    Broken Guide

    hey , i've have cracked the ceramic guide inside the metal ring, can you replace this part only or do you have to change the whole guide?