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  1. Hey Luke, Bradley do some nice electric cabinet smokers that are available from BBQG. Another option is to get a smoking maze or smoke generator that you can cold smoke in your weber gas grill without using the gas and just using the weber as a containment chamber if you know what I mean. I have also seen some posts on the bbq forums I frequent of a stainless sieve with the bottom flattened out and filled with pellets or sawdust to generate smoke too. If you google sieve smoker, the instructables site explains it in more detail. Hope this helps mate. Cheers Choicebro
  2. Hi Luke, Have not tried a flower pot smoker but have smoked fish in my kamado dragon and also in my weber smokey joe. The weber smokey joe's often come up on the gtree or the bay for reasonable prices and in my opinion would be more convenient than mucking around with a pot. The other bonus is that you can use it as a charcoal grill when not smoking. Cheers Choicebro
  3. Choicebro

    Two new tv shows

    Just watched It at the link, their segment starts at 11:14. You must be so proud mate, they are a couple of awesome girls and that artwork is fantastic. Cheers Choicebro
  4. Heya Baz, Congrats on the win last season mate, I had a terrible time starting off but it was good fun all in all. I hope that Donna sets up the comp again for this year and we get a few more punters to make it even more interesting. Cheers mate Choicebro
  5. Hi all, Just helped a work mate out with the practical by taking him out and filling out his logbook. He had previous boating experience so competency wasn't an issue. After that all he had to do was book and complete the knowledge test and pay his licence fee. Below is the link to the RMS website. Hope that helps. Cheers Choicebro
  6. Just a thought.Could you fibreglass it back together or wrap the two pieces with fibreglass to hold them together? And yeah as Roylo says it looks like the pivot bolt is too tight. Cheers Choicebro
  7. +1 for using blind rivets, easily available from a store like bunnies and the likes. Also check the O-rings on the bungs while you are at it. I chased what I thought was a hull leak for ages and the culprit was a dry and cracked O-ring on one of the bungs. Cheers Choicebro
  8. Nice one, have found 3.0 jigs have been working for me in the recent weeks, pinks and oranges have been the go. Within 10 mins of Tonkin Park ramp Cheers Choicebro
  9. Hey mate, My .02c comment would be that your Ctek charger @ 15 amps would struggle to charge a 24v system. They are a good charger but charging 24v will require a charger with a higher amperage output. You could isolate the batteries by disconnecting them and charge them separately, but this would obviously take twice as long as using a charger designed for 24v. If I may ask, what is your reason for upgrading to a 24v minn kota? I run a 12V minn kota with a deep cycle gel battery and have never had any issues with a flat battery or lack of power. I usually only recharge after 3 or 4 trips. Recently I took the boat out after a 9 month lay off and still had 3/4 charge in the battery with no issues on the water Interested in your response. Cheers Choicebro
  10. Awesome mate, that smile is priceless!!! Cheers Choicebro
  11. Looks like the edge of the insulator. Mine looks similar although grey in colour As long as the mounting bolts are tight i wouldnt worry too much. Cheers Choicebro
  12. Hey mate, Cant seem to enlarge the pics in your post, but does it look like the mounting bolts are loose or have shifted? Cheers Choicebro
  13. As sad as it is, it is a stark reminder to all that safety cannot be ignored. Lets not be the minority, turn it around and be the majority that do wear life jackets and if it's your boat make sure you protect your mates!! Keep safe Raiders. Choicebro
  14. Hey mate, I have a Minn-kota with I pilot 55lb on a Stacer Nomad 440 and it is fantastic. I use it often and the anchor function is priceless. I have a dedicated gel battery for it and usually get a few trips out of it before having to recharge. I had to get a mount welded on and found a local business to do it for me and mate I tell ya they did a fantastic job. They fabricated the mount and painted using original materials and paint, you cant tell it was an aftermarket fit up at all. Send me a PM if you want some pics or their details. Cheers Choicebro
  15. Hi Mate, Dissimilar metals will create a galvanic reaction with each other in the presence of saltwater or a saltwater environment such as in a boat. Basically the weaker material will give way before the stronger material. A simple way to prevent this is to insulate the 2 surfaces with a non permeable surface, most commonly used is sikaflex or a similar product to provide a moisture barrier between the two materials. Most people forget to insulate their stainless screws when mounting things like rod holders etc and end up with corrosion, and yes it is a pretty easy thing to be blasé about. Cheers Choicebro