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  1. T jack

    Any Fin yet ?

    Hi lads , Just what to see if any are around at the moment. I know the seas have been up but I'm hoping that someone has braved it in a bigger boat. I just hope they haven't gone past sydney yet without anybody even knowing about it. Thanks.
  2. T jack

    Deep dropping

    I was out on Monday last week. We had fresh southern calamari for bait and we got nuthin. Current was going up hill at 1.5/1.9 knots water was shit but temp was at 24 and heaps of bait around. Don't waste your fuel n. time until the current runs down hill again. Big eddy is stuffing up the blue water of sydney for us again.
  3. T jack

    Uglyest fish of the Month from Port Macquarie

    Ha ha that's a rude head. Only a mother or a fisho would love.
  4. T jack

    My little mate!

    Nice work mate. That reminds me of my little bloke when he was 3. He's 6 now and a pro on the plastics. I will have to take my 3 yo girl out soon. Good pics
  5. T jack

    First Kingie

    Nice king. The setup is spot on in my book. You can even have your hands full with 80 pound when there is structure around. Pike is a very good live bait for kings.
  6. T jack

    Kingy on bream stick

    That's a stonka well done. The v wall is a gr8t spot to fish. And the beer is good there to. Haha.
  7. T jack

    Turon trout

    Well done mate. I love that place good to see the trout are still around.
  8. T jack

    King on squid gear

    Hi, lads Whent over to little Manley at 500am to try and get some squid baits for a king fish sesh on the weekend . It was very slow going on the squid front with only small ones just following my jig. Managed to get 2 at around 150mm so I decided to use one rite there and then .just for a bit of fun b4 work. Problem was that I only had a 1/3kg raider rod with 4 lb line and 4 lb leader. Lobed out the squid and within 10seconds it got hit line was poring of my poor little reel and All I was able to do was have a laugh at what was going on. then my line got rubbed on the reef and it was all over as quick as it started . Why can you always seem to get a kingy on a small rod but when you use the 30/50 lb gear its so hard? They must know. Anyway left around 630 am to make it to site on time and was stoked with my king on squid gear smoking . Can't wait to get revenge with my new saltist 6500.
  9. T jack

    Tuggerah Lakes

    It's sad but so so true. My wife's olds live not far from there and we visit quite often over different times over the year .and at xmass time you can't get near the north east entrance area it's packed out . This is totally fine but people need to PIC UP THERE RUBBISH. And look after there country . It's so sad to see such a nice place stuffed by rubbish. And such a good place for little ones to catch a fish. Shame to see it stuffed at xmass......
  10. T jack


    Well done . People will go there hole life and not even get close to a flatty like those. And you smashed it in a day.
  11. T jack

    Massive Cephalopod

    Good work. That's a mother. All you need is 5 kg salt 5kg pepper.
  12. T jack

    Night fishing for jewfish

    Heaps of Jew in middle harbor ATM . It's grate to c you catch it with your young blokes . Makes it very special.
  13. T jack

    Narrabeen Lakes

    If you are going to flick try around lagoon st side. I have had plenty of fun there.you will need a pair off waders to . Try along the flats that run back west where it drops away on an out going tide you will most times get a few flattys Good luck,
  14. T jack

    Narrabeen Lakes

    Hey I fish the lake as much as I can. And lately it's been very slow. Last few times I haven't even caut a fish. I use plastics in and around the flats. It will hot up in the next few months.do you use bait or lures? I can give you plenty off pointers on plastics just not baits. Good luck any way.
  15. T jack

    What to. Buy

    Hi lads , Just want to know witch to get Daiwa freams in 4000 Daiwa balistic in the 4000 I have been looking at both and just want to get an opinion I will be using it for snapper and small kings. Thanks.