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  1. Belligero

    PB Flattie

    Hey mate if you are ever going to bait collect any chance you could give me a yell if I can tag along. Been struggling to get decent poddies this north of the coast for a while. Unsure if it's me or the location or what!
  2. Belligero

    Central Coast Newbie

    Shoot me a message if you want to hit the beaches. Highly recommend looking at one of the fishing clubs West Gosford RSL is probably the best of the lot Head down to the RSL on a thursday night for the seafood raffles and you will see the table with all the blokes.
  3. Belligero

    Lake Macquarie fishing

    Pulbah Island is good to troll around.
  4. Belligero

    Sydney and Norah head

    Let me know if you want to try some of the other beaches on the coast. I live near Norah head myself.
  5. Belligero

    Central Coast next week

    Next time you are out this way let me know
  6. Belligero

    Brisbane Waters - 6/1/17

    Hi All, Haven't posted in a long time as I have not fished in a long time. Been doing a lot of shooting and have since sold my boats and moved a bit further north away from Brisbane waters. I went out last Friday with my little cousin who is fishing nuts. We took out my uncles two man kayak. I have never fished from a Kayak so I was a little worried but it turned out to good little fishing vessel. We only fished soft plastics around saratoga & surrounding areas however managed to pick up a 50+ & 40+ flatties which was great. Cheers
  7. Hi All, I have moved further North and have also sold my boat so I am hoping to find someone who has a boat and needs some company in Lake Macquarie. I've done all my fishing in Brisbane Waters so I'm unfamiliar with Lake Mac however I have plenty of boating and fishing experience. I mostly enjoy fishing soft plastics however love to soak baits for Jewies too. I'm a married 27 year old non smoker drinker etc. Full time employed in IT so can only fish weekends. Happy to share costs / clean boat etc. Feel free to shoot me a text on 0424 009 442 Cheers
  8. Belligero

    Salmon About?

    Depends on the species. Most released but some we take home. Made the bad decision of going to Budgie beach as it's not far from me. Nothing there which I expected. Should have gone to The Entrance. Might give it another go this weekend
  9. Belligero

    Salmon About?

    Haven't landed much I don't do much shark fishing however my mate does a lot. He gets spooled mostly even on extremely heavy gear. He launches a kayak from the beach and take the large baits way way out. It's totally nuts but enjoyable to watch
  10. Belligero

    Salmon About?

    Thanks for the update. I won't use salmon for bait just enjoy the catch might take some home for the cat. We use massive bonnies for sharks
  11. Belligero

    Salmon About?

    Hi All. Haven't posted in a long time as I haven't fished in a long time. Since I sold my last boat I have been mainly hunting with a few fishing sessions here and there. I'll soon be looking at a Stacer 420 or 460 so might be back out on Brisbane Waters / Lake Mac soon. Looks like I might be hitting the beach up my way (North end of the Central Coast) and I was wondering if anyone has been getting onto any Salmon recently? We are mainly going for sharks however wouldn't mind a few salmon also. Cheers.
  12. Belligero

    Terrigal / BB FADs

    Heading out with Owen in his half cab. Will let you know if we have the room!
  13. Belligero

    Terrigal / BB FADs

    Hi All, Might be a little early in the season however has anyone been out to either the Terrigal or Broken Bay fads yet? Might try get out there either Friday or sometime next week. Cheers
  14. drift from the rip down towards paddys channel. Or even paddys channel itself. Actually you can get them anywhere in Brisbane waters so there's no "spot" like there is with the yakkas. Current flow, water clarity and time of day play the biggest part I have found. First place I would go would be that drift from the bridge down river.
  15. Belligero

    Witches hats tuggerah lakes

    mullet slabs