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  1. Belligero


    try plumbers tape around your bung plugs. Works for me.
  2. Belligero

    Parramatta River Spill

    Although I wouldn't eat from these type of rivers in the first place I would keep clear of the affected area until it's had a good flush.
  3. Belligero

    Chain Valley + Beach Session

    Just off the beach. I will do graves during morning sessions to try and avoid the rubbish fish. I just use the yak around bottom end lake mac... Yeah cool cool best to shoot me a message 0424 009 442
  4. Belligero

    Chain Valley + Beach Session

    Yeah I go fairly often because its close and easy to manage regardless of swell. Its alright for bread and butter but you get A LOT of rubbish fish at night. Going to focus on North Entrance at night I think. If you want to go graves just give me a yell Cheers
  5. Belligero

    Chain Valley + Beach Session

    Took the new yak out early yesterday morning for a flick around my local Chain Valley Bay. Perfect morning for it no wind so was a relaxing paddle. I was limited on my choice of lures so unfortunately so I didn't get to hook up to my target species although I managed a nice pike. The plan was to take the pike down to North Entrance last night so I gathered up some live mullet and started to make my way however was greeted with semi consistent rain so decided to call into Hargraves instead. As expected Graves only provided rubbish fish / sharks but none the less was a good night out. The pike didn't get used so once this weather clears up he will hopefully find his way to a jewie! Cheers
  6. Quick google search came up with;
  7. If there is a storm coming the fish tend to go a bit crazy and I would think the change in pressure is what tells the fish to feed.
  8. Belligero

    The entrance

    Not sure about the rocks around there but Norah Head seems popular. Bit of a mission to get to the rocks with the stairs. Shot you a PM anyway
  9. Belligero

    The entrance

    It's probably a little slow fishing though I don't fish it as much as I will be now I have a yak. From what I have read due to the low water flow it also takes longer for the water temp to rise unless we get a lot of hot days close together. If you are land based soft plastics would be your best bet in the lake just walk along the banks I'd start from Terilbah Island and work my way around. Heaps of old guys fish for black fish on the other side past the tackle shop its amazing how many they catch. Plenty of mullet school also around this area also.
  10. Belligero

    Gladesville Area Report / Fishing Spots!

    No worries, I have moved up north but from what I hear there's still plenty of good fishing down in that area. Good luck
  11. Belligero

    The entrance

    fish north entrance find a gutter and fish live bait or fresh. Pretty sure there is very little water flowing from the mouth
  12. Belligero

    Land based yakkas - North Central Coast

    Bit far for me to go for mullet. Possibly could get them at Toukley bridge I'll have to check it out. Might have to check out some of the rocks for yakkas. I have tried Norah Head for yakkas last season but didn't work out.
  13. Belligero

    Land based yakkas - North Central Coast

    Happy to get mullet also but they can be a little more tricky to least for me they are.
  14. Hi All, I am hoping someone could point me to somewhere I have a chance to get yakkas land based. Hoping somewhere around Summerland Point / Chainvalley bay or even through to the entrance. Keen to get back onto the beaches this season but as I am new to the area and now boatless I need options for live bait! Cheers
  15. Belligero

    PB Flattie

    Hey mate if you are ever going to bait collect any chance you could give me a yell if I can tag along. Been struggling to get decent poddies this north of the coast for a while. Unsure if it's me or the location or what!