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  1. With sashimi I find that it tastes alright if you just soak it in fresh lemon juice. Don't even need soy sauce.
  2. Some people fish the rocks their whole lifetime. But it only takes one moment. Vigilance is the key.
  3. Yeah mate I'll let you know. I find that Using a shock leader helps. Might glue together the knots as well to give extra strength. The worst feeling is flinging a huge slug out and thinking 'god that wet far' only to realise it's no longer attached to your line.
  4. I want to start using my alvey of the beach now hahaha. Retrieval rate is good, but gettinig the cast distance is another thing. I get scared casting big slugs with 10 lb line.
  5. Had a day spinning and using sp's off the eastern suburbs rocks on Friday with a mate starting from 2.30 pm. It was an overcast day and things looked good from the start with definite follows on the metal. My mate doesn't believe in metals and sp's and the exact quote was 'these will never catch anything'. A few minutes later and BANG, onto the hardest pulling fish he's ever had on the end of his line peeling 10lb fireline like nothing. He handed the rod over not wanting to lose whatever was on the end. I got him back in close being wary not to rub that braid against the rocks. The bugger wouldn't go near the surface and it took a few goes to get him to the edge. Got back enough line to get to the shock leader and my friend grabbled the line and hauled him up onto the ledge. 52cm bonito. High fives all around. Got the metal back in the water and pulled in a needle fish of some sort, an old fella that was blackfishing said it was a long john and was good eating and 2 fish that looked like whiting with teeth. The lure was half their size Please tell me this fish is a bonito, or i'll look like a real dud. Now I just have to hook my own one, not just be the fool who lands it And my mate will never criticize a new fishing technique ever again hahaha
  6. Fantastic Geoff. Definately giving this a go because one particular area I fish is abundant with squid.
  7. Ahh thanks for that. I'm almost certain it wasn't a squid now.
  8. I should have bloody had it snooded, but I am lazy. It looked like it has been shredded that's why I didn't think squid.
  9. Well there you go. Old fella was right. Should have brought some squid jigs with me!
  10. Is it possible? Had a live yakka out this evening and this old fella was raving on about how I had to pin the yakkas in the tail because otherwise squid would eat them. Anyway, had it pinned in the nose like usual, rod went nuts, reeled it in and old the head was left. Jagged bite marks and stringy bits of guts, do squid even have teeth?
  11. You mean the sand flats where the suit drain is?
  12. Thanks for that advice. A question about bleeding fish; do you cut the throat of the fish or cut down the gills of the fish parallel to the body and cutting towards the tail. I have seen it done both ways with similar results. Also do you bleed all fish, even the little ones?
  13. Yeah haha tasted like a can of tuna that had been sitting out in the sun.