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  1. Be super careful in that bar mate, especially if the wind turns nor easter and the run out tide.. If the swells above 1.5 don't cross it if you have t done it before... I've been across at least 100 times and every time is different.. still shit myself too Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. My guess is the first ones off Sydney will be about 2-3 weeks away
  3. may be a little early out of Sydney, but that's not to say its not always worth a shot if the weathers good. I'd expect to see them about 3-4 weeks from now. its been a slightly later than average run out of Vic this year and their are still stripey s biting on the south coast.
  4. Sure is mate... couldn't wipe the smile off all day Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Had an absolute blast on Saturday morning catching some small kings just around the corner from south head. Loaded up on livies early in the morning and had a school of arrow squid up at the boat after following a mate up so grabbed a few of those to. we anchored up on the edge of a small drop off and sent a burly trail along the cliffs, we decide we were going to try some NZ style fishing (well what we've seen from the videos) as it seems to suit our idea of a good days fishing. So first off went a couple of livies along the surface on floats and we sent some very lightly weighted half pilchards and squid strips down the trail. we basically cast as far as we could from the boat on light gear and let them sink down the right in the middle of the burley. well it wasn't long and we were into em. Only small fish in the 60-70cm range but on a symmetre 2500 with 8lb braid they tested every bit of angling skill we had to offer, and of course there were a few that knew their way around the reef and ended it all very quickly. Funnily enough our live baits remained untouched for the first hour of this mayhem, it wasn't until later on that they came up and we got a few the same size on the livies. goes to show you should always try something different if your marking fish and they wont bite. No fish to write home about but the chaos that occurs when you cant even get a bait into the water because half your lines are busted off and the other ones are taking off in the holders is the reason i go fishing. there is just nothing else in the world like it.
  6. let's hope so!! see if i can evade the bloody dolphin-fish for once. Every time we chase marlin we catch a Dollie, not complaining about the taste but it would be nice for the reel to scream with the right stuff just once. they all make the same sound at the start!!
  7. Thanks bud... Too true that, charts look good for the general area at this stage should be some bait holding in the eddies Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. hi All, heading to JB on the weekend to chase Marlin. Just wondering if anyone has heard any reports from down there, any mates been down. i know the fishing's been goo further south out of batemans/bermagui
  9. Tell em how your mate outfished you 3 to 1 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. only comment i can make on this is that Ive had some massive baits out around Sydney heads that i couldn't even begin to stop the fish on 100lb braid with 120 mono leader. They could potentially be sharks but the fights were very kingfish like. in other words it was all of about 5 seconds until i was completely bricked. i doubt this report is true but there could certainly be fish in excess of 20kg lurking around remembering that most of the fish that make it past about 15kg are rarely caught.
  11. bit delayed on the report. but we head out last sunday out of sydney and what a day it was. Been working really hard to find the right type of water to find bait and fish in from the satelite charts and think i've finally worked it out. we went straight into the 23-24 degree water west of the bait station along the shelf and it was crystal clear and blue as it gets. Anyway troliing along for a few hours and about 10am the short rigger goes, then stops then really goes... we're On! A quick glance at the water and we found a big school of dollies following the teaser along swimming alongside. we pulled up and they stayed alongside the slowly drifting teaser, of course as we were chasing marlin we didnt have anything rigged up and heres the silly mistake "No Bloody Pillies". so i managed to quickly bite off the bait jig and very loosely tie on a shimano floating stick bait. whilst the first fish came on board, it took all of about one cast and half a twitch of the stick bait as we watched in awe as a blue flash screamed across the top of the water and leaped with the stick bait in its gob. Awesome sight and first fish on a stick bait for me so pretty happy about that. As we had nothing for these fish to feed on they quickly wised up and took off. with a bag of pillies on board we couldve been up for a lot of fun. Goes to show you should always have something rigged up and ready and always have some sort of bait on board. unless your one of those focused on the goal type fisherman unlike us who are just happy to catch anything decent. some good fish and a great day nonetheless.
  12. Heading out for yellowin off Syd friday, weather conditions look good for a day out wide. Anyone else out friday want to share info.. happy to take a decky if anyones keen for half day troll and possibly drop some baits on the reefs on the way in..
  13. mate you know it - that maybe 40 minute tide change window is the key in the hawkesbury. Same goes for the bream. we've sat for hours on end for minutes of mayhem in that place so many times. well done! good to see they're still around. Nothing wrong with drifting for Flatties lol - started to get into throwing these soft vibes along the shoreline near patonga and it's just a world of fun to catch anything on a lure!
  14. exactly why i dont fish wind on's.... but geez after that long under big pressure somethings gotta give way...
  15. great Story lads... well done!!....