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  1. Hi Jeff, Here is a good start JD Flathead classic gold coast wins, trolling heads up always. Another place to look DB
  2. JohnDory


    Congrats on that wedding U two! Hows the fishing in Airlie Beach ??? JD
  3. Eastern Kelpfish, Chironemus marmoratus Günther 1860
  4. Some body is eating well Nice one Jeff.
  5. RU4REEL If you are looking for Identification of fish in here you have defiantly gone about it the right way. Good quality close ups ALWAYS help. (some times from a few angles). As for "Haven't come across a kelp fish before" if you keep up rock fishing -- you will wish you never had! JD
  6. Nice result, Either way just keep an eye on your tyres every couple weeks and remove any markings. Who is to say that in the last 28 days that trailer has not been moved and parked in the same spot. I hate Sh#& head neighbors with nothing better to do than complain about frivolous things.
  7. JohnDory


    Don't worry Guys I fixed it!
  8. JohnDory


    I missed the humor in this one??? Tick yes OR sack the wife! JD
  9. This is what DPI said barracouta as pictured JD Woops Tassi DPI You work it out!
  10. 1st post... Hope there is many more to come JD
  11. Brent Welcome to FR. You will work it out. (then tell me). JD