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  1. Great looking fish. What method are you using to catch the kingies? Are you trolling baits or anchored up using live bait and pilchards, etc. I'd appreciate any tips.
  2. DeanFish, I haven't been there for about 2 years so I hope it hasn't changed. As you drive north along West Portland Road, go past River Road, over the Bridge and the turn off to the boat ramp is about 100 or 150 metres past the bridge. It is just a dirt track and if your not looking you can easily miss it. The ramp is fairly steep but I've never had a problem launching a 4 metre Quintrex towed with a Nissan X trail. Hope this helps.
  3. The last time I caught trout at Wyangala Dam was back in 2002. I fish the dam a few times each year and have never seen or caught anymore trout. I know that DPI has released trout into the dam but they need the dam to be quite full and the small creeks running so they can breed. This has probably only occurred on 1 or 2 occasions over the last 12 years. I am going to the dam this coming weekend 17th and 18 May, so if I have any luck I'll post a report.
  4. Congratulations; sounds like you had a great day. What colour/pattern was the Yamashita jig?
  5. Legal size for kingfish is still 65 cm. The stranger may be getting confused with kingfish and mulloway. Mulloway now have a legal length of 70cm.
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