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  1. Thanks everyone some really great advice hopefully I can get it back in one piece!
  2. Hi guys, Just after a bit of advice have been boat hunting for a while and have settled on a boat in Qld. I'm in NSW and the plan is to tow the boat back. Is towing a Qld registered boat and trailer with a Nsw vehicle from Qld to Nsw legal? As long as I complete the transfer, blue slip etc in time? Cheers
  3. Awesome thanks everyone. Yep keeping my leader nice and light to avoid spooking an already rare fish. Sounds as if it wasn't a jew given the descriptions of the run. My thinking was that with no flow perhaps the fish had just taken it into it's mouth and was just sitting there moving off very slowly. I will keep trying until I hear the scream, cheers.
  4. Thanks Cjay excellent advice. I was holding the rod but it was just a little half hearted. Maybe a livey will entice more interest!
  5. Hi everyone, Have been after a sizeable shore Jewfish for a while now and I think I am getting closer. Had some interest in a bait tonight and just want some advice. I'm focusing on less fished spots and putting into practice all the wonderful information I have found here. The spot I am fishing is the edge of a narrow river section where it opens back up to a wider section, my thinking is that the current is too strong in this section when the tide runs so the changes are when the fish will make their moves through this deeper run to feed and move. There are plenty of mullet jumping out of the water, baitfish and prawns so the way I figure this is a great spot on the top or bottom of the tide, really the only time you could successfully get a good bait out into the middle. Onto tonight, I had 4 beautiful tough fresh as a daisy dead baits ready to fish the hour surrounding the bottom. Big solid pure Jewie morsals. Plenty of mullet jumping. My first bait was getting plenty of picks and the occasional pull by small bream who eventually shredded it. This happened to the next bait as well. I then lobbed out my prime bait dead on the turn. Everything became incredibly quiet and calm, the mullet stopped jumping and there was an instinctual sense that this was the right time. About a minute later a small consistent wait began to put pressure on my line. A small bit of line 10-20cm would occassionaly be pulled from the reel, but quite gently, distinctly different from a bream tap tap tug, but not with any pace or gusto. This was a weight which would slowly pull some line then stop, but the weight remained and after about a minute of this pop, the weight released. Bait despite being quite tough had all been taken. Now. SHOULD I HAVE STRUCK? I was waiting for a bit of accellaration, a proper run but each time I kept saying, just a little more. Was this likely a jew mouthing the bait or am I being hopeful? When the water is slack do they take it lightly? Just looking for any advice really so I don't keep going back for no reason. Cheers Raiders
  6. C'mon, everyone knows that nondescript piece of concrete.
  7. I have to admit, as someone who is pretty much a sole lurker on the site. I have noticed (despite what the analytics might say) an anecdotal drop in the posting of reports. Look at the Saltwater lure and fly section, barren as the mojave. I as a regular fisho however have also noticed less fish around, specifically the Sydney area as of late. Keen to get some fish then post some reports.
  8. Sorry guys didn't think it was coming up ignore the other two
  9. Hi guys I'm fishing the freshwater part of the Georges for carp, except I can't even get a bite haha I know they are here it's a known fact and I've seen them caught in front of me. I'm fishing light, bread and sweet corn baits. What am I doing wrong? No offence to the old carpy, but they aren't usually that hard to target
  10. Time to pull the Hobie out of the garage and get it ready for summer. Still a relative newbie to the yak. Looking for trip partners for saturday / sunday morning trips starting shortly. Will be fishing baits / plastics for all the usuals. Cheers, Miles
  11. Hit up some of the flats in port hacking. Caught about 10. All released. Some good bream get around there as well as whiting. Prawn baits are best, don't be shy to use a fair chunk. Very light line and sinker. Cast into the the areas where the very shallow drops off a little.
  12. I know guys, sorry its hard to tell without pictures.
  13. Hi guys, Hoping you can help me ID a fish. Sorry no pics. The fish was caught deep sea off Kiama and is described as being pink in colour with yellow fins. It was a slim bodied fish similar to a gemfish. It is definately not a pearly or nannygui. Please help. Cheers