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  1. Looking to wet a line if anyone is heading out this coming monday? happy to split the cost for fuel and can meet you anywhere in the general sydney area. Cheers, Dom
  2. rasskl

    First legal kingy on my Bday

    great fish & great report!! well done
  3. rasskl

    Fishing Charter Jervis Bay

    Hi All, Heading down to Jervis Bay end Feb and was hoping to book a charter. Can anyone suggest/ recommend a company or boat hire. Happy to travel around general area if needed. Happy for PM if breaking the rules. Cheers, Dom
  4. rasskl

    Pyrmont Surprise

    great report and great surprise!! Still yet to hook the elusive Jew
  5. rasskl

    Epic 200km Yak Adventure

    what an epic trip!!
  6. rasskl

    springtime kingtime

    what a way to start the day!!
  7. rasskl

    Salmon are on the bite! (Updated 07.17)

    great way to end the afternoon. And great Video
  8. rasskl

    Broome trip

    Jim, awesome report so far. Im heading up that way in August. Landing in Darwin then driving down to Broome and up to cape leveque. Any help on takle, lures or spots would be hugely greatfull. Also, what tackle store did you head into? PM me if needed. Cheers, Dom
  9. Hi all, I'm heading up to Darwin & Broome in August and will need to invest in some heavier tackle. I currently have a Shimano Sedona FE with 20lb braid matched with a Shimano Catana 3-5kg rod. If anyone could suggest lure options that would be great. Either Plastics or HB Also, if you have any location options for safe ( watch out for crocs ) land base spots, that would be sweet. Cheers,
  10. rasskl

    Mahi Mahi Frenzy

    what a cracking day. Dollies on the Fly rig would be tons of fun!! Well done
  11. rasskl

    Botany Bay 80cm kingfish

    great vid and well done on getting him into the net
  12. rasskl

    Quick Session at CG... Nearly met jaws junior.

    Great Post. CG seems to be a bit hit and miss at the moment. Seems like you got there on a Hit day
  13. great vid mate. good to see Jbay is still healthy and kicking along
  14. rasskl

    SP practise

    Hey Guys, I fish down at Tarban Creek with SP's quite a bit. I'm usually down there on a sunday arvo. I've found recently that an hour before the run in tide seems to be a bit better. PM me if you're ever interested in meeting up on a weekend
  15. rasskl

    New spot = Solid Jew

    Awesome post, well written and such a good story on a life long lesson learned