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  1. I had a similar problem with My 1999 115 hp Johnson Oceanpro when I first bought it. My guess is that you flooded it and by leaving it for a while the excess fuel has evaporated and left the excess oil behind in the carbies Having that excess fuel gone you were able to start motor and the smoke is from the excess oil in carbies The oil on the leg you describe is just unburnt fuel/oil running out. Nothing to be worried about. My thought is that once you get the starting procedure down pat you will be right. Another tip - if you intend not using motor for months at a ti
  2. Thanks for heads up. Winds not been real good for boating lately.
  3. Kingie - I’ve no doubt that the ramp itself is okay, but a few years ago there were trailers being stolen from the car park by the local shite heads. I was hoping there would have been some regulars users on here that may have some recent knowledge.
  4. Jeff I know I asked a couple years ago, and then I didn’t get much of a response. I think I asked just after the upgrade. I have looked at google earth and it looks good, but I’d like to hear from someone who uses it
  5. There is a boat ramp behind the old Flower Power on Newbridge Road, Moorebank called DAVY ROBINSON BOAT RAMP I’ve been told that ramp has been done up in the last couple of years. My question is - Has anyone used this ramp recently and what is it like.
  6. shakey55

    Boat Capacity

    Lifejacket Regulations NSW https://maritimemanagement.transport.nsw.gov.au/lifejackets/lifejacket-law/index.html
  7. I believe a BMT combination of what you are looking for, is movable by an adult, but on a good surface and not grass. Perhaps you need to make the area where the boat is to go more movable friendly, for example concrete pad, large paving blocks etc. Doing this will alleviate the difficulty of manhandling the boat after reversing it to the best position by car and then pushing. Good luck with choice.
  8. All I can say is that I’m glad I wasn’t a member of a fishing/boating forum when there were only two strokes. With 80% of members complaining post after post. Imagine, bloody two strokes motor, Smokey, cost way to much to run, etc, etc, etc. Stop bloody whinging, they were part of history which we all went through. Motors have evolved, for better or worse who knows. I for one still run a two stroke (115ph Johnson Oceanpro) and love it. Not missed a beat. It may be a little Smokey at times, and yes a little thirsty compared to today’s technology, but who really cares. I lo
  9. Garfield28. I recently had a mishap at the boat ramp and did this to my Seafarer (see picture). I was not happy and not sure what to do or how to do, so I had a fibreglass repair bloke come and have a look. He confirmed what I thought and that was that I ripped the gel coat off and haven’t really damaged the glass structure. I discussed gelcoat with him and he told me as Noel mentioned earlier that gelcoat will not dry completely and will stay tacky, and that flowcoat is the answer. I let him do the job. He sanded the area and applied flowcoat on the damaged area which was underne
  10. In my opinion, depending on your budget, I’d be selling your current boat and buying a cuddly cabin similar to a Seafarer V-Sea (5 meter) or a Cruise Craft Explorer (5 meter) Just my opinion, and yes there are other cuddly cabs about, but these would be my choice. Good luck with your decision making
  11. Could you just use flowcoat or are the repairs needing more than that. Just a thought
  12. shakey55


    I read or heard somewhere that the Grotto Point incident, the boat was being driven at the time by a woman in her 80’s. Can’t find anything to confirm or negate. Appears to have taken an expensive short cut.
  13. I too can recommend the V-Sea (Seafarer) as I’ve owned the older 4.8 like the one you were originally looking at, and I now have the 5m current shape with 115ph. they are a good family boat for what you want. these boats come up fairly often but some are soft around the floor and transom. Be patient and you’ll find one, and of course there are other glass boats out there that will suit your needs as for hours on the motor, I’m quite sure ALL boat owners have an idea on how many hours have been put on their motors over time. In my opinion to not know is rubbish
  14. shakey55

    Boat Cover

    I second streamline. Had a full cover and new Bimini made for my my 2000 model Seafarer V-Sea. He did a great job and still like new, although it needs re waterproofing https://www.streamlineboatcovers.com.au
  15. Thanks for the info regarding engine flushing during water restrictions. the other day I heard and it’s reported here https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/amp.theaustralian.com.au/commentary/strewth/growing-grass-cost-at-parliament-house-in-canberra/news-story/31b0a9fc41b5157a70251d58adc5a5a9 that it cost over $500,000 last financial year to water the gardens at Parliament House Canberra It’s nice to have good looking gardens, but really - what a waste of money.
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