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  1. shakey55

    Power leak

    I’m very much a novice when it comes to electrics. My battery is draining all the time. Firstly can you use volt meter to see if power is being drained when turned off and if so how secondly if a Fluro light is broken and still turned on will it continue to consume power i have a cut off switch but still draining power. Ideas and tips appreciated thanks shakey55 This is the multi meter that I have
  2. shakey55

    Nambucca Heads V Wall

    Have always thought about fishing off that rock wall. It runs through pretty quick I’ll take the big rod next time. Thanks James
  3. shakey55

    VHF radio

    GME. Had a few over the years and only ever had a problem with one. Others sold off with boats.
  4. shakey55

    BRP (Evinrude) acquires 80% ownership of Telwater (Quintrex)

    Their 4 strokes are 3.5hp, 6hp, 9.8hp and 15hp only.
  5. shakey55

    Fishraider Community Survey: Have Your Say!

    Still not working on iPhone 8
  6. shakey55

    Fishraider Community Survey: Have Your Say!

    Just tried in my iPhone 8 and not working. This is all I gir
  7. shakey55

    Motorguide now attached!

    With ‘The Count’ written on your boat you are inviting hoodlums to deface / damage your boat IMO I May be wrong
  8. shakey55

    Bung Housing

    I am renewing bungs in my Seafarer V-Sea. When I took the originals out I found that the two centre bungs (these drain the water from above deck) had an extension on them. I’m assuming this has something to do with the thickness of the transom. It appears to be tube jammed onto bung house after being heated - not really sure My question is - Do I need to replace these bungs so they are the same, with an extension.
  9. shakey55


    Thanks Rick. I thought as much but I thought I’d check.
  10. shakey55


    Does the old sealant need to be removed completely. I understand that I will need to remove sealant completely from the outside of the fibreglass hull, but in the actual bung hole there is the original sealant. Do I need to remove all old sealant back to timber and start from scratch, or can I sand a little and cover with new sealant. i intend using sikaflex 291
  11. I understand where you are coming from but not the safest tip I’ve read for a while. Perhaps there is a safer way that someone will come up with. Cheers
  12. shakey55

    Global Positioning System Rollover week—06 April 2019

    I’ve had no problems with my Garmin 75dv. I made sure it was updated before April. My appears to have handled the changeover without a hiccup cheers
  13. shakey55

    Batemans Bay/Sth Durras GPS marks

    Croydon i’ve been home a couple of weeks. I tried a few of the marks for no result. Southerly swells and wind didn’t make for good fishing. Plenty of flathead to be caught between Nth and Sth Durras. Thanks for the marks and I’ll be giving some of the others a try next time I’m down there. I did notice some locals on a couple of days head out from Sth Durras boat ramp and head straight out between the island and kept going until out of sight. Not sure if one of the marks is out there but speaking with another local there is a great reddie spot out there. I’ll do some exploring next time. Once again thanks.
  14. shakey55

    Murramarang Family Getaway

    Travelling. Not sure how long your staying there but out the front beach in front of cabins right down in the southern corner there is a gutter that runs sort of towards the top island. Late afternoon dusk into early evening the best time. We have over the years caught some good reddies off Wasp Head. I just had two weeks down there with my boat. Worst fishing I have had there for many years. A least there are still tons of flathead in bay area to feed the gang.
  15. shakey55

    Batemans Bay/Sth Durras GPS marks

    Thanks buddy