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  1. Thanks for the info regarding engine flushing during water restrictions. the other day I heard and it’s reported here that it cost over $500,000 last financial year to water the gardens at Parliament House Canberra It’s nice to have good looking gardens, but really - what a waste of money.
  2. Is this any good to you
  3. Not sure if this is too late, but I just bought my first kayak for fishing. I bought a 4m single seat fishing yak with rudder. I bought the 4m to suit my size and I got the upgraded seat which is fab. have a look at this place. Great to deal with and very well priced for first kay
  4. +1 for the Alvey’s off the beach
  5. Although it is an app, I have read that compasses in phones can be affected by those phone covers that have magnets in the back. how close was you phone to the motor?
  6. Have a look here. it really is a simple job for a handyman
  7. A mate has bought a water snake motor for his kayak from that large fishing/camping store. He is now considering battery size and he believes that the amps draw by this motor he needs a big battery. He is talking about something with the dimensions and weight of a car battery. Is this the size battery that you kayak blokes use or should he be considering something else in size and weight that will give him enough power. thanks
  8. Excellent. Looking forward to seeing it all spruced up
  9. Yes. It clearly says ‘you can drive an unregistered vehicle in NSW for the purpose of obtaining registration. it then outlines a number of things - read the list of things and you will see that you are covered getting your blue slip
  10. As DMCK said, Jarrett. I have one for my current shape Seafarer V-Sea. It is great and never let me down
  11. This place at Granville will supply all the parts you need to replace axle etc (it’s a job you can do yourself) Also When you can drive unregistered You can drive an unregistered vehicle in NSW for the purpose of obtaining registration. You must drive the most direct or convenient route: To the nearest convenient registry or service centre To the nearest convenient Authorised Inspection Station to determine whether the vehicle complies with the applicable vehicle standards In the course of inspecting or testing the vehicle to determine if it complies with the applicable vehicle standards To the nearest practicable weighbridge to determine the weight of the vehicle From a registry or service centre, or authorised inspection station, where registration of the vehicle has been refused, to the nearest convenient place where necessary repairs can be made, or where the vehicle can be garaged, unless a direction has been issued that the vehicle must not be driven until repairs have been made From an Authorised Inspection Station to the nearest convenient place where necessary repairs or adjustments can be made, or where the vehicle can be garaged To the nearest convenient office of a licensed insurer for the purpose of obtaining CTP insurance To the nearest convenient location for any other purpose directly associated with the registration process. If you’re pulled over by the police while driving an unregistered vehicle, you may be asked to provide evidence that the vehicle is being driven for the purpose of obtaining registration. For example, you may need to provide a copy of the safety check or CTP insurance certificate showing payment for that day.
  12. I see there is one for sale on Gumtree for $3200 and it has a 30 hp motor
  13. Motiondave this is what is on the RMS site (NSW) and the way it describes you need a PWC licence, so from their description it’s all about how it’s driven, standing, sitting, laying down, astride, etc. min my opinion reading this they would class it as a PWC. PWC driving licence A PWC driving licence is required for people aged 12 years and over to drive a PWC. People who hold a general boat driving licence can upgrade to a PWC driving licence at any time. A PWC driving licence includes a general boat licence. A PWC licence holder is able to operate a vessel with a fully enclosed hull that may be driven standing up, lying down, sitting astride or kneeling, and includes jet powered surfboards. In QLD they actually have a definition of what a PWC is What defines a PWC: personal watercraft means a powered ship that—(a) has a fully enclosed hull that does not take on water if capsized; and(b) is designed to be operated by a person standing, crouching or kneeling on it or sitting astride it.
  14. shakey55

    Power leak

    I’m very much a novice when it comes to electrics. My battery is draining all the time. Firstly can you use volt meter to see if power is being drained when turned off and if so how secondly if a Fluro light is broken and still turned on will it continue to consume power i have a cut off switch but still draining power. Ideas and tips appreciated thanks shakey55 This is the multi meter that I have
  15. Have always thought about fishing off that rock wall. It runs through pretty quick I’ll take the big rod next time. Thanks James