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  1. shakey55

    Batemans Bay/Sth Durras GPS marks

    Thanks buddy
  2. shakey55

    Batemans Bay/Sth Durras GPS marks

    Thanks very much Dave. I knew I could count on a Raider. I have a 2000 model Seafarer V-Sea (5 metre) and launching from Sth Durras as long as the ramp is okay. Ive heard there is always a feed if flathead in the bay. I hopefully will be heading to sea looking for some good reefs. Is it worth trolling anywhere? cheers and thank you
  3. shakey55

    Batemans Bay/Sth Durras GPS marks

    Good morning Raiders. I’m heading down to Sth Durras (Batemans Bay) soon with the boat for 2 weeks. Does anyone have any GPS marks they would like to share, just to make things a little easier. Mate there and FAD’s or Wave Buiys in the area and if so do you have their GPS markings. Many local tips on fishing areas and species I might find would be appreciated Thanks
  4. shakey55

    Keel Roller Replacement

    How far are backing trailer into water
  5. shakey55

    Used boat advice-Bowrider

    Great report Jeff. Should really help MOEYT with his purchase choices.
  6. shakey55

    FISHRAIDER TEES have arrived!! Get yours now

    Thanks for the update. As it’s been a while maybe some could be ordered as an order with payment up front. Just a suggestion. cheers
  7. shakey55


  8. shakey55

    FISHRAIDER TEES have arrived!! Get yours now

    Any t-shirts left (XML)
  9. shakey55

    What's this?

    Yep it’s the tilt/trip lever that is connected to to tilt/trim gauge on dash to show the motor position
  10. shakey55

    New Bimini, Clears & Boat Cover

    From memory around $1600. I think
  11. shakey55

    Boating disasters, your best or worst!

    I feel for the owner, but I could not believe that after removing the trailer, the towie just hooked the winch onto the tow ball. With all the onlookers this could have turned into a tragedy. NEVER USE THE TOW BALL TO WINCH
  12. shakey55

    Whats your dream boat

    I’m pretty easily pleased and love my current 5m Seafarer V-Sea, butif money and storage was not a problem, I would love a Seafarer Voyger. There would also be a number of other boats on the wish list. Be hard to make up your mind
  13. shakey55

    Boat Checked at the Ramp

    Jeffb I use one of these. There are a number of brands about. When done up properly they trap the air and float Shopping&gclid=Cj0KCQiAheXiBRD-ARIsAODSpWNoBhrBrAysrl4V87tT4y9iEa3AhnTsWy69rA8-Hl2py4MYR_1pYDwaApKlEALw_wcB
  14. shakey55

    Boat ramp

    From memory the timber used on the wharves was Turpintine. That would be the go, but not sure if you can still get it or the price.
  15. shakey55

    What would you buy for 45k?

    Good luck making your final decision. Some good ideas and choices already made. You will find there is plenty out there for the money you can spend. A couple of years ago I bought a used Seafarer V-Sea (5m) with 115 two stroke in absolute perfect condition for half what you are spending. You will pick up a very good used V-Sea with four stroke and have change. More than happy with Seafarer - second one I’ve owned. A very good sea boat in my opinion. New is still an option, example below[]=QLD&state[]=VIC&state[]=TAS&state[]=SA&state[]=NT&state[]=WA&pge=2