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  1. In my opinion, depending on your budget, I’d be selling your current boat and buying a cuddly cabin similar to a Seafarer V-Sea (5 meter) or a Cruise Craft Explorer (5 meter) Just my opinion, and yes there are other cuddly cabs about, but these would be my choice. Good luck with your decision making
  2. Could you just use flowcoat or are the repairs needing more than that. Just a thought
  3. shakey55


    I read or heard somewhere that the Grotto Point incident, the boat was being driven at the time by a woman in her 80’s. Can’t find anything to confirm or negate. Appears to have taken an expensive short cut.
  4. I too can recommend the V-Sea (Seafarer) as I’ve owned the older 4.8 like the one you were originally looking at, and I now have the 5m current shape with 115ph. they are a good family boat for what you want. these boats come up fairly often but some are soft around the floor and transom. Be patient and you’ll find one, and of course there are other glass boats out there that will suit your needs as for hours on the motor, I’m quite sure ALL boat owners have an idea on how many hours have been put on their motors over time. In my opinion to not know is rubbish. when buying first boat, it will be worth spending a few dollars to have expert go over boat looking for rotted areas and a good mechanic of your choice have a look at motor. good luck kanTec
  5. shakey55

    Boat Cover

    I second streamline. Had a full cover and new Bimini made for my my 2000 model Seafarer V-Sea. He did a great job and still like new, although it needs re waterproofing
  6. Thanks for the info regarding engine flushing during water restrictions. the other day I heard and it’s reported here that it cost over $500,000 last financial year to water the gardens at Parliament House Canberra It’s nice to have good looking gardens, but really - what a waste of money.
  7. Is this any good to you
  8. Not sure if this is too late, but I just bought my first kayak for fishing. I bought a 4m single seat fishing yak with rudder. I bought the 4m to suit my size and I got the upgraded seat which is fab. have a look at this place. Great to deal with and very well priced for first kay
  9. +1 for the Alvey’s off the beach
  10. Although it is an app, I have read that compasses in phones can be affected by those phone covers that have magnets in the back. how close was you phone to the motor?
  11. Have a look here. it really is a simple job for a handyman
  12. A mate has bought a water snake motor for his kayak from that large fishing/camping store. He is now considering battery size and he believes that the amps draw by this motor he needs a big battery. He is talking about something with the dimensions and weight of a car battery. Is this the size battery that you kayak blokes use or should he be considering something else in size and weight that will give him enough power. thanks
  13. Excellent. Looking forward to seeing it all spruced up
  14. Yes. It clearly says ‘you can drive an unregistered vehicle in NSW for the purpose of obtaining registration. it then outlines a number of things - read the list of things and you will see that you are covered getting your blue slip
  15. As DMCK said, Jarrett. I have one for my current shape Seafarer V-Sea. It is great and never let me down