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  1. Juniorlenny

    Yass river? HELP

    Ok thanks do you get them on plastics or hards or only bread and corn
  2. Juniorlenny

    Yass river? HELP

    What can I expect to catch in the yass river this time of year land based
  3. Juniorlenny

    Forster/tuncurry ?

    Whats the fishing like at Forster/tuncurry at the moment and how does ohmas bay fish?
  4. Juniorlenny

    Squid fishing with prawns?

    Has anyone fished for squid with prawns on a hook and squid will follow it in and you net them?
  5. Juniorlenny

    Baitfish on soft plastics?

    Ok thx yeh might just stick with handline
  6. Juniorlenny

    Baitfish on soft plastics?

    Can you catch baitfish like yellowtail on soft plastics?
  7. Juniorlenny

    Has anyone made zx trailing hook stinger

  8. Has anyone made zx trailing hook stinger? If so how and what did you use .
  9. Does anyone know any good bream spots like wharves moored boats around brisbane water?
  10. Juniorlenny

    Woy woy bays fishing?

    Just wondering if there are any good fishing spots in woy woy bay phegans bay correa bay or waterfall bay thanks.
  11. Juniorlenny

    Mullet on fly

    Ok thanks
  12. Juniorlenny

    Mullet on fly

    How to catch mullet on fly any tips just starting with fly fishing
  13. Juniorlenny

    Is lake cathie open to the sea?

    Ok thanks