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  1. The tan is primarily for Drag washers. The purple is lighter and meant for gears.
  2. Any bream over 40cm is a Great Catch Well done
  3. just came back from roo river and trust me, carp dont mind a surface lure or any lure for that matter. They go hard and long, pitty realy to leave them on the bank
  4. Hi Raiders, Been a while since my last report, to be perfectly honest not much around except my local bronze buddies in between the floods. Been pretty hard to find some clear river time but the last couple of weeks have provided me the water i needed! Tried upstream on the other side of the river and the action has been HOT! all lures doing the job but the standouts have been camion sr, lc areas 1/8 spinnerbait, lc nw pencil, shad alive 50. Had one pool i scored 5 fish in five casts all with the nw pencil, just before the rain came!!! the fish have not been big but plenty around and always willing to put on a stoush, bass style. Had an interesting conundrum while dehooking a bass on the back treble. He shook around and promptly deposited the front treble into my hand, i had to reach for the pliers to get his hook out, but everytime i did he shook around and pushed the top treble deeper into my finger eventually i let him go to grab the pliers and dehook him, by this time the top treble was DEEP into my finger, would not come out backwards, so cut off the hook and pushed it out forwards AARG!!. anyway here are some pics of my local buddies
  5. yeh got to always have a camera handy, you never know when you PB will jump on!!
  6. Well done alway good to get a bream on the network ! i love the sound they make when they hit it, it is so distinctive water temps were up to 26 degs two weeks ago, but have dropped now with all the rain cheers kael
  7. i am the proud owner of an alphas type r and here is what i do. I give it a light spray with the hose and wipe it down. As far as oil and grease goes the line winder alsways needs some clean light grease, and the spool bearings benifit from one drop of oil into each bearing. When it come to the gears a simple clean and fresh grease once a season is plenty. When it comes to internal bearings i only add new oil, never remove old oil with thinners or such unless the bearing feels not smooth. Even then it is probably best to replace them as they never get that new feel back cheers kael
  8. Hi guys, Had a few high end daiwas luvias and steez which have this small bearing on the rotor lock nut, the idea being as the rotor turn its keeps the main shaft bush from turning relative to the main shaft. Although of cause the shaft is sliding in and out on the bush anyway. Seems like a waste of a bearing to me. Any way the problem exists when it intermitantly stops and starts this causes an uneven feel to the reel, has any one had the same problem and what to do?
  9. i have a 700 series Humminbird and its it portable meaning it unclips from the mount for storage, running of a LIion battery 1800maH it comes with a built in gps. Resolution is outstanding for about $500. it is black and white though, however you can get wide side tranducer for it which shows the bank ect.
  10. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! those kings are unbelievable! that is awesome fishing well done 22kg on a popper is mind blowing stuff
  11. i will be going out tommorow night, the cicadas are starting so the bass should be looking up
  12. Wow great fish in a beautiful setting, what more could you ask for. ps' if you wanted bigger fish maybe you should have fished the derwent hey did you see weigal's monster
  13. Cool all you bream lures will work, however go for the thinner profiles (xrap, mx40, sx40 ect). Keep the retreive smooth and slow, they will happily smack a moving lure. Don't be afraid to throw some big lures around, there is some monsters in TCD.
  14. the fly rod was pulled out for a couple of hours, but not success. I am much more comfortable fishing rivers with the long wand. Having said that the guy next to me nailed 3 in 3hours on the fly using a traditional 2 wet fly rig (sort of a black coachman i guess?). so i need to brush up. However it was hard to argue with the ruthless efficiency of a mx40, and one stage i got three strikes in three casts