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  1. Yes agree. It’s a visual thing. A slight southerly is good for the Entrance channel. Tides are the most important thing prawning the channel. Tide running out the best. Cheers.
  2. Thanks guys. I’ll try to get on more often. It’s just that I’d seem to be putting up the same posts and I run out of things to say. 😀
  3. Thank you Donna and Stewie, Jeff,Jeff,Sam. Yes im still alive. 7 stents no extra ones. Building guitar number 4. Great fishing up here plenty of flathead. Tell swordy the perch are biting and the prawns are the best size I’ve seen in years. Cheers guys.
  4. I don’t know. It’s very shallow. But I’d say at night would be your best chance and either live nippers or worms.
  5. Scooping with waders on. If in boat the North channel would be best. Near the bridge. They come out of the weeds. But saying that I have not got any other reports from that area. Maybe next dark. It’s still only early days. Cheers
  6. Thanks Neil. For those who don’t know I’ve upgraded from 5 stents to 7. All good. Fully retired now. Yes papa. I was on my own when I caught those ones on Monday. Last night I took a friend perfect conditions calm and clear. Not a lot of prawns. We worked hard for 1 kilo. Lots of small whiting swimming around and one monster at my feet all night. Well over 40cm. Harder to catch on a line than you think. I watched him and he didn’t chase the prawns. I have caught them in my net before but he was too quick. All good fun.
  7. Oh yeah. There’s some nice whiting out there at night.
  8. So far the prawning has been a bit slow. But the good news is they are a lot better size than last year. These schoolies were hard to catch but we’re very tasty. As the water warms the prawning will get better. I wouldn’t get too excited as yet. But you never know. Cheers Steve.
  9. Cheers Neil. Nice to meet you mate. Next time maybe.
  10. Well done Ryder. The season is just about over up here. Will be prawning soon.
  11. Some great pics mate and fantastic fish. Great read and thanks for sharing.
  12. Looks like another great day with the master. Well done.