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  1. Stimo1076

    Kings again (almost famous) haha

    I think I just saw it on channel 10 news? ?? Nice
  2. Stimo1076

    Sydney Wide 21.01.2018 - (un)Forgettable day !

    Great report, You will get em next time.
  3. Stimo1076

    Unforgettable Day

    The flatheads must be pretty big if the kings are legal.
  4. Stimo1076

    Sydney Sunday.

    I was Harbour on Sunday also. Yes it was beautiful out there in the morning and then around lunchtime it seemed all the crazy boaties came out to play!! It's getting so busy out there
  5. Stimo1076

    Sydney East FAD 18/02

    Well Done mate, nice report
  6. Stimo1076

    Cheeky session before work

    Looks Beautiful Mate!!!
  7. Stimo1076

    First Time at the Fads

    We had the same thing on the harbour last saturday!!!! A massive cruiser just powered through at the spit. Where are the Maritime guys when you need them?
  8. Stimo1076

    Great Weekend Fishing

    Nice work mate, well done.
  9. Stimo1076

    kings everywhere

    Nice report Mate. Pity about the 1m that got away, you will get him next time. Well done on the others.
  10. Stimo1076

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome Basseeker.
  11. Stimo1076

    Light action

    Nice work, Well done Jon D
  12. Stimo1076

    Spot on boat in botany tomorrow

    How good is this website!! Good work fellas I wish you all the success in your adventures.
  13. Stimo1076

    Huge flattie while chasing whiting on the beach

    That's so cool. Just to think how big they can get from that size.
  14. Stimo1076

    Bradleys head

    Thanks for the report Toibi. Well done.
  15. Stimo1076

    Hawkesbury River trip

    Very True!!