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  1. I have a new 2015 Hobie Outback, the new seat and flatter deck is incredible. Suits me better at this stage than a boat and is a whole heap of fun. Had it out around the headlands at Swansea and Avoca, handles the lumpy stuff well, would suit the Harbour nicely as well. My biggest issue with a boat at the moment is storage, the yak so much easier to store and transport, as well as no fuel costs apart from a few mars bars and a couple of cold ones when I get back.
  2. I'm an Alvey man through and through for the beach. In your case to start with I'd use your setup for light beach fishing targeting whiting/bream/flatties and the occasional tailor and salmon. Run a paternoster rig with a 3# star sinker on the bottom and either a set of ganged 2/0 hooks or a single 1#-3/0 long shank hook; the sinker at the bottom of the rig travels through the air better. Use a strip of squid or the small cali squid in the blue box, instead of lunking out a big one. Look for the gutters, you shouldn't need to cast far, especially on the Central Coast to catch fish. If you decide you like beach fishing then look to upgrade your setup for the heavy occasions, the Penn Slammers and Spinfishers are on sale at the moment can get a 7500 for $75, match to a 6-7wrap rod, spool up with 20lb mono and away you go. My current setup/s is an Alvey 625B spooled with 10lb mono on a 10'6 4kg rod for light beach, a 650A5 with 15lb mono for salmon/tailor/school mulloway on a 13'6 7kg rod, and a 650E5 with 20lb mono on a 13'6 10kg rod for those long lonely nights hunting the big mumma mulloway. Usually I just walk down the beach with the light setup and have caught plenty of stinker salmon and school mulloway on the light gear, a lot more fun that way as well. If you're changing your rod you might as well change your reel at the same time.
  3. SMn

    1st jew

    Congrats to your cousin mate, that's a nice fish. Hopefully your able to go next time and nail one as well!
  4. Awesome Trout stalker! Thanks mate, I'll be sure be use that next time.
  5. Here's the two fish side by side... I actually think the smaller one is a Tarwhine and not a bream as it has a rounded nose...
  6. Yep worked out perfectly, had the urge to stay longer but family time and the fact I didn't bring anything to keep the fish cool forced my hand! Hahaha...
  7. Thanks Scratchie. Got a day trip planned for Stockton in a couple of weekends, hopefully there'll be a few fish around.
  8. Good luck mate! Hope you score a few!
  9. Hahaha thanks mate! Yep can't argue with a couple of breambos and salmon, some good eaters and a great sports fish.
  10. Cheers Harry, was good to be down there again!
  11. Got the opportunity for a quick fish this arvo after a 3 week break due to work commitments. Got down the beach about 4.10pm cast the big rod out with salt pilchard straight away and set in the rod holder. The surf was pretty big, but no wind and not much side current. Set about getting the smaller rod set up with a nice worm bait. Just as I was about to cast it out, I saw a few bumps on the big rod, so quickly swapped over, set the hooks and a few tingly minutes later had a nice salmon on the beach. Got him back in the suds quick smart, rigged up with another salted pillie and cast back out. Took up the little rod again and cast that out. 10mins later I notice a bit of attention on the big rod again so swap over, but missed whatever took the pillie. Tried a whole small squid this time and decided to leave the little rod in the holder. Almost as soon as the squid hit the water there was a a great take. After a solid little fight this brilliant bream was on the sand! Decided to keep the bream for dinner so into the shoulder bag. Another couple of casts with both rods produced another bream around 32cms which I kept as well, didn't take a snap as I was calling it quits and packing up. Left at 6pm to spend some quality time with the better half and the kids. Pretty pleased to score a couple of good fish after a few weeks off the beach. Best baits were pillies and squid, worm didn't get a touch! Have a great weekend all! Cheers.
  12. The Daiwa is a good combo, just remember to keep them out of the sand and rinse down with fresh water after a session on the beach... Good luck!
  13. Mono for me too, I like 12lb Platypus Pret-test if I can afford it (the Alveys take a lot of line!). Doesn't need to be overly heavy off the beach as there is little in terms of snags apart from seaweed
  14. SMn


    You could use split shot or even unweighted if you wanted, but a running 000-0 ball should be light enough depending on current.