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  1. tomBillfish

    Underwater video of Marlin Hookup in Mexico

    Great footage pete, pity he threw the hook when it jumped out I love the slow mo just as its coming out of the water Keep up the good work
  2. tomBillfish

    Crazy day out wide

    Nice work
  3. tomBillfish

    Sydney Offshore – YFT, Striped Tuna and Dolphin Fish

    Nice Yellowfin Pete, what time did u get out there on Tuesday?
  4. tomBillfish

    Tuna, Tuna and more Tuna

    Nice fish, do u eat the stripped tuna
  5. tomBillfish

    sydney south big dollie

    That is one hell of a dollie mate, well done
  6. tomBillfish

    Sydney Offshore – 24-4-2014

    Pete, you deserve a medal for finding a useful purpose for leatherjackets Well done
  7. tomBillfish

    Unexpected catch trolling - Sydney Offshore

    Awesome, just awesome. Is there anything those lures won't. Very impressed, and keep your reports coming, not enough posting good reports on here.
  8. hey guys, great report as per usual, love the pics, especially the underwater stuff. I've done really well on your lures this season, a couple of marlin hook-ups in close and the dollies love them. They've definitively been hooking more and working harder than my other lures this season. How are you guys going, are you selling a few lures? thanks for the report and keep them coming
  9. tomBillfish

    Scent Blazer Marlin Spread SELLING OUT!

    I'm the same, single hook all the way with the SB.
  10. tomBillfish

    Nice Bull

    Wow, what a fatastic looking fish. Good work...
  11. tomBillfish

    Not Much Action In Lavender Bay

    Update: 27/01/2013 4:50am Was at Lavender Bay yesterday. Water very dirty, few 13cm yellow tail around. No large strikes. Another day...
  12. tomBillfish

    Black Marlin From A Kayak

    Fantastic, nice work. Looking forward to one myself.
  13. tomBillfish

    Scent Blazer Marlin Spread SELLING OUT!

    Got my lures aswell. Only took a few days. What bait are you all using for marlin?
  14. tomBillfish

    Custom 40ft Blackwatch

    WOW, what a fantastic looking Big Game fishing boaT. I've been using your lures for a few weeks now and what can I say, love them. My mate gave me one of your marlin lure packs. Started running one for testing and it was the only one to get all the strikes. Now I run all 5 and the teaser chain aswell. I can understand why you need a new research vessel, your onto a winner with your lures. I'm converted...