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  1. It's tough knowing a flathead is having a better saturday night than me 😂 Cheers mate!
  2. Great haul mate! Would you suggest persisting every time when hitting a patch of undersized blue spots?
  3. Zuppa di mare - Italian style tomato based fish soup with fregola is fantastic with baker. There's no such thing as a rubbish fish!!!
  4. Thanks mate! They definitely make you work for it on the light gear. Jig was Yamashita Live 3g natural colour.
  5. G'day raiders, Headed out Anzac Day morning 6am from Drummoyne for a flick around the harbour. We were met by a spectacular sunrise as we stopped at South Head for our first crack at some Squid - a fitting moment to remind us just how lucky we are to enjoy this beautiful country. Things fired up right away as we boated 3 green eyes only to unfortunately drop a few more near the boat. Within the next 5 minutes we got busted off twice by what had to be giant cuttles by the sheer weight and power of the tugs on our 1-3kg set ups. Happy with our quick half hour session we made our away along south head towards bondi with two livies out the back hoping to snare a nice king. Not much action along the coastline so we scooted over to the reef outside north head to see if we could pick up some fish for the table. Fresh squid strips were the order of the day as we got a nice mixed bag of maori/crimson banded wrasse, sargeant bakers, red rock cods, jacket & a nice 55cm grey mowie. A quick few casts of a 3g yamashita live into the wash behind us & we topped off the little session with a beautiful giant cuttle. Much debate over the quality of some of those species on the table but my mate on board was licking his lips. A chef can always see things some of us fishos don't! Another crack at the kings at the centurion wreck was our next point of call. We picked up 5 good size trevs which were sent back before a double hook up of rats on light gear got the blood pumping. Both came in just under at 62cm & 64cm so a sashimi starter was unfortunately off the cards. Two more kings at 60cm and 62cm were landed and sent back into the drink. Boat washed and beers cracked by 3pm as we enjoyed the afternoon and the feed to come. Doesn't get much better than that. A few photos below of our catch & subsequently tasty feed. Cheers, Dan Chef's Table for the night: - steamed wrasse & morwong with chilli, soy, ginger and shallots. - cuttlefish ink linguine with cuttle meat & zucchini flowers - grilled red rock cod in a sea urchin sauce - zuppa di pesce (fish soup) featuring the bakers and jacket with fregola pasta, tomato and some added mussels/vongole
  6. How does that happen!? What is the closest FAD to Sydney heads? Was planning to head up to the North Fad in the morning...
  7. few pics. That was the smaller king which fell to the popper.
  8. Hi Jim. Calmed down a lot and was like glass from 6-8.30pm. Great conditions.
  9. Got the boat out at about 4pm with the intention of picking up some squid around the harbour and trying to track down a king or two on dusk. Picked up 3 nice southerns around lady Jane and headed for the markers at around 6. Two good runs but no hook ups as I thought I'd call it a day at around 7.45pm before I saw some kings busting up off Clifton. In with an unweighted sluggo and bang boated a nice 72cm king on first cast. Picked up a new little popper earlier in the day and thought I'd give it a try, eventually hooking into another king which went 63cm just on sundown. The latter was released. Second day in a row i've got into the Kings at dusk while most morning sessions of late haven't produced much. Tight lines, Dan.
  10. Congrats mate monster session. Interesting as I always thought the market squid was spoilt due to contact with ice/fresh water? Obviously a myth? Can anybody shed some light on that...
  11. congrats mate. That's where I got my first jewie as well i get there often i only live down the road. Very well played.