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  1. Nice haul there yowie! Good size whiting there. As for the boater, you can’t teach stupid! cheers scratchie!!!
  2. Thanks mate! Already thinking about another meet up! Cheers Sam! Yes mate, fishing in good company always makes the experience that much better. The reds have been no existent in the last few trips. So it’s good to see some action! And Baz’s chores seem to be a feature in my reports! Lol 😝
  3. Incoming 🙄🙄🙄. cracking photos Rick!
  4. Thanks Baz! Wow, your list is never ending! Sorry mate, working Friday but it definitely looks the best day of the week. Get out there and get yourself a good fish!
  5. Cheers Rick. Early morning the only real option!
  6. Try reading this mate, should help! cheers scratchie!!!
  7. Glad you enjoyed your stay up here D. It’s a pretty special place. Yes mate, you let me know next time and we’ll lock something in! Thanks Frank. Nah mate, no trophy room. The wife let’s me go fishing whenever I want, she doesn’t want to worship it 🤣🤣 and I’m not pushing the envelope. Cheers longy! It’s good to start seeing a few turn up! Early morning is the key! Thanks Skip. Come back up when your ready! 👍
  8. Sure was Rebel, thanks Cool photo aye! Can’t wait for you to get back buddy! We got some catching up to do! Haha 😂 thanks Zoran! I was pretty impressed by the image! Thanks champ. It was nice to get a few runs on the board. They went down a treat yowie! It’s been a while 🤔
  9. G’day raiders, Well it was certainly a busy week last week and I forwent a lot of sleep. The balance between work, family, sleep and fishing wasn’t ideal but I did the best i could with everything. I was trying to tee up a session with @dlvbwbut a lot of things conspired against us and it wasn’t possible. Sorry mate! So on my next available day off, I got an invite to go out on a mates boat and thought I was no chance for a leave pass but the beautiful wife I have said “sure. I have some shopping to do”. 🤔🤔🤔 Anyway, got out early and found bait really hard to come by. Bailed o
  10. That’s a great story and good on you @Picklesfor showing true fishraider spirit! Us raiders are everywhere and probably the most generous of time and knowledge of all the fishing communities! Hope you put that wisdom to good use! cheers scratchie!!!
  11. No worries! I’ve been out of foreshore ramp on a busy day and the Gold Coast makes that look like a quiet day 🤔
  12. Never fishing weekends again unless it’s trolling for marlin. Monday to Friday is the go! 👍
  13. Haha! No snapper to be found up there mate. Too many people driving over the drift 🤣🤣 Thanks Thanks Donna. Yep they growing up way to fast! On the fishing side, not sure why it’s so quiet. Hopefully it changes soon. My patience is wearing thin 😩
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