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  1. Scratchie

    Sailfish BROOME

    Yeah me! Just fly me over, I have some marks. We’ll get em!!! Haha 😝
  2. Scratchie

    Braid - Looking for specific

    In 20lb power pro or Ocea
  3. Scratchie

    Port Stephens Raiders Meet

    There also seems to be a few offers from raiders for spots on there boat! What a cheap way to get out fishing, meet some like minded people and have a good weekend! Certainly beats charter rates and there’s the chance to catch up with fellow raiders!
  4. Scratchie

    Port Stephens Raiders Meet

    Everything is now ready to go! I’ve spent a few hours today mapping out places to fish throughout the bay and offshore! The weather appears to be improving day by day but please pack a raincoat! So good to see many of you still committed even though the weather doesn’t looking promising! Obviously the fish don’t care if it’s raining, so neither should we! It will be a great weekend regardless, with plenty of catch ups and stories to tell. Cheers scratchie!!!
  5. Scratchie

    Botany tailor

    Sounds like good fun! Small session, good return! Well done 👍 cheers scratchie!!!
  6. Scratchie

    Port Stephens Raiders Meet

    Thanks Donna! Lucky you guys! I’d love to fish Broome. Keep enjoying those travels and definitely looking forward to the weekend! Cheers scratchie!!!
  7. Scratchie

    Anchor chain - deal on dinga

    Great post Anthman! 👍👍👍
  8. Scratchie

    Port Stephens Raiders Meet

    We fished in that for 5 hours! Open boat, hectic bar crossing, about a 1.8-2m swell and wind gusts of 20 knots. There’s actually an island about 500m away you can’t see! It was a great day on the water! We had it all to ourselves! But the shower, feed and beer afterwards was just as good! It just goes to show, you can make the most of any day you choose! 👍
  9. Scratchie

    Port Stephens Raiders Meet

    The weather never puts me off fishing! I just like everyone around me to be comfortable! Heres a little clip of a recent trip up north! We were wondering why we were the only boat at the ramp! Lol 😝
  10. Scratchie

    Port Stephens Raiders Meet

    Great stuff mate! Read through this thread.
  11. Scratchie

    Port Stephens Raiders Meet

    Also click the follow button and remain in the conversation!! Looking forward to meeting catching up with some champion Fishraiders!
  12. Scratchie

    Port Stephens Raiders Meet

    @GoingFishing @rickmarlin62 @Berleyguts @510 sea spirit @blaxland @Woodsy1 @gundi4 @campr @Pauafritta @tyrone07 @Ojay Samson @back cruncher @frankS @noelm @garfield28 @quintrex52 @jeffb5.8 @kingie chaser @the skipper @micktempe @Sigma @61 crusher @antonywardle @Peter Nelson @Loomesy @Welster @GordoRetired@Nikolaki
  13. Scratchie

    Port Stephens Raiders Meet

    I’ve also got together a few things for those attending, including a map with lots of marks to fish in this area.
  14. Scratchie

    Port Stephens Raiders Meet

    Gday Raiders, Well checking the forecast, it looks like Murphys Law is in affect. I had 3 weekends to choose from and decided on this weekend based on that it is not a long weekend, the end of a full moon period and the area will be a lot quieter so accommodation will be cheaper. For the record the last two weekends have seen great conditions. 😪 However, with that said. There is still the rest of the week to go and this current low may blow itself out early. Fingers crossed! On the upside, there is still plenty of options in the bay and maybe we can find one or two of those elusive ghosts or big flatty that inhabit these waters. There still maybe a longtail about and I know the bream and luderick are on the chew. There are also plenty of salmon and tailor about, big squid and a few big winter kingfish prowling around. So not all is lost if we cant get offshore. Plan: This remains the same at this stage. We'll meet at Anna Bay tavern @6pm Friday 21st June (rear beer garden) Those that can't make it there, we'll meet at Little Beach boat ramp @5am Saturday 22nd. (if this is the case please pm me your mobile number for any changes) We may change the Saturday afternoon meet time to a different venue depending on conditions but keeping checking with fishraider for any updates. NOTE: Once we meet on the Friday, I will create a live feed posting that we will be able to share any photos, comments or updates to any changes in plans. You can also put up photos of your captures and place them on brag mats if you would like to release the fish or show off your prize catch! This will give everyone on the Fishraider community a chance to join in from afar! Whilst there will be a little competition of some sorts, it is all in fun and @frankS has kindly donated a few prizes to keep the motivation high! I'd also like to thank @the skipper who has provided us with some generic flags to place on our boats to denote we are fishraiders. Anyone who would like to join in please feel free or to those that can't make it if you could kindly send me a pm so we can work out some numbers would be great. To everyone that is confirmed, could you please post a thumbs up 👍 on this thread. This thread will be deleted once the live post begins Cheers scratchie!!!
  15. Scratchie

    tough going but fun all the same

    That’s because most fish feed at night time during the full moon period and the currents can be all over the place. I often think I just get lucky during these periods but I stick to my motto of “just keep casting”. Some of those good reds can be one in 200 casts! Then other days you get the right conditions and I can land 3 in a row! But you’ll never find out sitting at home and wondering if the fish are biting! The key is to look for bait and structure!