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  1. Great work! Love it when a few raiders get together. We had fisheries check us on Friday too! No drama, but they ruined our drift 😫 Good to see them out and about though. cheers scratchie!!!
  2. Cheers Dieter. No mate, the wind and swell are usually the deciding factors. Mainly because our type of fishing soley relies on our drift. It’s a long run to seals and if you are completely exposed it can make it unfishable. At least with Broughton there is always somewhere to get a half decent drift!
  3. Agh, the little gibber. Try doing a search of the area and you should come up with some information. I caught plenty of longtail there this year and last. The beaches around that were once renown for big jew. Never fished it land based but seen plenty spinning from the rocks there. cheers scratchie!!!
  4. Haha! I’ve had a sweep pull harder than that! Lol 😝 Mate, whiskers is like Arnold Swartznegervon steroids! 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Haha! Never seen so many up there! Maybe a by product of the escapees from the pens 🤔
  6. Good stuff Rick! Hard work up there at the moment. Not many people coming back with a bag full. Plenty of kings about though! You did well. 👍 cheers scratchie!!!
  7. Have you booked already? As I said, don’t book yet as the date may change 😬 Ill be looking at a two week forecast from mid August. If it looks good then it’s locked in!
  8. I know and I’ve got the week off too! 😢😢😢
  9. Welcome to the forum Brendo. Look forward to you adding a few reports 👍 cheers scratchie!!!
  10. At least you got out Bob. Those areas tell me you were fishing deep and with baits. I don’t fish those areas because of the sharks. Usually plenty of trag at the gibber. The island this time year is way more productive. Thanks mate! Always nice to get a few!
  11. Cheers Yowie! We worked hard and got rewarded. Seas were great! Sure do but try to make the most if what’s i front of me. “Just keep casting”
  12. Cheers Baz! Thanks mate! Enough to go around 👍 Cheers Rebel Haha! 🤣 we just stay out there until we catch something. My wife reported me missing once for 3 days which means I blanked on the first two! 🤣🤣🤣 (only joking) Cheers Pete! Thanks Sam! All the fish were in good condition and will make for a good feed. Conditions were perfect for snapper fishing except the water temp still hasn’t cooled down enough yet! Lots of casts today!
  13. G’day raiders, Got out today with @back cruncher, his mate and my son Brandon. We were in two minds wether to hit seal rocks or just stay at Broughton. Well the weather decided for us and Broughton it was. The first spot we hit usually produces and Mick managed to land a legal king. Not a touch for the rest of us, so we decided to move on! Next spot Mick was on again, this time to a decent snapper and into the esky. I then came up tight but it chewed through the leader. We reset the drift and I finally managed on for the box and Mick pulled another. Then the live rod goes off and Jnr was to quick for everyone and sets the hook. Decent fight and up comes a solid king. We moved around a fair bit but couldn’t find anymore fish. So after plenty casts we decided to head home! Always a great day on the water and it was good to see Mick getting a few after a fair break! Tight lines, cheers scratchie!!!
  14. Scratchie


    Hey Chuck, Use the search engine on the site and try to find specific information you are looking for. As for the fish names, it represents the contribution you make to the site over time and changes with your post count. Regards scratchie mod team