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  1. Nice yowie! I just love flounder when cooked properly. Very underrated fish. cheers scratchie!!!
  2. Awesome BN. I can see the excitement on your face. Well done to you both! cheers scratchie!!!
  3. I know what a specimen right!!! Haha Ill out you onto them Baz, you’ve just gotta land them. 🤔
  4. Welcome to fishraider Mark! There’s a lot of useful information on this site and a great place to meet new people and share reports. cheers scratchie!!!
  5. Haha! Well said! If we landed every big fish we’ve hooked up here there would be snapper for years in the fridge! I like revenge fishing too! 😂😂
  6. That’s because you’ll bring home a feed Baz! Lol 😝 Mate, I’ll text you when we’re going and you drop everything! Will give plenty of notice! 👍
  7. Yeah mate they’ve been prolific in that area. If you can get below them, they are there!
  8. Always a balancing act! On any snapper if you don’t get that hook in the corner of the mouth on a biggun, your screwed! The one yesterday actually snapped my braid near the rod tip or reel. Not sure it happened to quick. New braid, never had that happen before. Must have had a defect!
  9. Thanks Fil. Mate, I did go heavier twice now. Once I couldn’t entice any bites, the second time I got chewed off again! It’s more a matter of luck but at least I’ve been consistent finding them! I’m happy with that!
  10. Thanks BN couldn’t agree more! @Berleyguts Baz mate, nearly every report I’ve placed this year you have posted that “you should have went out, couldn’t get out, wanted to get out.” I place the reports because I did get out there and have a go! Despite being married with four kids, both my wife and I do shift work. My kids are talented on the sporting field which means we have commitments 6 days a week and I still make the time to go fishing as it is my passion! I also work hard for the fish I catch myself and the others I fish with, so it’s not just a matter of getting out there! You live closer to the ramp than any other fishraider member and I’ve not only showed you my spots and techniques first hand but always provide you with lots of information. So, next time woodsy and me go fishing, your coming with us and if you don’t catch a snapper, I’ll swim back from the island! Deal????
  11. Not sure! Mick has it. Hopefully there’s no sound on it. Otherwise you will all learn some new words! 😬
  12. Awesome fellas! I thought you and Pete would make a good team! It wouldn’t be possible without Fishraider!!! Catch up with you soon champ! 👍
  13. Thanks. It was pretty frustrating working hard for that big one only to lose it! Grr 🤬 Cheers Adem Cheers Rick. Managed one with woodsy last week. But one of the ones I lost today was another level. Yeah mate, glad you got amongst them too! Jeremy definitely knows his stuff. At least we all took home something! Haha! On massive amounts of steroids. Next time we’ll get em! Thanks Thanks Baz! Yep it was a great day out there.
  14. G’day raiders, Headed out today with @back cruncher and hit the island. Conditions were pretty good with a nice water temp, good drift and a bit of bump! Loaded up with slimies pretty quick and now was the decision of what spot first! 🤔 So we couldn’t go past the sisters but after a couple of drifts nothing to show for it! Changed areas locations and straight away I come up tight. Nice fish in the mid 60’s. We kept casting changing Sps and using some slimie fillets and heads to mix it up. Caught a few pannies in the 30’s that were released. Reset our drift a few times and there seemed to be bait only stacked in one area, so we worked that spot when suddenly I feel a take on the line. And boy did it load up! It started screaming and the weight was immense. I turned its head and felt confident I had it under control. Huge tail beats and Mick says “do you need the net?” To which I was going to say “no we need to chase the bastard” when all of a sudden snap!!! Gooooooone. Not the leader but the line snapped at the top of the rod and I lost 50m of 20lb. Never once have I had that happen and I’ve only just respooled the reel with new line too! Would have been a new PB for sure. Devastated Mick learnt a few new words and we moved on! New spot and first drift bang I’m on again, “good fish good fish” and I played the fish all the way to the boat and bang, goooooone. Chewed the leader this time. Then Mick loads up and in comes a nice snaps pushing 60. Then we played with a few rat kings and reset the drift. Nothing doing then all of a sudden Mick comes up tight and this thing is running. He sets the hook well but this fish don’t care and runs like Usain Bolt with enough force to chafe him off! Damn!!! We tried one more spot after that for a pannie and called it quits. I also forgot to mention there was @Peter Nelson and @quintrex52 up there with us having a crack as well. I must thank Pete for taking Jeremy out and the boys did ok too! Oh well, that was our day. We won a few and lost too many for my liking but it’s why we keep going back! Tight lines all, cheers scratchie!!!