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  1. Some nice healthy reds there!!! On soft plastics too. That’s a great effort of Sydney. Did you pull a 90cm king too? Great day! cheers scratchie!!!
  2. Sounds like a great trip! Congrats on the PB. cheers scratchie!!!
  3. 💯 couldn’t put a better day together if I tried. 🤙
  4. Thanks rebel. Love fishing with my kids. Cheers mate! Sorry to hear that. I’m he’ll get it fixed soon enough and you’ll be back out there in no time
  5. Hahahahaha Fab! You are certainly a realist! I’d love to see you write an optimistic post! Surely after the amount of time you’ve spent on fishraider you could scrap together a feed! 😂 cheers scratchie!!!
  6. Great report and fantastic catch! Nothing like a feed of elbow slappers. cheers scratchie!!!
  7. No other photos mate! He trolled it for two hours and no hit. So he doesn’t rate it as bait either!
  8. See what he’s got 🤙
  9. Crazy!!!! Asking for a mate. He caught 4 of them 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  10. Great feed of flatties there mate! Try the recipe that I just put up in the kitchen! cheers scratchie!!!
  11. Oh wow Bob! Definitely a rookie error leaving that late. Same up here mate, boats everywhere and we have a ramp closed too 😩😩 You still managed to get out there and slay em so well done champ! Don’t think you’ll be getting out on the ocean Monday or Tuesday. Doesn’t look great! cheers scratchie!!!
  12. G’day raiders, There are many ways to cook fish as you know but I’m always searching for something quick and easy so I can go from catch to plate. Gets me out of cleaning the boat whilst I fillet and get lunch ready! 😂😂 Anyway, a couple weeks ago I messaged Cristy Worsteling (ifish) and asked what her go to batter was. To my surprise she messaged me back with this recipe. I tried it and it’s a family winner. 1 cup self raising flour 1/2 cup soda water 1/2 cup beer whisk thoroughly and place in fridge for 30-45mins. (cheat: place in freezer for 10 mins if you can’t wait) Try it and I’m sure you’ll love it. cheers scratchie!!!
  13. Thanks Bob. We actually got 3 snapper in total but only one decent one (almost 70). With a lack of current the snapper will disappear and unfortunately the island was at a stand still. Finding a feed off the bottom up here is relatively pretty easy. But your right, teaching the kids how to do it will serve them well.
  14. That’s a great report Dieter! Good to see you back. Congrats on the PB. That always makes for a great session. cheers scratchie!!!
  15. I hope you get well soon Wazza! I’m sure the should be plenty of reports to get you through mate! All the best 🤙 cheers scratchie!!!
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