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  1. Always nice to spend some time on the water BN. Home for lunch, perfect 👍 cheers scratchie!!!
  2. Thanks Bob. Yes mate, things are certainly tough atm. You’ll definitely enjoy that freedom on the other side. Hang in there champ!
  3. Hahaha! They do taste good 👍 Just stick at it mate and trust the process!
  4. Thanks Zoran. Always fun searching and coming up trumps Cheers mate. Yeah I like it too. Mick did a good job with the photo Thanks. Glad it did 🤙 Thanks rebel.
  5. Isn’t it exciting planning a road fishing trip like that. For me, I’d add….. Wooli/Minnie waters Areas around Coffs North Haven Crowdy/ Harrington Forster and the Great Lakes Seal Rocks And of course PORT STEPHENS Cheers scratchie!!!
  6. Cheers mate! Firstly, those chew offs were more than likely barracuda. Plenty of them out deeper atm and some real size to them. As for plastics, well that’s a tough one but I always start out using the same lure I caught my last fish on. Then I will change from there. It has been tough going so a good fish each for Mick and Me were rewards for plenty of casts! 🤙
  7. Cheers Brendan. Lockdown is definitely disappointing and I feel for you all. A Good time to sort out all your gear though 😄 Thanks BN. Hard work= results 😘😘😘 Cheers Dave. You’ve ticked a few good fish yourself lately. This one will come soon enough Thanks Sam. It was a weird looking fish. One of the biggest heads I’ve seen too! Thanks Toby 🤙 Cheers KC. Yes mate, hence the title- blessed 😇 Thanks mate and thanks for doing the right thing too 🤙 Looking forward to diner Yowie that’s for sure!!!
  8. G’day raiders, Firstly, for all you good people in lockdown. Thank you for doing the right thing and I hope everything goes in the right direction soon. For me, I’m blessed to live where I do and today I got out with @back cruncher for a bit of a snapper flick. We’ve been spending some time doing a few different things and fishing a few different areas. It has been fairly quiet of late and today seemed to be no exception but we kept working hard and were rewarded with a couple of beauties! As I always say “just keep casting” cheers scratchie!!!
  9. That is a frightening report for my region. I’ve heard of many instances where people have been turned away from restaurants and cafes etc as they have travelled up for the week or weekend from lockdown areas. As for fishing in a sanctuary zone, no excuse! You get caught, it will be a costly experience. There are plenty of areas to fish up here without fishing the pink zones! cheers scratchie!!!
  10. Awesome Zoran! Wouldn’t even know where to start but that meal definitely looks inspirational 🤙🤙🤙 cheers scratchie!!!
  11. It’s shame that you are looking through photos rather than spending time on the water. But there’s some great catches there mate! Well done 👍 cheers scratchie!!!
  12. If Turbo holds that ball instead of trying to pass, we win! I think that Fittler got the halves wrong and should have went with Walker and Reynolds. That would have been a better combination and allowed Mitchell and Turbo to get early ball. Would also link Cook and Murray. Good to see QLD turn up to play but NSW should never have lost to that team! 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  13. Mainly shallow reefs to 20m
  14. Don’t think the washes or around bommies are where all the fish are found. 99% of all my fish are caught in open reef structure! Plenty of that type of structure in Port Stephens
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