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  1. Scratchie

    Port Stephens- raider meet

    Cheers mate! We had a good day out there!
  2. Scratchie

    Super easy fishing caddy

    I like it! Especially if it’s getting you and the family out there enjoying yourselves! I understand the back breaking work of carrying everything for kids etc! Good on you! Cheers scratchie!!!
  3. Scratchie

    Fishing In The Hawkesbury River First Time

    Welcome to fishraider! Try using the search function on this site to access the information you require. There is also a gps marks section that members have access to! Regards scratchie mod team
  4. Scratchie

    Port Stephens- raider meet

    Well, considering the amount of people that swim in the area of Port Stephens daily, multiply that by ten years and only one shark biting! Your odds of enjoying your swim are pretty good! 👍
  5. Scratchie

    Port Stephens- raider meet

    Halifax caravan park! It’s right at the ramp!
  6. Scratchie

    Mixed Catch Offshore and Inside

    Sounds like the move did you well. Jetty, ramp, muddies, yft and a big smile says it all. Love your work! Cheers scratchie!!!
  7. Scratchie

    The role of a man

    So, after reading everyone’s comments, it inspired me to do something about it. Now this is not the “role of a man” but more a role of a parent thing! We decided to grab the keys from our friends property on the rural mid north coast and go spend a couple of days teaching our children things we did as kids! So. We’ve spent the last two days teaching them how to make a fire, a bow and arrow, a slingshot, no iPads etc, how to cook without power, how to make up games from nothing! We went fishing on the river, walking at night with a torch to view the wildlife, telling stories etc and they have had a ball. Just to add, we’ve had the opportunity to sleep on the comfort of the house but have chose to stay in the tent with no mods and cons just to add to the experience! Our days have been full and I think my wife and I have a new found respect from our kids and they have from us! So I think that’s it for now as I’m break the no social policy rule! Thanks for the inspiration raiders, I’m thoroughly enjoying myself! Cheers scratchie!!!
  8. Scratchie

    Port Stephens- raider meet

    Cheers Tara. It was a nice day out on the water!
  9. Scratchie

    Allow Me To Introduce Myself

    Welcome to fishraider Winston! Try putting a post on the “fishing trips” or “fishing chat” section. I’m sure there are some fishraiders up that way that may have the time to show you a few spots! Cheers scratchie!!!
  10. Scratchie

    Port Stephens- raider meet

    Thanks bro! Yes I’m happy to share info and time when I get the chance! As I say “I always need an excuse to go fishing”.
  11. Scratchie

    Birthday perch

    First perch and first fish on plastics, happy birthday indeed! She won’t forget that one! Well done young lady! Cheers scratchie!!!
  12. Scratchie

    Port Stephens- raider meet

    Cheers yowie! Thanks Cheers Sam! Great to see anyone get a pb but even better a raider! Yeah rick, weather looking crap for the next week! Of course I’ve got the week off too! 😩
  13. Scratchie

    Bate Bay

    Another possible record ay yowie! You can have that one! Haha! Prefer to see a good bunch of flatties! 😝 cheers scratchie!!!
  14. Scratchie

    Perch (i think) at rydalmere.

    They look like an EP to me!
  15. Scratchie

    Port Stephens- raider meet

    Thanks Thanks! There’s a year round snapper fishery up here, so anytimes a good time! Cheers KB. I enjoy seeing people catch good fish just as much as I enjoy catching them! Cheers Baz!