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  1. Scratchie

    Dangerous casting practice

    You can’t teach stupid. You did the right thing by bringing it to his attention. If unfortunately, the situation you described happens, then that is something HE will have to deal with. We warn our kids about the many dangers in life, yet somehow they still get some things wrong! Life is one big lesson! I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. Cheers scratchie!!!
  2. Scratchie

    Cod fishing with Big neil

    Love your work fellas! How good is it to get a personal guide from a fishraider! Hopefully you get the water you need down there BN to make it a great season! Cheers scratchie!!!
  3. Scratchie

    Paternoster Peg Board

    Separate zip lock bags BN!
  4. Scratchie

    Paternoster Peg Board

    That’s great Zoran. Thanks for taking the time to share it with all raiders! Cheers scratchie!!!
  5. Scratchie

    Port Stephens

    Thanks @kingie chaser
  6. Scratchie

    Port Stephens

    They’ve been cruising around the breakwall regularly but very hard to catch. Probably some of the smartest kings you’ll come across! I’m hearing quite a few rats up at Broughton. Cheers scratchie!!!
  7. Scratchie

    1 months fishing in 1 post. port hacking/Cronulla

    Good work whitewash! A decent variety of fish there! Cheers scratchie!!!
  8. Scratchie

    Sydney heads

    Haha, my brother in law and father in law are on that ship with you! Lol 😂
  9. Scratchie

    Sydney heads

    Haha, more snapper for me! 😝
  10. Scratchie

    Fish Id

    I’m with Sampson fish too!
  11. Scratchie

    GLENBAWN 2018 still holding a few fish........

    Sensational report Donna! A shame about the fishing, although 40 bass is nothing to sneeze at! Some good footballs there too! Cheers scratchie!!!
  12. Scratchie


    Wow, what an incredible written article. Cheers scratchie!!!
  13. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 That’s Gold
  14. Scratchie

    Port Stephens- something different

    Generally I do! But i need to give back to the fish gods so they bless me with some good snapper!!! Lol
  15. Scratchie

    Port Stephens- something different

    As per above!!!!