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  1. Not work Lads. At least you got out there and had a go! Wouldn’t see me dropping that deep by hand. Sounds like a good day was had by all anyway! cheers scratchie!!!
  2. Quality mixed bag there! Well done on the reds! cheers scratchie!!!
  3. Nice work! Sounds like a great day had by all. Plenty of fillets to go around there! cheers scratchie!!!
  4. @frankS I hope you are well mate! I’ve tagged all the people interested in this thread, so no need for a pm! That would take me ages! 😩 Will we have a great meet up on the other side I promise! cheers scratchie!!!
  5. Fellow Fishraiders, It is with deep regret that the “Meet Up” in Port Stephens this year is cancelled. With the restrictions currently in place by the NSW Government and the uncertainty in these times surrounding this pandemic, I cannot in good faith or conscience hold a meet up in my area. Whilst I am majorly disappointed, it is in the best interest of us all. For those of you that may have booked accommodation and plan to come up anyway, I’ll be happy to provide as much information as possible to give you every chance to get your red! Just send me a pm!!! Once we are on the other side of this crisis, we will definitely have a meet up and enjoy better times! Kind regards, Scratchie
  6. Just awesome JonD. Being on the water is not always just about fishing is it. The sights we see are sometimes just amazing! Not a great photo on an iPhone but watching this humpback about to launch out the water on sunrise, had me put my rod down and just admire! cheers scratchie!!!
  7. Great report Richard. Firstly, our ramps are terrible up here on a low tide. I went and checked them out the day before so we launched at soldiers. Secondly, at least you found a few to play with. It was a very quiet day out there. As you know, we headed to seals. All the conditions were perfect for snapper. With the exception of two things. CURRENT AND FISH!!! 😢 So in the scheme of things, with your mishaps, late start and lost fish. You still did pretty good and at least you had a crack with the soft plastics. Hit me up next time your this way and I’ll jump on and show you a few more spots! cheers scratchie!!!
  8. Good luck Hutcho! Haven’t changed a bit mate! cheers scratchie!!!
  9. What an epic day and an awesome first report Brendo! You certainly did do the miles. People see other people holding up a fish like that and go that’s great but don’t realise the amount of effort that goes into it. Well done 👏 cheers scratchie!!!
  10. Haha! I actually have done that via Instagram but the reception very grainy. I’d be happy to do a Q an A if people are interested. And as Mrsswordy suggested, have a virtual meeting for the catch up! cheers scratchie!!!
  11. Great idea! I’ll get my zoom on and think we could definitely do some work shops via this application. cheers scratchie!!!
  12. I’m thinking we need a bit more than prayers at this stage! 😫😫😫
  13. Yes mate! Either little beach or shoal bay! Will just depend on tides and the state of the ramps. Hopefully the council are on the ball. 🤣
  14. Nice work Jani. Good to see you haven’t forgotten fishraider. Hope you and the family are well. cheers scratchie!!!