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  1. Thanks Paul. Port should be in full swing then with plenty of species on offer!
  2. Looks a likely spot rick! It’s the only type of freshwater fishing I do. Great fun on the yak! Fish are always a bonus! cheers scratchie!!!
  3. Haha! You definitely don’t know Baz!!! 😝😝😝
  4. The FK is what I catch most of my snapper with in the 4000 model. If they are now $199 I’m buying a few of them!! cheers scratchie!!!
  5. Haha! Very clever. But 10 minutes after I caught that fish, Rick rang me after I sent him a photo! Lol 😝 so he already knew, that I knew that he knew where is was caught! Haha haha haha 😂
  6. Love your work yowie! Those eagle rays go hard don’t they! We were fishing for flatty last year in shallow water and my son hooked a good fish and said we need to chase this dad. I’ve never had to chase a flatty before! Lol. It was an eagle ray. They are funny looking things! Enjoy 😊 cheers scratchie!!!
  7. Thanks George! Mate the weekend was pretty ordinary weather wise so I was happy to be working. Same setup I always use! 7ft 4-7kg rod 4000 reel 20lb braid and leader, 1/4oz 5/0jighead
  8. Is that a glow stick? What do you use that for?
  9. Nice work! Sounds rather chaotic in a good way! Some good fish there for one session! Well done 👍 cheers scratchie!!!
  10. Cheers mate! Thank you! Always a good day out with woodsy! Haha! Yeah funny head on it! The fish I mean 😂 Sorry BN. Just another day in the office. We certainly have a lot more water to play with than you do! I hope things improve down your way.
  11. Thanks mate! Nah it ranks a little further down than that!
  12. I should be out then too! Let me know! Only a head it’s mother would love! Lol Cheers Nick! Might be the same place you got your PB! 🤔
  13. I’m an honest fisho Rick, so he was actually from somewhere else! We only fished two spots today. The first produced one fish and the second the rest! You have to move to find them!
  14. The breakwall is always a hit and miss affair! I’ve seen some of the best fish from Port Stephens come from that wall. I’ve also encountered plenty of nil sessions. I’m not a bream fisho but I’ve had my best ever session there too! One tip, early high tide mornings are best!
  15. The bump on who’s head? Lol 😝 Mate, if you look through my posts, that’s really the first bump snapper I’ve caught at the island!