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  1. Scratchie

    Weekend at Wyangala

    Good stuff Trav! Camping and fishing with the kids is priceless! Cheers scratchie!!!
  2. Scratchie

    Short and sweet Hacking trip today.

    Nice work! Always great fun to tangle with. Target ✅ cheers scratchie!!!
  3. Scratchie

    Lake Cathie- found a feed!!!

    G’day raiders, Just a quick report from up here! I’m currently up here watching 3 of my kids compete in the State Cup touch football competition. My wife manage to book us a great accommodation unit on Lake Cathie. So yesterday arvo I walked down to the inlet and threw hardbodies for half an hour. Managed a nice flatty (released) a few other hits and got smoked by a good one on 4lb. This arvo, I went back with Jnr looking for some fish with an upgraded leader. The boy said he was keen for fish tacos tomorrow night, so the plan was to keep a few! Beautiful afternoon and the fish didn’t disappoint us! Kept these 4 and managed another whilst the young fella was cleaning the fish! Cheers scratchie!!!
  4. Scratchie

    Broughton isl

    Fair effort Rick! Told you the water was still messed up! At least you came home with a feed!!! Cheers scratchie!!!
  5. Scratchie

    Lake Cathie- found a feed!!!

    Well trained mate! I just spent 10hrs watching them play sport, the least they could do was let me get another 10 casts in! Haha 🤣
  6. Scratchie

    Lake Cathie- found a feed!!!

    Thank you! Cheers yowie! It was very relaxing with a beer at my feet and just simply casting away!
  7. Scratchie

    Friday 15th Feb 2019 - Sydney

    Great report Jim. At least you managed a feed and spent some quality time on the water! I’m very lucky I don’t suffer from sea sickness but I know what your talking about the motion thing!! Especially when the bed keeps swinging side to side. Haha 🤣 cheers scratchie!!!
  8. Scratchie

    Insane Yellowfin session

    Congrats on the yft! Looks like a solid lump to me! I heard someone radioed in the bite, what a champion! A few people got amongst them! Well done 👍 cheers scratchie!!!
  9. Scratchie

    Lake Cathie- found a feed!!!

    Thanks mate! Haha, well there’s some irony I’m 44 lol 😝 and the lake is still fishing good. We only went for an hour or so! Thanks! The lake could do with a good flush but it’s not too bad. Cheers Sam. Dinners looking good tonight!
  10. Scratchie

    Morning kingys off stones

    Nice work mate! Always rewarding landing a good fish off the stones! Cheers scratchie!!!
  11. Scratchie

    Nambucca- Moderaters session!

    G’day raiders, Just a quick report from today! Got to team up with @dirvin21 for a short session throwing sps and hard bodies at his local, the Nambucca River. Dave was kind enough to supply me a yak and we met up at a gentleman hour of 9am and in the water by 930. After a short paddle to our intended area, we begin to cast. We both manage a few touches on sps, then suddenly I hook up! Not a monster but a little flatty and that one is safely returned. Next I can see from a distance Dave is on and the call of another flatty. He released it before I could get a pic but I believe him! Haha 🤣 We then reset the drift and the wind was really kicking up. After every cast we kept getting pushed on towards our intended target which made Fishing a little tough! We switched to hard bodies and Dave was first on, a little bream! I didn’t get a pic as he released it again, I believe him! Haha 🤣. Then conditions got worse and it was very difficult managing to cast and keep the yak steady, but we persisted and Dave rows up to me and this time shows me a Moses perch he caught!!! A quick discussion at this point and the call was to finish the drift which was nearly finished and call it quits. So two casts later Dave has packed up and I make the call of the day. “Dave, last cast for me and if I land it in between those two trees I’ll get one! Cast............ bullseye! And one twitch later zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I’m on! I managed to pull the fish out and a nice healthy bream to finish the day off! Well, almost finish the day! Because we ended early it was time for a nice cold beverage before we parted ways! Thanks a heap champion! Your generosity was as much appreciated as the cold beer we had over looking the mighty Nambucca!!! Cheers scratchie!!!
  12. Scratchie

    Ever seen one like this?????

    Your not wrong! Definitely a genetic disorder!
  13. Scratchie

    Ever seen one like this?????

    How many eyes did it have Rick?
  14. Scratchie

    Nambucca- Moderaters session!

    Thanks Donna! Lovely pleasant paddle. Cheers rick! Cheers mate!
  15. Scratchie

    Nambucca- Moderaters session!

    Cheers mate! Great day Dave! Good to get some casting practice in! Thank you
  16. Scratchie

    Snapper. Male or female?

    Easy to identify. The males are the ugly ones! 🤣🤣🤣
  17. Scratchie

    Whats your dream boat

    7.4 Formosa Tomahawk offshore centre cab. Ohhhhh 😴😴😴
  18. Scratchie

    Keep the grapevine going

    Zig zag through it or whatever side you see the bait on!
  19. Scratchie

    Stapo are you there?

    Great to hear your doing well Steve! All the best. Cheers scratchie!!!
  20. Scratchie

    BBay with Big neil

    Great work Frank, Derek and BN. That’s what Fishraider is all about right there! Cheers scratchie!!!
  21. G’day raiders, Well, it’s that time of year when I head north for the kids representative tournaments. I’ll be definately taking a few rods with me and have the chance to go fishing from Friday to Sunday! I won’t be taking the boat on this occasion but if anyone needs a decky or is heading out land based and wants a fishing partner, then hit me up! Cheers scratchie!!!
  22. Scratchie

    Anyone fishing Coffs this weekend?

    Anyone????? Happy to return the favour at Port Stephens one day!!!
  23. Scratchie

    New (Used) Boat Advice, Please

    Definitely worth a look at! See if you can take it for a test drive first. That way you get an understanding if the boat is seaworthy and suits your needs! Cheers scratchie!!!