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    Metre Plus Kayak Jewfish

    Top shelf effort! Nice fish too! Well done 👍 cheers scratchie
  2. Scratchie

    Quick Flathead sesh

    Awesome basil. Now that’s some good karma there! Nice work on the flatties! Cheers scratchie
  3. Scratchie

    A few snaps

    A few snaps??? I was hoping to see snapper Jon! Lol. Sorry mate, hate pelicans! Too many on the water and at the boat ramp! 😂😂😂 Great photos though! Cheers scratchie!!!
  4. Most people would struggle to reach their bag limit based on knowledge and angling ability. The ones that do, generally will release more fish than most rec fishos catch! (Snapper) That is my experience of my area Port Stephens! The question is........... What impact does, commercial and recreational fishos have on the snapper population???? IMO, we’ll never know unless we could drain the oceans and do a proper count! If bag and size limits are set by authorities, then that is all we have to go on! We can argue and debate all we want but that is the law! If you enjoy your angling, then abide by the rules set by the DPI and get out there and enjoy yourself! Cheers scratchie!!!
  5. Scratchie

    The Entrance mixed bag

    That’s great to see that at the young age of 81yo she still enjoys fishing! I’m sure she would have been excited by that mixed bag! Well done 👍 cheers scratchie
  6. Scratchie


    G’day raiders, Firstly, these type of incidents are more common than we care to imagine. They are not isolated to any one race and point blank they are breaking the law! The only thing we can do is lead by example and report any illegal activity to the appropriate authorities! Thanks for your input. This thread is now locked. Regards scratchie mod team
  7. About 5 years ago I remember a good run on trevally and haven’t encountered them since! Good point!
  8. That was from 2017
  9. Quite an interesting topic! I have found that this snapper season to be one of the best in years! Almost every trip has been in the double digits and two weeks ago we had the best trip I’ve ever encountered with approximately 100 fish boated. I’ve never seen them so thick in this area! We still have trawlers, fish traps and probably more rec anglers than ever before! I’m at a loss to explain why! But let’s hope the great fishing continues 👍 cheers scratchie
  10. Scratchie

    Central coast blackies

    Is that a black snapper??? Haha 😂 Nice bag there Rick! Weather is not looking real good for the weekend. Good luck with your Comp! Cheers scratchie
  11. Scratchie

    Skipper Required

    Pm sent
  12. Scratchie

    Port Stephens- 5-8-19

    Fished with fellow raiders @Woodsy1 and @Peter Nelson
  13. Scratchie

    Port Stephens- 5-8-19

    Next month is the best month! Maybe not for numbers but most of my bigger models come in sept/oct!
  14. Scratchie

    Finally a Fishy Friday 26.7.2019

    Nice mixed bag! Isn’t it great to just get out there after a long spell off the water! Good on you Sam for helping out! Cheers scratchie!!!
  15. Scratchie

    Gemfish at Browns

    Good stuff Mr Groper! Nice to see you still getting out and having fun! Cheers scratchie!!’
  16. G’day raiders, Well I’m sure your all getting sick of me putting up many snapper reports but for me, it is the best time of year for them and my favourite type of angling! Today was no exception! Headed out with fellow raider @tyrone07 after @Woodsy1 pulled the pin last night due to illness.(get well champ) Anyway, conditions look promising and we headed off. Collected some live bait really easily and zoomed off to our first mark. Didn’t take long to find a few pannies and find some string pullers. Trouble was I couldn’t stop the bastards! They were taking livies, sps, bait and anything we could throw at them! Although, as soon as the wind died off, so did the bite! Had to move around several locations but I had faith I’d find them again and I sure did. Switched back to plastics with a good drift and was hitting up one after the other! Tyrone had a good tangle with a shark but I kept smacking some good fish! Started to feel a bit sorry for Tyrone as two good fish he worked hard for all day got the better of him! But to his credit he “just kept casting” except for when he was required on the net which was fairly often! The seas calmed to a glass off and the fish went to sleep! A few whales were breaching around us and it was time to head home at 30 plus knots! Overall we landed 26 legal fish, best one in the 70’s. Cracking day out and thanks for the netting Tyrone! Cheers scratchie!!!
  17. Scratchie

    Port Stephens- Pre fish

    Gday raiders, Just a quick report from the beautiful Port Stephens today! Headed out with a couple of raiders @Berleyguts and @Aerialangler to see if we could find a few snapper. We met up at the ramp at 530 and headed out for some live bait. It wasn’t showing much on the sounder so after a few quick drops of nothing, we packed up and headed to Broughton. Trying to catch one on sps was the game of the day and on the first or second drift Kent came up tight on a nice one that put up a great fight and was soon into the boat. A Pb for him and a nice one at that. Next drift and after many changes of sp I finally hooked onto a good fish that was taking plenty of drag. I’m pleased to say everything held tight and Baz was kind enough to net the brut for me! After that we had a few boats around us driving up the drift and the wind ever changing making things difficult so we decided to change areas. The next few spots didn’t yield much other than some bycatch and the snapper seemed to have disappeared. We stuck at it for a while but decided to call it a day and a have beer with a slow drive back to Port! Seen a few whales splashing about and had a few buzz’s from the jets, great day out in the water! Thanks to Baz and Kent for a great session! Cheers scratchie!!!
  18. Scratchie

    Port Stephens- 5-8-19

    Always plenty in Port Stephens 👍
  19. Scratchie

    Port Stephens- 5-8-19

    Cheers mate!!! 👍
  20. Scratchie

    Port Stephens- 5-8-19

    Weather not looking good! All I can say Pete, is yes yes yes, nooooooooooo! 😝 Good luck with that Baz!
  21. Scratchie

    Something special

    That’s gold Jon! Do you pass on that information? Cheers scratchie!!!
  22. Scratchie

    Has anyone used a bait boat?

    Not sure if it is legal in NSW or Australia but I have watched on TV in New Zealand where they use these boats off the beach and are permitted to run a long line with a maximum of 25 baited hooks. They send the boat out and deploy the hooks at regular intervals. Every 5 hooks they attach a small buoy. Once they have reached their maximum amount of hooks they hold the line and the last buoy detaches from the boat. They leave it out for an hour or two and reel it in! Cant believe they can legally long line from a beach over there! Cheers scratchie!!!
  23. Scratchie

    Inshore reds off Cronulla

    Thanks squidmarks! Heres a thread that might help you with soft plastics.
  24. Scratchie

    Port Stephens- Last snapper report???

    Haha, thanks billmack! I’ve had snapper 101 different ways!
  25. Scratchie

    ID please

    This was found in the stomach of a large snapper. About the size of a cigarette packet. Any ideas???