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  1. Hi bruce This is alf i joined you about 5 years ago. What is your mobile number i would like to talk to you about your trip to weipa. Alf
  2. I am looking for someone who has a boat and wants to fish the noryh of australis for say 3 or so weeks. Very flexible. Please contact me if interested in sharing. Alf
  3. I may be interested in your weipa trip. Please call me on 02 89013853. Or send e mail to I rarely visit this site so best not to leave message here
  4. Hi I have some interest and would like to meet. I assume you live in Sydney. You can send me an e mail at and we can arrange to meet. Regards Alf
  5. I am interested in going north to the Gulf in May for 4 to 6 weeks fishing. Ideally looking for semi retired person to share expenses. Total cost per person probably about $1500, could be less depending on decisions made. Your boat or mine, your vehicle or mine, we can discuss if you are interested. Contact me on e mail Alf
  6. I would like to take a 6 week fishing trip in the north of Australia, Gulf country. I am semi retired and someone keen on fishing and semi retired would be ideal. Can use my vehicle or yours, my boat or yours. If you have an interest in this idea please contact me, I am thinking of May / early June. I expect the whole trip will cost about $1500 each sharing fuel, camping fees etc. My e mail is Regards Alf
  7. Hi I am keen to do more fishing around sydney and also a trip up north. I have a couple of small boats, 11ft and 4 metres. Please send me an e mail to and we can discuss options. Regards Alf