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  1. turtleman

    Before work Squid session Round 2

    That’s lunch sorted.
  2. turtleman

    Eucambean iver

    @Tysh, @luderick -angler Thanks guys. Well than, this closure will give me a chance to get my gear right for the opening. Cheers
  3. turtleman

    Eucambean iver

    Nice catch Tysh. Ive been google mapping that river for public access for months. Its a massive system. Can you share a few driveways if possible. cheers
  4. turtleman

    Sydney harbour 12/12/15

    How much was the rental?
  5. turtleman

    Sydney Harbour Thursday 16 th April Overnighter

    Sounds like something i would do...floating around on the harbour...a glass of wine in one hand and a rod in the other while laying on an airbed on the deck of my boat....if only i have something bigger than a tinny lol.
  6. turtleman

    Botany Squid

    Hahaha...i love to be lucky "me 7"...but ive tried all over the bay and the only thing that comes up on my 2.5g orange yama is kelp. Where do i start?
  7. turtleman

    harbour bonanza on lures

    Hey Krispy...would you mind giving me some guidance as to where to find a feed of these fish? Thanx buddy.
  8. turtleman

    Sydney Sunday

    Hey Finin, if only i read ur report earlier. It was like a Maccas drive thru this morning at Drummoyne ramp. Finally managed to get to the harbour by 6am. I guess i wasnt invited to the wedding in the harbour today. The wedding was surrounded by boats. So i retreated back to the yellow marker just out of Nelson park. All afternoon, i got 1 bream 33cm, a sweep, 2 rats barely hitting 60cm and one bust off all on banana prawns. A mowie would be nice but there is always next time. Cheers E
  9. turtleman

    Avoca....fish spring break is over!,

    Greg, thanks for the positive words mate. Next time I'll PM u for updates for i head up there lol
  10. As promised from my last post, i managed to force myself out of bed after only 3hrs sleep. Sleepy and contemplating to go or not, i managed to leave the hse at 6am and drove up to avoca. Parking lot looks ok with surfer already out in the water but no sign of fishos with gears around. Happy thinking ive got the whole platform to myself, i walked around to the plateau...OMG...is this Saturday or Monday. It was packed. Stumbling along and dodging rock pools, i made it to my usual spinning spot by 8.30. Boy, the Poseidon weren't too happy today and Zeus was crying for most of the morning. I took my time setting up as no one was pulling in any feed. By 10am, a welcome screem was heard from the distance. Someone had a fish on! "A Rat" yelled his friend. Moments past, the sounds of slapping rocks. I looked over and the first bonnie of the morning was hauled in. I was spinning so didnt have pillies but the guys using pillies was bringing in bonnies far in between. I managed 2 rats to 60cm and a pulled hooked bonnie right at my feet ?. All in all, this trip was a better trip than most. In additional to getting little burnt, i had multiple water fights with the Kraken. Needless to say, i lost! I was drenched head to toe. Lost yet another 2 rapalas and 2 SP to the hungry sea...and still came home with no food on the table. What can i say. This is fishing for ya. E.
  11. turtleman

    Avoca in recession

    Badfisher, this whole summer hasnt been producing up their...well...at least everytime im there, i see no one else getting any either. Well, ive filled up my tank with petrol this arvo, now trying to get to sleep for an early drive up again but im struggling thru this humidity to fall asleep. Will keep you raiders posted when i get back.
  12. turtleman

    Avoca in recession

    That is weird and not on half a pillie but on low tide too. Good work. Guess you'll be hving a nice plate of sashimi buddy.
  13. turtleman

    Avoca in recession

    Been driving 1.5 - 2hrs up to avoca recently and all I've been getting is sunburnt! What's happened to rocks up here? Are the bonnies and kings taking an extra long holiday out at sea? Has any raiders been up there and getting a feed? Anymore of these fuel wasting trips up there, I'll start eating my baits for dinner.
  14. turtleman

    Unique day on the bay

    Hey nice report. Good to see you didnt go home empty. The bay havent been productive in recent "years". Whats going on?
  15. turtleman

    Sydney Harbour Friday

    Great report mate. Yeah the wind was pretty nasty today. If i manage to get my wheel bearings in and fitted on time, I'll be on the waters by the next hi tide for tomorrow evening. Hopefully a few breams in Middle harbour and a nice bag of squids will be nice. We can only wish at the moment. Tight lines raiders.