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  1. nbdshroom

    Port Stephens Raiders Meet

    Good luck Jeff. It's always hard to organise events of any sort. I hope everything goes well.
  2. nbdshroom

    Crazy Hook Up On Salmon

    That's good to know that I'm not crazy for thinking they were kings. 😎 Most times I hook up to kings especially down east of the Sydney Harbour Bridge when I see these groups of cruising kings. I was really surprised in the video when the fish was headshaking and I couldn't connect the dots immediately which would indicate salmon.
  3. nbdshroom

    Quick flick in the Sunday rain

    Nice bream Richard. Looks fat and healthy.
  4. nbdshroom

    Hybrid Performance

    That would be something! Catching fish in -4C. Nicely done.
  5. nbdshroom

    Crazy Hook Up On Salmon

    I thought so too at the time. Kinda still does too. I pretty much release all fish I catch. This salmon was released as seen from the video. Thanks. A lot of food for though there! 👍 That was a very interesting and useful post. Cheers mate! Gotta love salmon! They spice up inshore finesse lure fishing in the colder months. Me too, but I'm pretty bad at recognising fish lol. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks Richard! I think I've been getting used to getting smoked that it's a surprise when a few of them stick. 😎 More to come!
  6. nbdshroom

    Salmon off the beach down south.

    Nice one. Looks like fun.
  7. nbdshroom

    Crazy Hook Up On Salmon

    A spanking? I think I'm barely giving it as good as I'm receiving 😂 It's been a rough month with smokings haha. Yeah the reel is getting pushed a lot. It's already making some sounds, probably coming from the line roller. Thanks mate! I always try to make it entertaining. Yep, especially surprising when they turning up right under my nose! Appreciate it. Yep, it got my heart pumping real good. I still feel the adrenaline when I rewatch it. Thanks for the comment. That's right. I was kinda expecting to get smoked real quick. It's not apparent from the video because I was using a chest mount but my head and eyes were going left and right frantically scanning the water for snags, obstructions etc. Glad you like it!
  8. nbdshroom

    Crazy Hook Up On Salmon

    I was fishing for bream the other day on the Parramatta River at pretty much midday. It was more of a quick hour where I could get out and get some fresh air. I had my bream outfit with me which consisted of a 2-4kg rod and a 2000 size reel running 6lb line and leader. I wasn't expecting much to be the honest. Maybe a couple of flatties and a bream or so. Out of nowhere, I spot a school of salmon in close (which I thought were kings at the time - bad eyesight). The excitement levels rose, it was a flick of a coin whether I would hookup and hook up I did! I seriously don't think anyone in my position could miss. They were that close to shore and that many of them. After a rather long tussle, the salmon revealed itself through some aerial jumps at the end of the fight. I do find that the bigger salmon stay deep during the fight which this one did. The lure that did the damage was a trusty Zman Grubz in watermelon red. Thanks for reading.
  9. Thanks mate! Fishing is serious business sometimes 😂
  10. Cheers mate. Glad you enjoyed it.
  11. nbdshroom

    Jyndabine lake trolling

    Awesome fish. I like the sound of that manic moment with the multiple hook ups and boating struggles. Well done.
  12. Thanks for the kind words guys! i really appreciate it. Haha thanks Richard and yep, just a simple double hop. I didn't because although it appeared as though I had a lot more room on the right, I didn't actually have room. It's due to the 'fish eye' effect of the camera that everything is more open on the right side. By standing where I was, I could adjust the angle of the line around the boat/buoy. I thought that was a higher percentage play than being on the right and having it run left under the buoy (as you could see the fish ran against the wall on the right, suggesting it would do the same toward the left side if I was on the right). I hope that makes some sense!
  13. G'day guys! I haven't had much opportunity to drop a report but I'm still here and I'm still alive lol. I hit the Bay Run on the Parramatta River the other day to get some exercise and chase some bream just walking the banks flicking light lures. I was using a 2-4kg rod, size 2000 reel spooled, 6lb braid and 6lb leader and the conditions were overcast. I was flicking mainly a Zman grubz in watermelon red on a 1/16oz jighead and after a nice bream caught close to shore, my lure was hammered by a rat king. It was a tense fight mostly because I couldn't decide where best to fight it as I was in close proximity to a boat on a mooring and a small groyne/rockwall that was jutting out parallel off the bank. After a few blistering runs (as you would expect) I guided the fish into shore. I was elated and it was a bit of a nice surprise to cap off the session. I wasn't doing anything special in particular, just doing small twitches and hops with the lure in the pursuit of bream. Anyone that can cast a light lure could do this. Thanks for reading!
  14. nbdshroom

    Kingies for a kiddie

    Awesome stuff. He looks stoked.
  15. nbdshroom

    Bribie Island 3. (Sydney Cardinalfish)

    Looks like a Sydney Cardinalfish.