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  1. Nice work big Neil. A very productive session. 👍
  2. Thanks big Neil. It's always nice to catch a few things and have some fun while at it. Thanks Stewy 👍👍👍
  3. No, this is referring to the footage where Stewy hooks up to the kings @mrsswordfisherman. 👍👍
  4. Wow didn't realise I had several messages that I hadn't replied to... for months! Thanks Donna. Short of sticking a GoPro on a stick into the water, I may never find out! Sometimes a bit of mystery is good. Haha yep. Short of a broken arm, that reel was never going to get dunked if I could help it. Nice one! Good to hear you that you opened your bass account. Weedless rig would be good in some of the snaggy spots. Bad luck on the slip too haha! Hope it wasn't too serious.
  5. Thanks Rebel. Part 2 coming up next week. 👍
  6. Thank you James. Yeah that's awesome, can't beat squid fishing in the cooler months! Appreciate it 61 crusher! It was a nice morning out with Stewy. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
  7. G'day guys, it's good to be back! I've just been very busy and I've been meaning to post for a long time. This is linked to Stewy's previous report where we chased kingfish. This report is like the part before we hit Molly point where we chased squid. So consider this Part A 😃 It was a nice morning and it was great to catch up! I've got some pics of the little squid bash we had just prior. The squid were hungry and hitting jigs high up the water column. I think anybody could have caught a squid that day ... especially with a little green squid jig. Here are some nice pictures of the morning!
  8. And rig the live squid too! 😎 P.S. Good fish Stewy! Cracker day!
  9. Awesome report! I really like that photo showing the exposed tree roots.
  10. Nice one Richard! Top report and a top lizard.
  11. Awesome report and pictures. I've been hanging for one of your reports. 👍
  12. I did feel like Russel Coight for a moment lol Thanks Rebel! Glad you liked it! True 😂 I could have had a crowd watching lol. I can't think of anything better than that haha. I mean if it's so refreshing when done separately, you can imagine the benefits when they are done simultaneously! Haha wow... From the comments it seems as though quite a few people have gone in! That's awesome! I'd jump in for a few good fish lol. I've had something similar happen to me with a flathead but once the line snapped it just sat on the bottom and I was able to grab the braid and hand wind it in haha
  13. G'day guys, what an eventful fishing session! 😃 I only wanted to go there and try to catch that big bass that dusted me in my previous attempt up at the lake at Parramatta. The session got going when I decided to hit the shaded patches along the shoreline and came tight to the first bass of the day. Good little scrap from a feisty little fish which managed to spike me and release itself all in the same motion! It definitely went wrong there and it was a sign of (bad) things to come... Shortly after, I got stuck into another model a bit further up. Another good specimen in close right at the end of a rocky drop but that was about as good at got before it turned bad... What happened next, I tried to step onto the leading rock to release the fish and I had a big stack right into the water! Ouch! It was pretty funny in hindsight and luckily no one saw me haha. 😂 Luckily I was okay and able to continue the session! I guess I'll just have to work on my releasing techniques for next time. Thanks for reading! 😎