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  1. nbdshroom

    Bribie Island 3. (Sydney Cardinalfish)

    Looks like a Sydney Cardinalfish.
  2. nbdshroom

    Bribie Island 1. (Grass Emperor/ Grassy Sweetlip)

    Kinda looks like a grass emperor.
  3. nbdshroom

    Bream SP

    Not necessary but it helps a lot. I pretty much always let it hit the bottom.
  4. nbdshroom

    REMINISCING- Silver Trevally

    That was a good read. A good bedtime story.
  5. nbdshroom

    Ecogear Aqua review and suggestions

    You are probably not doing anything wrong in particular. Those lures do attract a lot of attention even if dead-sticked. If you can feel the bites and are striking to set hooks then it's possible the fish are pickers (small fish, toadies, small jackets etc.). In that case, move on from that spot or try more resilient lures.
  6. nbdshroom

    Mangrove Jack at Berowra Waters?

    I wouldn't rule it out but without having caught it, it's hard to say either way what it was. ------- Nice cod, that's a solid model. Stewy caught one of those up the Cooks River a couple of months ago too. Are the jacks still up at Manly lagoon (after the fish kill)?
  7. nbdshroom

    Botany Bay Kings

    Nicely done guys. Great fish that , Stewy.
  8. nbdshroom

    Squidding and kingfishing - live report

    Hey connico. That boat actually belongs to @J0nn0. He might have more to say about it.
  9. nbdshroom

    Squidding and kingfishing - live report

    Mini report: It was certainly a beautiful day out there at Molineux Point and about 10-15 other boats thought so too! The bite was a lot tougher today (compared to the previous outing with Stewy which was simply magical and it was always going to be hard to top) but the kings were definitely around. We didn't have to look very hard in the water to see them. They were a little bit picky but they were taking squid strips which is what most people were using. Whole prawns also seemed to do the trick. It was nice to see everyone hook up at some stage, including a father and young daughter duo who looked like they were having a ball. My favourite moment was seeing her dad take control of the net duties and try and land her kingy. For us, Jonno got his first king which was very exciting to see. I didn't take photos as I should have but I did capture his first below. Well done mate! Also congrats to Donna for ticking that off in style too. It was nice to see Stewy and Donna hooking up in front of us too. All in all, it was a great day, the swell was small and the wind was calm.
  10. nbdshroom

    Botany Bay Kings and Squid with Stewy

    Certainly was. It was good to get out. Thanks Donna. I'm glad to hear that. Yes, he should be the designated netter when you fish with him. Thanks Jeff. A cracking day it was. It had that magical feeling just like that night on the Hawkesbury we all had at the social several years back. Thanks mate.
  11. nbdshroom

    Botany Bay Kings and Squid with Stewy

    I lost count of how many kings were hooked, lost or landed. I had 4 batteries for the GoPro and I was running out of memory and battery. You will see in the video I was recording very conservatively toward the end and lot of our catches were simply not recorded. Kings were even swimming out from the under the boat at one stage. It was hard to miss them. All fish caught were released back into the water. Overall, it was a great day out with Stewy. Thanks for the company and the awesome fishing. I appreciate you taking me out.
  12. nbdshroom

    Botany Bay Kings and Squid with Stewy

    <Continued> So onto Molineux. Obviously, this is the first time I can remember that we have bait fished so we didn't have the right tackle for the job. Our makeshift rig was simply a jighead around 3/8oz with a strip of squid cut out from a pair of scissors with moderate difficulty. We dropped out baits out behind the boat and held onto our rods with anticipation. We were running heavy gear for the rat kings we were expecting. I was using a PE3 Daiwa Saltiga 7'1" with a Daiwa Catalina 4000H running about 30lb braid and 30lb FC leader. It didn't take long after that. In summary, it was a good gym session in front of Molineux Point. The fish were all in the 50-low 60s class. There might have been a few bigger ones in the mix from the bust offs/smokings. We fished near locked up drags due to the countless other boats and lines out there. Even the Police we out at some stage making sure everyone was abiding by the maritime laws (and possibly having a look to see how the kingies were going).
  13. Earlier this week, Stewy took me out for a session on the Cooks for Bream and Jews on his Fishraider boat. With us both being avid jew and bream fisherman, that was the plan anyway. We were on the water bright and early at first light and as the day played out, it became evident that the Cooks River would be a hard slog. We managed to catch a flathead (5" jerkshad) and a bream (on his new crab soft plastics which look unreal) before the change of plan to head into Botany bay and have a look around the corner at Molineux Point. Stewy also managed a cod of some variety - probably an estuary cod if someone can confirm. This was taken right at the end of the day. Now about Molineux, there have been reports of rat kings being caught here for the good part of a week (even reports posted here) and so we had our hopes up. The kings weren't busting up and we did work some stickbaits and poppers along a few of the markers on the way to the point. The point looked quiet as we passed by as the kings didn't seem to have gone through yet so instead of sitting down and waiting for them, we decided to go hunt some calamari squid. In short, we caught plenty. Well, Stewy caught plenty and I had to resort to netting them. The green-eyes were firing this morning and by the time I was able to store away the squid, put aside the net and have a cast, Stewy would be onto another sucker. This would repeat many times until we filled the bucket. Every jig we tried, we hooked up but if you guys were wondering what secret weapon Squidmaster Stewy had on, it was a Yamashita 1.8 in orange tiger. I made sure to get the scoop for you guys and I will certainly be getting a few of those jigs. 😎
  14. nbdshroom

    Great day on the plastics with Swano

    Well done Stewy. Sounds like a ripper session.
  15. nbdshroom

    Port Stephens- snaps are chewing!

    That's a top bag of reds Jeffro!