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  1. Thanks Papa. That means a lot and I try to make it entertaining. Thanks masterfisho7. More to come as usual 👍
  2. Thanks Adem! It was good to get out and bag a few bream. 😎 Cheers TAZ 👍 I appreciate it Rebel. 😃
  3. G'day guys. I've been waiting for the bream-action to recommence after a slow Winter for breaming. I hit the Georges River upriver for a quick blast with the light stuff (6-8lb 7' rod and 2000 reel with 6lb leader). On this uncommon occasion, the bream and flathead were hungry and I was able to get my fishing fix for the week I was working around bridges using a Zman Grubz in bloodworm which the fish seemed to not be able to refuse. I got a decent spiking from a bream and a bit muddy shuffling around the muddy bank but it was all worth it. A darker flathead. A sign of an upper river fish. Some bent rod action... It's a good sign especially after the slow Winter and I can't wait till the weather warms up a touch. 😎 Looks like I wasn't the only one getting muddy! I hope you enjoyed the read!
  4. Haha, that's awesome. I'm glad it had that effect!
  5. Thanks, I appreciate those comments! More to come for sure
  6. nbdshroom

    August produces

    That's some solid bream, would have been fun. Good on you for figuring out a bit more on how to get those bluefin trevs to bite.
  7. Thanks masterfisho7. Definitely a step up and good thing it didn't magically evolve in a salmon like that one in that particular video haha. Yes, that would have been me down there. I got smoked one time before I could get to my rod. I had a live arrow squid on and the rod just took off. I need to go back and finish the job lol. Come say hi if you see me out there. Everything is unplanned due to unpredictable times that I have to fish so I don't know when and where I might be. Some tips I have would be to work on chasing bream or flathead on light outfits 2-4kg rods and 6/8lb braid/leader. It's tough at the start but it's a good way to learn to master the light touch needed to deliver the lure, work the lures and learn to fight fish within the limits of the gear. Cheers Speedmaster30. The footage had to be seen! Thanks flatheadluke. My standard setup consists simply of a 2000 sized reel with a 2-4kg 7' fast-actioned rod and run 0.6PE (~6lb braid) and 6lb FC leader. The rod has a big impact; it's fast action helps me to flick or 'whip' cast out the light weights at high speed which greatly increases casting distance and punches it through wind. The line is equally important; it must be thin and preferably smooth (but a rough braid ties better knots and can take a bit more rough treatment). I use an arm span of leader so maybe 1.5m or more but definitely when in the cocked casting position the leader knot isn't wound onto spool. I tie FG knots for braid-to-leader connection and a uniknot for terminal connections. True Berleyguts! It's funny when I'm on the boat I'm way more calm and on land I'm often at awe watching that spool sing lol. That fish definitely got to work on me! I only wish I had the hookup footage too. That's so true Mr Squidy. It's that feeling when you know the next run is the last before disaster strikes and the line is under maximum pressure already. Thanks JonD. Sometimes I think to myself how strong light line can be when snagged on a rock and having to exert so much force to break off the lure. At other times it feels like tooth floss. I've lost so many to rocks and it's good to win sometimes.
  8. Haha nice! Appreciate it Adem. Thanks Rich, I love using the light gear and getting surprised by something far more capable than bream. Awesome! I think you will love it. There's a lot you can do with light gear and they certainly can land some big fish if played right. Thanks wazatherfisherman! I won't be forgetting this day for a while yet. Thanks Frank. I was mere moments from dropping to my hunches in despair when the line freed itself and then I didn't know whether that was a good thing or whether it guaranteed I would definitely be busted off haha.
  9. G'day guys, I'm back again with another report where I get into some strife (including smokings lol) on the Parramatta River once again. Using my 2-4kg 7' foot rod and 6lb line and leader which I had intended to chase bream with, I ran into a school of legal kings inshore and it was mayhem for a short half hour. I was doing my usual repertoire of small hops and letting the lure hit the bottom when I got a super solid hookup as a kingfish took a liking to a Zman slim swimz in midnight oil (new release colour this year). It hit the ground running and there wasn't anything I could do but hold on and hope. It wasn't a surprise when the fish got me tangled on a rock out on a dropoff and I was mentally resigned to simply waiting for the moment the line would snap... except it didn't! I thought that was tense moment but it escalated. It suddenly freed itself off the rock and went for another blistering run and I had my heart in my mouth! Not sure whether to feel relieved or even more worried at the handicap (leader all roughed up from the rock) I was now burdened with, I just tried my best to carry on. Finally after a tense struggle of trying to land the fish, I was able to land it to my relief! Thanks for reading guys!
  10. nbdshroom

    Port Hacking Kingfish Salmon Tailor

    Appreciate it.
  11. nbdshroom

    Port Hacking Kingfish Salmon Tailor

    Thanks Yowie. I'd probably be getting the shakes if I wasn't able to wet a line. I'm sure you'll make up for lost time. That's an amazing session. Your arms would have got a good workout! The siennas can definitely hold their own considering the price bracket. I'm starting to see how good a simple metal can be. Thanks Welster. Glad you enjoyed watching it. More to come as always.
  12. nbdshroom

    Port Stephens- Last snapper report???

    Awesome bag of 'red bream' there Jeff! 😎😎
  13. nbdshroom

    Port Hacking Kingfish Salmon Tailor

    Thanks Neil. I appreciate those comments. It was a just a pleasant day out on the water which started with zero expectations of any action but it quickly heated up. More videos to come as usual. I use Sony Vegas Pro 11.0. Thanks for the support Adem! I've rewatched it many times myself already lol Appreciate it masterfisho7. Thanks kingie chaser. Dropping that first hook up was probably a good thing after what jumped onto my line after that :thumbup:
  14. G'day guys. I was out with my mate Terry on Port Hacking River the other day chasing fish out the front via trolling using metals. I had a gillies metal about 40g or so and just tossed it out the back of the boat and sat back waiting for bites. It's not something I've done before and it was interesting just seeing how something so simple could be so effective. We also spun some metals through some bust ups which were most probably salmon and tailor but there were obviously kings in the mix around the legal size. One notable moment was when we passed over a school of fish and we instantly had a double hook up. Terry was onto a salmon which was pulling some string and doing some spectacular somersaults through the air! I dropped the initial fish and I was doing my very best to get my lure back in and out of the tangle which occurred in that action-packed moment. I quickly recast, wound in the metal at speed and shortly was nailed on the surface by a legal kingfish. It was such an awesome day out there that I almost forgot that we are still in the midst of winter! I'm already looking forward to the next time I wet a line! Thanks for reading guys!
  15. nbdshroom

    Port Stephens- whiting!!!

    Nicely done Jeff, particularly in a week marred by rough conditions.