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  1. Awesome report and pictures. I've been hanging for one of your reports. 👍
  2. I did feel like Russel Coight for a moment lol Thanks Rebel! Glad you liked it! True 😂 I could have had a crowd watching lol. I can't think of anything better than that haha. I mean if it's so refreshing when done separately, you can imagine the benefits when they are done simultaneously! Haha wow... From the comments it seems as though quite a few people have gone in! That's awesome! I'd jump in for a few good fish lol. I've had something similar happen to me with a flathead but once the line snapped it just sat on the bottom and I was able to grab the braid and hand wind it in haha
  3. G'day guys, what an eventful fishing session! 😃 I only wanted to go there and try to catch that big bass that dusted me in my previous attempt up at the lake at Parramatta. The session got going when I decided to hit the shaded patches along the shoreline and came tight to the first bass of the day. Good little scrap from a feisty little fish which managed to spike me and release itself all in the same motion! It definitely went wrong there and it was a sign of (bad) things to come... Shortly after, I got stuck into another model a bit further up. Another good specimen in close right at the end of a rocky drop but that was about as good at got before it turned bad... What happened next, I tried to step onto the leading rock to release the fish and I had a big stack right into the water! Ouch! It was pretty funny in hindsight and luckily no one saw me haha. 😂 Luckily I was okay and able to continue the session! I guess I'll just have to work on my releasing techniques for next time. Thanks for reading! 😎
  4. Hand me that crown for smallest flathead 😎 I think this one is a flathead lol. All 3m of it!
  5. Top effort on the reds Jeff! 👍👍👍
  6. Thanks. The amazing scenery is a big part of chasing bass for me. They can be anywhere in the fresh. Can't wait to hit them on topwater when I get the chance. Thanks a lot! More to come as always. I'm itching to get back out there. Thanks Rah. It got me good this time. Next time hopefully it goes the other way! Thanks a bunch big Neil! Fishing evokes pleasant feelings. I'm glad you are enjoying them and there'll be more to come as always.
  7. Good on you guys for having a crack. Surely the odds will even up at some point.
  8. Thanks Yowie. It's a bit like catching a not-so-fussy bream that has a big mouth bigger than it's stomach. Glad you like it Rebel. 👍 Appreciate it masterfisho7 😎 Thanks Little_Flatty. That place is a good day out
  9. G'day guys! I've been itching to get out for some bass since the start of the season and I was finally able to! I had my baitcast and spin combo for this trip up at the lake at Parramatta. First cast resulted in an unexpected dusting by a big bass amongst some timber. I was shocked to say the least! I picked up the consolidation bronze prize on the very next cast after re-rigging. Powerbait twitch minnow doing the damage. The day that unfolded was amazing with the scenery and other fish caught! Lizards and birds aplenty and not a snake in sight! 😄 After getting my fill, it was time to call it day. A good adventure with a reason to come back - I'll be back for that big bass next time. Till then! 🔥
  10. Top flatty! Well done the release. May you catch her again one day when she gets bigger.
  11. Thank you again for the kind words!
  12. Well done eladamrine. You basically caught your very first fish on a soft plastic, on your first attempt, and that being a legal-sized flathead to boot! That's awesome!