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  1. nbdshroom

    Great day on the plastics with Swano

    Well done Stewy. Sounds like a ripper session.
  2. nbdshroom

    Port Stephens- snaps are chewing!

    That's a top bag of reds Jeffro!
  3. nbdshroom

    Late report for Tuesday

    Well done guys. Looks like the you made the most of the leave pass for sure.
  4. nbdshroom


    Nice one mate. It looks like you did well with a nice bag of fish. I did hear about the absence of pelagics lately. Were you able to find any black jews or GTs? I assume you went south?
  5. Nice one Stewy. It's a good day when the gaff has to come out!
  6. nbdshroom

    Port Stephens- teaching the next generation!

    Awesome work Jeff. Looks like a good start already since they didn't get sea sickness.
  7. nbdshroom

    Big Thank you to nbdshroom

    Thanks a lot guys. I appreciate all the kind comments. @Stewy - Thanks a lot Stewy. I look forward to catching up and wetting a line very soon. @Jeff - That was still the best hairtail session I've ever had (bagging out, and mayhem in the middle of the night yahooing in the Hawkesbury). You killed it that night and yes I haven't forgotten, one day I'll get you that coffee lol.
  8. nbdshroom

    No kings but a welcome bycatch

    Nice catch mate. I think I'd prefer that longtail over a king to be honest. They go forever.
  9. nbdshroom

    Port Stephens- team scratchie

    Nice one Jeff. Killer haul in those sublime glassy conditions.
  10. nbdshroom

    Luderick on the double handed fly rod

    Nice one Royce.
  11. nbdshroom

    finally happened after 20 years

    Awesome report. A long time waiting makes it so much sweeter.
  12. nbdshroom

    Suprise First Soft Plastic Fish

    Nice work. Keep it up.
  13. nbdshroom

    Elimbah Creek Fat Girl

    Stonker whiting.
  14. nbdshroom

    No Reds But A Bag Of Kings

    Fantastic work. Sounds like a great day out.
  15. nbdshroom


    Well done. Yes the size limit for yellowfin bream is 25 cm and from the picture, it does check out on the brag mat. I'll amend the opening post to avoid confusion.