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  1. Arrived at Forster at 3 o'clock this afternoon had the boat in the water by 4. What a great spot, hooked a 50cm flat head in the first 5 minutes. Closely followed by whiting, bream and even a travelly.
  2. Hey Roberta thanks for all the info, you dont know me I have only just moved down from western qld. Had not ever heard of Merrygoen until now lol. The salt water fishing is all a bit new to me and i have only just bought my boat so i am a little nervous about taking it out side on my own. I will keep an eye out for you on your yakk and say hi if I see you. forster sounds like a great place and i am really looking forward to spending a heap of time on the water.
  3. Hi all im heading to Forster this Friday for 8 days over Xmas, if the weather is good I am hoping to head out side but would like to follow another boat out. Any tips on spots to try would be grat as well (inside or out).