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  1. Keep at it mate and it will all fall into place, then once you think you got it they change there mind and your back to square one with new techniques to catch them. All part of the fun of catching them mate
  2. Allround, they are a POFS and annoying
  3. They are not even bait worthy mate, they are not even worth a PB effort from a Blackfishermans point, i might be wrong with this comment but they are not regarded highly, if caught they are released and hope they are not around in numbers on your day off the pebbles.
  4. The way I'm going lately I'm going to buy the doughnuts on the way for the next trip
  5. Condolences to the family All the PFD and everything else that is talked about will not help you in certain conditions, a few places we looked at today for a fish was cancelled after watching the water for 15 minutes. We searched a few more places ( some well known for wash ins and lifes ) to see a special type of people that give the sport a bad name fishing in one Sydneys most dangerous rockfishing spots, with a rising swell and wind picking up a recipe for disaster but the ol fish seems to be more important to them. So what do you do? You can explain the dangers to people, but if they choose to listen is another thing. Rorz
  6. Im no expert, but i think you should spend a few $$$ more and get a decent centrepin reel, especially if you are rockfishing for them as well? you want something pretty durable Cheers Rory
  7. Filleted, garlic and chilli mixed in with egg before crumbing them then pan fried in olive oil, just made myself hungry thinking about it.
  8. Sounds like a plan mate, i will start looking around for some they can`t be to hard to find until then we will have to see the refreshment officer for a trial beer table run.
  9. Yep a dirty cockie, when they are around in numbers they will ruin a good days blackfishing
  10. You can put your bottom dollar on Royce making up for it Paul, and cheers for the thanks mate all good, if your gonna catch fish in style may as well fillet them in style too
  11. Nice report as usual John. Yes it was a great day out and honours to Paul & Dan ( bet ya Paul has still got a big grin on his face ) and yes I had a quiet one this w/end I was just resting my arms, they were a bit sore from the previous weeks fishing plus i was only fishing 2ft deep most of the day with no bait, pretty much just resting up for next week
  12. No worries mate i will kep in touch and let you know when they are ripe, I havnt had to many takers on the ol Scorpion. Especially after me mate tried them at the chili festival in Perth and fell to his knees in pain ( he`s a pretty well seasoned chili eater too ) and the word spread pretty quick, so most people i know wont go near them lol Cheers Rory
  13. Ahh, you have heard of them too lol
  14. Ive have a Moruga Scorpian plant that has just flowered and ready to growing some of its pods of pain if any one is keen in a fews months when ripe to try?
  15. Mate, from a quick peek and judging by shape and colour, the red ones a part of the Habenero family which are generally quite warm, the green ones really not sure mate. Rorz