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  1. Flyin have a few days at destination sightseeing / fishing /liveaboard or home base at destination. I know the options are endless. SA snapper, NT liveaboard etc. Need to do a lot more research.
  2. I would be looking at charter boat fishing
  3. Where would you go or return to fish if you could in Australia. When the boarders open I am looking to having a trip of a life time, 60 something crisis, if I don't do it soon it may never happen. I am reasonably fit and well, no time issues, fly or drive, and done a lot of fishing (boat) Not really into freshwater fishing. So where would you go?
  4. Mate was telling me he has hear of cars & boats pulled over on the road for unrestrained load in the boat on the trailer. You cant have any object in the boat on the floor ie tackle box rods esky. Has anyone else hear of this. I can understand it the boat is packed to the gunwale with etc camping gear,chairs & floaty tube toys not tied down.
  5. Try Mullet creek off Kanahooka road turn at Motel
  6. After many faithful years and miles the old trailer has finely succumbed the dreaded rust. I am looking at a Seatrail AL4.2M13R or Seatrail AL4.2M13. The only difference is one has rollers the other has skids. I have an aluminium boat on a roller trailer at the moment. Should i change from roll trailer or change to skid type or does it make any difference ????
  7. My old GME294 radio has died Time to get a newy trying to compare GME700vhf and Uniden um455vhf .Any thoughts on these two thanks Peter
  8. Get an angle grinder cut split pins off (bastard to try & pull out). Nock the centre pin in roller through bracket and roller and replace them. Put plenty of marine greese on new spindle before pushing roller through bracket replace split pin ( Stainless steel ) a little messey. Flat roller could work ok .Check the rollers once a year .Looking at picture again the keel is to wide for those rollers, trailer may have been made for an aluminium boat. May need to replace centre rollers & brackets. Cheaper than new trailer.
  9. location: Lake Illawarra , 4 lift crab pots not hats & 2 crab traps , Bait :chicken necks & fish frames , Decline: past 3 to 4 years ,both my neighbour's plus a couple of friends on the other side of lake say the same all good fisho"s , Size: numbers and time to catch (used to get 8-10 in 4hrs) now only half as many in 6hrs. Have used same 3 spots for years before with good success , others use some different spots. Same outcome
  10. Hi just putting this out there the size on blue swimmer crabs .The size is rather small(6cm) and the taking of females (jennys )without eggs. I have seen a real decline in crab numbers in the past few years. My self put back all females( jennys breading stock) plus small males. Increase the size on males and no take on all females( jennys ) I love a feed of crabs (chilli , plain boiled etc). What do you think.
  11. Went crabin today tried 3 different spots that usually have crabs by now. 1 crab 1flathead.Water temp 21c.Where have they gone? Helped a pelican rescue lady at Berkley catch an injured bird. Spoke to another bloke at the ramp he has been out over the last weeks with not many eather.
  12. Some time ago an old fisherman told me all commercial fishing (trawler)was banned inside the 12mile limit. This was changer due to WW11.This makes sence due to attack by enermy ships. Can anyone shed some light on this? Tried Google fact or fiction.
  13. Have seen it all different ramps. Will not fish between Christmas - New year. The things you see at boat ramps make you wonder. Cars in the drink, boats left on ramp, boats with no bungs, engine not starting(fuel ? old, flat battery),reversing a trailer, boat going to fast around ramp(bang into wharf & each other), people not waiting there turn, once or twice a year boaters, trying to drive boat on to trailers( that is a whole subject). ALL you need is a system you do every time you go out most can be done at home. Start motor, put bungs in (boat don't sink on dry land), find a quiet ra
  14. Crabing on Tuesday 12.Caught 6 blue swimmers.3boats in same area, They had a lot more pots out than me on my own. Not many crabs at all between us, had to work for them tried 3 different locals all the same. Where are all the crabs gone???.Couple years ago would pick up 10 crabs in a few hours. Read a story about lake prawns disappearing any thoughts. Prawns down crabs down or is it just a cycle.
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