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    yes its still for sale
  2. troyjm310


    Ok guys i know not many people would like a small tinny but ive dropped the price down to $1200.. i really need this gone asap as its quite annoying its just sitting there doing nothing and well id love to go out fishing but i just dont have the time anymore if anyone knows anyone that would like a small tinny to buy please let me know via email leave your number and ill get back to you Regards Troy..
  3. haha fair enough but it does move just doesnt get up and go i used to go out in it with myself 140kg and another mate 120k and used to do just fine in berowra or lil rivers..
  4. troyjm310

    Sold check pics here need it gone asap as i just dont have the time for boating anymore maybe in the near future but i hate looking at a boat doing nothing so it needs to go to someone that will use it 10ft TrimCraft its got a 3hp Yamaha outboard short shaft motor is in good condition havent had a problem with it in the past the trailer is registered till mid next year the boat is registered for another 10 months but due to the size of the motor it doesnt need to be registered i bought it as is but the previous owner had a 6.6hp so its registered for use with a 6hp motor on it the trailer as u can see in the pics has had alot of work done to it new brackets new lights new wiring new bearings new coupling new fish finder with battery and charger have spent a bit of money into it ! and very sad to get rid of it im wanting atleast $1300 for it that also includes the fish finder and battery and other bits and pieces for the boat got 2 fishing rod holders bimini as seen in the pic im in need to get rid of this asap so its out my way i no longer have the time off as i used to im working 6-7 days a week so yeh thanks guys hopefully it can go to a good owner that will use it Troy Please email me if you are interested and leave your number and i will get back to you
  5. hey there i have a 10ft but with a 3hp short shaft wanting to get rid of it asap as i dont have the time for it and its just going to be sitting around doing nothing boat and trailer is registered trailer has had quite a bit of work done to it..
  6. hey guys nice going with the LED lights i was going to get some but had an offer thru a mate to get some narva waterproof lights he helped me put them on some welding and got some lil brackets made up at a place in penrith( Hickeys ) heres the old lights fitted with a crappy bit of metal and heres the new bracket with the lights installed
  7. didnt think of that but yeh ive allready bought the battery its small easy to put it under the seat or mount it in the corner somewhere next to a fuel can so all is good just will have to charge it up every time i go out as its only going to be running the fish finder and maybe some nav lights later down the track so all is good thanks for the reply tho
  8. troyjm310

    Members Boats.

    DAMNNNNN theres some nice boats in this thread i dont want to put my first boat i only purchased the other day well here it is little umm 11-12 foot trimcraft with a HUGE motor on it 3hp yamaha HAHA no need for rego or license so its good in that way i guess.. hopefully taking it out next weekend for the first time... bit of a downgrade from towing and taking my mates 17 stejcraft with a 90hp johnson on it :| but its mine and its a lil tinnie for up on the hawkesbury so bring on the fishing
  9. Location: Hawkesbury ,Mooney Mooney bridge I'll add some pics on my next trip upto mooney mooney next to the freeway on the north side of hawkesbury river i like it and allways use it when going to spencer or to the vines Facilities:They have put a pontoon in the centre of the ramp and goes out id say 10-15 metres not to sure .. so no more cutting feet on the side of the ramp. Parking:Still 2 lanes and plenty of parking and only toilets there.
  10. thanks guys yeh went to Bias earlier today and bought a small one for like $50 with a charger so all is good now its a bit smaller than a bike battery so not to much space consumption now i just need to mount the fish finder and make a mount up for the battery.. going to mount it under a seat so its out of the way and off the floor
  11. Hey guys first poster here got no where else to ask ive bought a small tinnie and also a depth finder today But idiot me didnt look right into it due to the motor only being a 3hp needing no battery how can i hook my Garmin 90 up with no battery is there someway i can use a 9v battery or something similar to it so i dont need to lug a big ass battery in a boat that has no space for one ?? thanks in advance Troy