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  1. Robbielites

    How Do You Read Swells And Waves?

    Taken from the BOM site. * Sea waves: waves generated by the wind blowing at the time, and in the recent past, in the area of observation. * Swell waves: waves which have travelled into the area of observation after having been generated by previous winds in other areas. These waves may travel thousands of kilometres from their origin before dying away. There may be swell present even if the wind is calm and there are no 'sea' waves. * Wave period: the average time interval between passages of successive crests (or troughs) of waves. * Wave Height: Generally taken as the height difference between the wave crest and the preceding trough. * Wave Length: The mean horizontal distance between successive crests (or troughs) of a wave pattern.
  2. Robbielites

    First Marlin Of Season For Nic-nat

    Well done on the first for the season.. I would call it for a Black. It is a bit hard to tell from the pic but it looks like the second dorsal fin is in front of the anal fin, a feature only found on Blacks..
  3. Robbielites

    Port Stephens Marlin

    Correction... 2 Blues and a Black. Blues were about 150Kg and the Black 70kg. I will be fishing most weekends in Feb and March up there... I can't wait
  4. Robbielites

    From Old To New Big Changes With Pictures

    That looks fantastic Did you paint the hull on the trailer or did you drop it off?
  5. Robbielites

    The Colours

    I believe the EPIRB rule is from the open waters line.
  6. Robbielites

    Does Livies Need To Be Far Out

    Run a small cable tie 1.5mm-2mm wide through the eye sockets and fasten that down on your hook. Problem solved
  7. Robbielites

    115hp 2 Stroke Johnson 2004 Rectifier

    Unlucky? On the rectifier side of things.... I doubt it. Who is selling you and installing these rectifiers at $450 a pop? Does he need a business partner
  8. Robbielites

    Reels From The Usa

    I just Purchased 4 Tiagra 16 reels from the states for AU$493.00 each Before I placed the order I went to my tackle guy who really looks after us and gave him the option to even get close to the US price as I would be happy to pay a bit more to keep the money here.Unfortunately he could not get any where near it as his buy price from the importer is AU$730.00 I will still buy the line and rods from him though as he is a good guy.
  9. Robbielites

    Live Bait Tanks

    No worries mate. PM sent.
  10. Robbielites

    Live Bait Tanks

    Joe. I have this bait tank in my shed taking up space. You can have it for $50. I will trow in what ever plumbing bits I have as well. Robbie.
  11. Robbielites

    Where Are The Tuna?

    We had a fantastic early season, we got a few in late September including the one below, but nothing since. Here is hoping for the first Marlin of the season.
  12. Robbielites

    Kings In Sydney Harbour?

    We got a few on the surface around south head on the weekend. Good luck
  13. Robbielites

    Browns Mountain

    "15. No criticism of legal catches and/or inappropriate imposing of C&R views in fishing reports" With respect Ross, One fishermans once in a life time catch is not going to affect the world Mako population. The fish was filleted and shared amongst the crew from what I saw. Then the carcass was disposed of at sea. Nothing illegal or immoral there. Robbie.
  14. Robbielites

    Browns Mountain

    Nice Mako mate. Robbie. Ps. I was the younger guy working on the boat deck at the weigh station where you guys weighed it