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  1. Along with everyone else who has posted I am devastated. This site has been a godsend. I may not have posted a lot in the last few years but i have regularly checked in to see what is happening. The Fishraider community has been fabulous and given me many hours of great reading. I realise that running a site like this is an onerous task and from the bottom of my heart i thank Donna, Stewey and all of the various mods over the years for their effort. Without them this would have just been another short lived forum devoid of character. I will miss all of you Dave
  2. My local servo had Windybanks gut a couple of weeks ago. I'd like to say that means it's still around but it may have been in my servos freezer for a fair while. Dave
  3. Turned out the whole thing was a bit of a hoax. There wasnt an issue with them at all
  4. And of course the ones south of the harbour
  5. Blue swimmers don't hibernate they just move. Some crabs apparently spend their whole lives (3-4yrs) in bays whilst others head back outside in winter. Hence you will get more in summer than winter. Whilst they dont hibernate the cooler water of winter slows down their metabolism so they dont have to eat as actively as in summer. Another reason why the numbers are down in winter. Dave
  6. Alright on another thread Stewey put the call out for pudding bait recipes. I figured rather than hijack that one start another. Stewey's right there will be a hundred different recipes for bream pudding here's my standard one:- Tin of no frills cat food Powdered parmesan cheese Plain flour Bran Splash of tuna oil Mix it up the night before until its a sticky mess then add a bit more flour and parmesan. Leave it in a container with the lid off to "set" it more then on the day just roll bits around a 1/0 hook Dave
  7. The contrast on the young blokes face in the last two photos is brilliant. He's not happy with his sister landing the cod but then he's beaming when brings in the carp. Dave
  8. Nice work Donna and everyone else involved. There are some forums out there that have quite punishing formats. One of things i like about Fishraider is it's ease of use. Looks like this will make it even better. Dave
  9. Yeh it can deliver at times. I've only fished it by boat I imagine you had a bit of a hike to get down there, worth the trip obviously. Dave
  10. Had a brief outing this morning before the drizzle and southerly came in too hard. Drifting out of Scylla Bay I landed an arrow squid on a ganged whitebait and it was followed up by another squid. So I had a bit of a dig with a squid jig without getting a touch. Gave up on the squid and went back to whitebait. This resulted in another two squid. This is a new one to me. I've landed little bottle squid around there before but it's the first time I've got arrows. Dave
  11. I spent my whole life fishing with the reel on the right. about 8-9 yrs ago I took some advice and started using my left hand for lures. Once i started it just felt natural. I dont lure fish that regularly but every reel is now used with my left hand. It just makes sense to strike with your dominant hand. Dave
  12. Bugger the fishing I'm doing this on the Weber
  13. Great write up. I got my old man onto squid for his first time a couple of years ago. Unfortunately I haven't managed to get him inked yet. Dave
  14. I use Itunes. On that you could put all off your songs onto a "playlist" and manipulate the order into anything you want or just hit shuffle and it will randomly play songs. On the playlist once you hit play on the first song it will continue to play until the end. As for CD's, , they are sooooo 2010. Us young people dont even own any of them now. dave