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    Outside Fishing

    The size of the boat is important going outside but also the configuration and experience, in that I regularly run offshore a few miles to chase flatties and have taken my 4.3 Webster Twinfisher to Montague Island and across the bar at South West Rocks and Narooma. It feels very stable outside and trolls straight and true in seas up to two metres. After two metres its time to come in as its to uncomfortable. I also was lucky to learn from experienced skippers who taught you how to cross bars, trim boats properly, drive the boat in heavy seas. These lessons are more valuable than just working out who goes to sea in a certain size boat as I have seen guys get into trouble in a Bertram 25 in seas that were only one - two metre but tried to cross a bar at the wrong time of the tide and got smashed.
  2. Redfin are great to eat and if you skin them, remove the head and pull the fins off them, you will remove just about all the bones. If you can still get hold of a baltic minnow and jig it through the water, Redfin love them.
  3. Hi can you add David and Alex Wan Lum to the list. Lancer
  4. Geoff Yes its useless information but I reckon its at least got some truth to it and its better than the spin pollies give us about how well the State is going or what their real agendas are. David
  5. Geoff As one of my projects when I retire, I have in my possession a 7.5 hp scott outboard motor and cosidering that it was probably made in 1962 its in reasonable nick. I should bring it over one day and show it to you. When you think about it though, back then people used to get paid I think about 20 pounds a week so, at 550 for a fibreglass machine that was only for the rich. David.
  6. Hi Ross Can you add David and Alex Wan Lum to the list. Lancer.
  7. Bloody excellent kingfish Anthony and I know your dad is jealous like I am.
  8. Is it a Cleveland 351 Petrol Motor or is it a diesel motor ? The motor will also change the towing capacity.
  9. In NZ on the charter boats, one of their favourite baits is a chunk of salmon and dont snapper love it. So yes salmon is a good bait.
  10. Well I lost one live yakka at one of the buoys and then nothing. What I did find were leatherjackets near sow and pigs. All were pretty small and they were there in swarms so when they move in eat everything that moves. I caught 15 in five minutes using a bait rig sweetened with slimy mackeral but at the end of the five minutes all my jigs were bitten off. I also caught an oceanic toadfish. I should have taken a pic before throwing it back in.
  11. I reckon a visit to Go Fish will make you happy when you can get to buy a new rod and accidently more gear. Just tell your wife that you were so heart broken and that you need the retail fix to repair a broken heart. Most wives can relate to this.
  12. Geoff and Pelican This has also made me think about what I carry and where I put things and I wonder if we should have a space in say the boating area, saying whats a good idea and whats not a good idea. Being optimists we always think that the boat will stay upright, pumps work etc but really what other things can we do to protect oursleves. For example lashing extra life jackets togther to hold us up, techniques to reduce hypertermia, making up safety bags and attaching them to each life jacket. etc. David
  13. Well they can be thankful that their Webster stayed afloat long enough for them to be rescued and that their is enough air in the sponsons to support the boat.
  14. Holmsie, I just figured out why the boat jumped at that point and only had the last half of the boat in the water. You must have been coming in on a falling tide and I would say that the water was running out of the Wagonga at its usual quick pace and where the estuary and sea swell meet you get a pressure wave and it would be almost right at that spot. Take a look at how high the water is up the rocks. Thats why the water is so churned and you would have about 2-3 metres of water under you at that spot.
  15. Hi Brickie Just looking at the pics, I would say he did a perfect job coming in. You do normally start from the left and go to the middle of the channel. If you start to close to the right of the channel the waves pushing in from the south will push you into the wall where the green water is. In a real low tide the left side can be very shallow and you do need to come in the middle of the channel but you need sit off the bar out the front for a while and watch the waves. Then make your decision and go. If you can have one person watching the waves behind you and you get on the back of a wave and stick with it going in. If its a big wave dont power over the front of it as it could crash down on you from behind. David
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