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  1. It'll do fine if your casting is up to it.
  2. Should work. Give it a go and see. Only problem I can think of is the knot fouling near the lure, and the thicker line putting off the bream a little. Shouldn't bother the flatties though...
  3. Macular degeneration is the thing to really worry about, and everyone should have some idea of the symptoms. Cataracts can be fixed in 10 mins nowadays which is good, but you wait a year to get them fixed unless you want to pay. Much easier to wear the sunnies, prevention is better than cure!
  4. I think you'll find that a trailer over 750kg gross weight requires brakes in working order to be legal. If they're disconnected, and the trailer is over 750kg then it's not legal. If the brakes are there but not effective/working, and the trailer is over 750kg then it's not legal. Unless you're sure that your trailer is under 750kg, it's simple. Leave them on, get them fixed and functioning properly.
  5. You can always thumb the spool in the rare event 5.5 kg of drag isn't enough...
  6. What are you planning to catch? If you're brand new to fishing I'd say get rid of the lure, tie on a hook and use bait. That rig will be fine, just don't go too heavy with the sinker. Learn the various rigs and knots, how to cast, retrieve and land fish. Then start playing with lures. Lures are more dynamic, you have to work them and for a beginner they may just turn you off fishing. Also, you're reel isn't spinning backwards because you don't have the anti-reverse engaged by any chance?
  7. I think you'll find leader line is harder and more abrasion resistant whereas main line tends to be more supple, probably to aid casting and laying of the line on the reel. Just what I've observed, not sure if it's true...
  8. If you want a bit of fun look up how much they retail for in the States... Quite a mark up for the conversion!
  9. My favorite used to be Gulp in Moldy Cheese. But for some reason that escapes me they don't make that colour any more. It sucks because they were awesome!
  10. If the weights over the axles, tow ball or the overall weight is greater than the specified limit then it's not safe, and from what you're saying that driver was probably an idiot. I guess my point is that it's all relative. If you're towing within the limits of the vehicle than with some sensible driving it should be safe. Of course it won't tow as well as a heavier, better suspended vehicle, and longevity won't be as good. But it should be safe. Your point about the lack of skill is a valid one though. I see people towing fair sized boats down Mt Ousley traveling at the speed limit riding the brakes the whole way down. Doesn't matter how within the limits of the car they are, when drivers behave like that it's only a matter of time before they cause an accident.
  11. A nearly 2 tonne vehicle towing 1.7 tonnes is going to do as well as a nearly 3 tonne vehicle towing 3.5 tonnes. The Captiva is probably just as capable of stopping 1.7 tonne in an emergency as a Discovery stopping 3 tonne. It all comes down to the trailer brakes, they're type and condition as to how well they will stop. And the skill of the driver.
  12. It's a good point though and you still have to search for the details. I just looked up the Prado and the GCM isn't just the GVM and trailer weight, it's 130kg less, so it's possible to run into trouble if you push the limits...
  13. Depends on the vehicle. The examples given were all Utes and the widely variable payload will complicate things. Vehicles like the Grand Cherokee however don't seem to have that problem as the GCM is the GVM plus towing weight. So long as you stick to those weights there won't be a problem, but with a ute the amount you can tow may be influenced by what load you have on the back.
  14. If you're trying to reduce costs, it would have to be a zero dollar transfer from the Pajero to something else. Seeing as this isn't likely the cost of changing may well outweigh the running costs of the Pajero?
  15. I like the neoprene boots with spikes on them. Find they are the most comfortable and give the best grip in all directions. Easily available in virtually any tackle shop. Another option is looking up some cheap crampons. I have a pair of them too they just go over your shoes and are good for longer walks to the rocks. Just don't tread on your toes with them.