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  1. Polynemus_sheridani

    Blue Marlin Off Sydney

    Hi Garry glad you had a great day out and where able to get a great fish to help us take out the club championship. it was a shame that i couldnt be there on the day but had to be in adelaide for family things. will catch up with you in 2 weeks. cheers Craig
  2. Polynemus_sheridani

    Red Hot Day On The Marlin

    It is the Marlin stomach they have the ablity to throw it to try and get rid of something that wasnt nice, it can either be pushed back into the fish by us or they will get it back in themselfs. The marlin was in great nic and swam away health as.
  3. Polynemus_sheridani

    Red Hot Day On The Marlin

    Nick it was great to have you fishing with it has been great hope you can keep fishing with mate, well done with your 2 fish also.
  4. Polynemus_sheridani

    Red Hot Day On The Marlin

    Hi all Well what can I say this was a great day on the water, after the early start of leaving Port Stephens at 5am we headed south towards Broken Bay where the Broken Bay GFC had their tournament on, we where fishing the central zone this weekend only so just after 7am we had a spread of lure in the water and started to work futher south, just past the car park we found some bait. We pulled all the lures in and jigged some bait up and put them back down and sat on the bait for a while with no results, so pulled up stumps and put a lure spread out and worked south then around 11am we found some great bait in 60fa, so up come the lures and down went the jigs. Up come the bait and then down we sent them to the bait ball, about 15min later one of the reels starts slowly taking line then all of a sudden up comes a fish off to one side of the boat one of the guys Nick called it for a free jumper but it wasnt, it was our fish going nuts trying to throw the bait so we are now on to a great striped marlin of about 90kg after a 20min fight Kostas marlin is wearing a tag and high fives all round. Back to the bait and we do it all over again, bait down and we are on again another striped marlin of about 90kg for Nick. That fish was then tagged so back to the bait again, bait goes down then we are on again this time a nice fish of about 100kg and Nick is on again, tag goes in and that is 3 fish we where all on a high, so back to the bait again. Down goes the bait and we are on again, this time i am on the rod the fish didnt jump once in the whole fight we get the fish close a couple of time to a nice striped marlin of about 120kg the struggle goes on for about 1hr then we get the tag shot and in it goes, more high fives again. So back to the bait and down we go again, then we get hit again only min later this time the hook didnt set and we lost the fish, checking the other baits to find that one had also been hit and was squashed, reset the baits and this time the surface bait goes off with a crack as it comes out of the rigger and the reel is screeming, Henry is on the rod and a nice striped marlin about 90kg is screeming across the surface we backed down on the fish, we are going full stick backwards and we are still losing line at a rate of knots, 20min later we have the tag in and the trace cut. What day all in all 6-6-5 a great day for us all. Here are a couple of pictures from a great day.
  5. Polynemus_sheridani

    Interclub Day 1

    Hi all Just a quick report from Day 1 of the 2010 Interclub. We fished north today and didnt see anything till very late in the afternoon where we had a marlin chasing bait at the back of the boat, then we lost a bait when a marlin picked up the bait and head towards to the surface and spat the biat. then about 10min later we had a live bait taken on the surface at 4.57pm with fishing stopping at 5pm we jsut got it hooked up then after about a 10min fight a nice blakc of about 90kg swam away with a tag in it.
  6. Polynemus_sheridani

    Botany Bay Game Fishing Tournament

    Just a reminder to get your entries in before the 10th Jan to go into the running to win $500 cash. cheers Craig
  7. Polynemus_sheridani

    First Marlin Capture For The Season

    Hey dave you know sunday is Marlin only day dont you are you fishing point score.
  8. Polynemus_sheridani

    First Marlin Capture For The Season

    Botany Bay GFC Boat Sniper captured a 204kg Blue Marlin yesterday on a non point score day for the club the first capture for the season it was a great fish. cheers Craig
  9. A Full list of the prizes for the tournament along with the giveaways over the tournament weekend can be found by downloadinng this PDF. Prizes & Giveaways Click Here Cheers Craig
  10. Polynemus_sheridani

    Good Day On The Reds

    Hi all thanks for the comments it was one of the best days on the red for a long time, we tried some soft plastics but didnt get a hit i tried one of the shimano lucanus jigs and got smashed by something had it on for a few mins then dropped it. other than that everything was on bait. Craig
  11. Polynemus_sheridani

    Good Day On The Reds

    we did have a bit of current in the morning but 2 parrashutes out slowed us down and we used 4oz to get down ok. the best bait all day where pillies but later in the afternoon around 6pm the best one was sargent baker and baracudda.
  12. Polynemus_sheridani

    Good Day On The Reds

    Hi all we went out for a snapper fish on Sunday morning, we left the marina at 4.30am and headed south the weather wasn’t looking the best arrived at the Hump at about 6.30am and setup for the first drift of the day. On the first drift we got 2 small snapper and 1 pig fish. the weather wasn’t the best with us trying to floater fishing so we change to paternoster rigs and then we got a few the wind and sea did it best not let us catch fish but we keep going. As the day went on the weather got better and better, later in the afternoon on the 2nd tide change of the day we got a few more fish including a 5kg model. Then the wind stopped and the seas dropped right away and then that was it the 3rd tide change was upon us and here they come fish after fish over the side with a few 2 and 3kg models now on ice and ready for fish and chips, we keep saying one more bait then one more and we looked at the time and it was 7pm wow. All up we got 30 snapper up to 5kg. all and all a great day out on the water with some great snapper. cheers Craig
  13. Polynemus_sheridani

    Botany Bay Game Fishing Tournament

    Hi all Its on again the 2010 Jeppesen Marine Bill Heyward Memorial Tournament. This year is bigger and better. The entry form and details of the tournament are online now at our website www.botanybaygamefishing.com.au check it out. The prizes and give aways this year are amazing. A full list of prizes will be listed early in December. cheers Craig
  14. Polynemus_sheridani

    Big Blue Marlin 361kg Just Been Weighed

    ok here are some pictures of the fish sorry not the best.
  15. Polynemus_sheridani

    Big Blue Marlin 361kg Just Been Weighed

    just had it confirmed it weighed 361kg on 24kg and the angler was a 61 year old man just checked the NSW records and has smashed it. Old record for NSW was 280kg on 24