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  1. Hi, I would love to learn how to do some black-fishing in and around Berowra waters as I do not live to far away from the area, I do not have a boat, but and keen to learn, If anyone would be so kind as to help a newbie , I would much appreciate it. Cheers Kilp
  2. Dear fishing friends I would dearly appreciate it if someone could be so kind as to teach me how to do black fishing. Knowledge of where to find the cabbage weed, the fishing setup and where to fish. If anyone can help me learn, as I stated above, it would be much appreciated. Kilp Feel free to pm me
  3. kilp


    Huey Just sent you an email. Cheers Kilp
  4. kilp


    Hi Daniel Chinese importer ? Could you let me know who please ? even if you pm me. Cheers Kilp
  5. kilp


    Hi fellow raiders, I am intrested in looking to buy a boat hull only. Currently I have a old fiberglass hull, which is older than me in age,( over 40 old years give or take ) It has served me well in the 3 years I have had the boat, but now I would like to buy a new hull. The motor I have is a 90hp Evinrude E-tec,it doesnt miss a beat, so I want to keep it, its only 3 years old too. My Budget is about 10 thousand, is it possible to land a 4.75 used alloy or fiberglass hull thats in decent condition? or am I dreaming ? If so , can anyone give me pointers please, everytime I do a search on the net , it send me to www.boatsales or boatpoint, and there are very few hulls for sale. Any help will do, I live in the hills district but will look anywhere for a new hull. Cheers Kilp
  6. kilp

    Blackfish Assistance Please.

    Hi Luderick - angler The spot I went to, in little bay was on the right hand side as your looking towards the open sea, walked up till there was a u shaped cut in where the waves would hit, thats the best way I can describe it matey. If you could please pm me some spots in the pitty or the harbour it would be very much appreciated, however I think I also need to know the right setup and technique. My boat is avaiable if you ever has some spare time to mentor an eager fisho..... Look forward to hearing back from you cheers Kilp
  7. kilp

    Blackfish Assistance Please.

    Hi Macman No matey I didnt get any downs, the only time I did was when I got snagged, so I made the leader smaller. I copied to the best of my ability the setup of the other people who were successful in catching them, but still no luck. 5 lb line, float, small slit shot sinkers, small size 8 , 10 hook, weed , was from little bay itself. a bit frustrating on the day.....
  8. kilp

    Blackfish Assistance Please.

    Thanks for the advisw fellas Koaloboi - I was fishing Little bay , its behind some sort of medical clinic and golf course, on the right hand side of the rocks. There were two guys with very similar setups as mine, the only difference is that they were pulling them in, I wasn't , not matter how hard I tried to adjust. I tried to ask them for a few pointers, they were friendly enough, unfortunately their English was poor. luderick -angler - I would love to know places in pittwater or Hawkesbury as I live in the hills district as its easier to make to trip, also I have a boat. I would love to learn of places in the northern beaches to do my black fishing. Cheers Kilp
  9. Hi all Amongst other fishing, Blackfishing has always been a big desire of mine, the only problem is I stink at it. This is now my fourth trip without any success. I think my son is starting to realize that dad for all his efforts hasn't got any Anyway, if anyone could be so nice as to help me out, I would really appreciate it, I live in Sydney's Hills district, but am willing to travel. Its amazing, when you put so much effort in and zilch, then you look at the old boys next to you pulling them in like nothing. Thanks all Kilp
  10. kilp

    Rats Galore

    Hey tentonner When you mention "Long reef" do you mean " long reef wall or long reef wide ? do you know where I could get Gps co-ordinates for the location. Thanks Kilp
  11. Hi All I have an etec motor, I need a service, was wondering where I could get my motor serviced. I live in Blacktown Cheers Kilp
  12. kilp

    Ray And Son Jordan At Avoca

    Great Stuff Ray I just hope my sons will still enjoy fishing with me when they are your boys age. Nothing beats my time with my boys. Cheers Kilp
  13. kilp

    Sydney Harbour Today

    Hey there billy For those who have not personally met , Billy all I can say is he is a wealth of knowledge on the fishing front and a true gentleman. Had a great day today, pleasure being out there with ya mate ! Look forward to doing it again soon.
  14. kilp

    Kingfish Social

    HI Fellas I we managed about 10 rats at quarantie, but they all went back in as they were well undersized. At about 8.oo am told my mate, I had to go to the loo and try and buy a hat, scince I forgot my one at home and the sun was on us, anyway we went to balmoral public warf, on arrival, a group on guys fishing there, had a bucket with about I'd say 30 dead baby leatherjackets. I am talking less than 10 cm big. When I asked them what the hell did they think they were going to do with them , on of the one guys says " none off your bussiness bro " #$#$%%^ OFF!!. Then if this wasnt so bad, as we were leaving one of there mates jumps off the warf with a spear gun, bloody idiots. I tell ya was a great day before I witnessed this crap. I too witnessed a few $%%^$$ heads keep undersized fish at quarantine. Something has to be done, I am going to send the authorities an email today , Im not holding my breath. kilp
  15. kilp

    Sydney Harbour 13/1

    Well done Matey, May I ask where you downrigging whole squid, or just strips? or even yakkas? which of the three gave you best results? cheers kilp