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  1. Thanks for the reply guys. I headed from the Wallacia bridge upstream towards Bents Basin and there were plenty around. Between myself and mate we ended up with about 8 each. Not huge but fun anyway. A couple of them measuring 27cms. Will definitely head back up that way. Even with the river low it’s beautiful.
  2. I’m hitting the Nepean tomorrow morning off the yak up at Wallacia. Be on the water just after sun rise. Wondering if anyone has had any luck up there recently. The river is very low but there is a heap of structure that with any luck will be holding some bass. any advice or tips would be much appreciated.
  3. Thats what it's about. Well done.
  4. Most of the fresh water creeks and the overs in Western Sydney hold good numbers of bass. South Creeck is one of my favourites. Early morning and at dusk are the peak times. Good luck.
  5. Some lovely looking bass there. Goes to show that you don't need to get off the beaten track too much to score a few good ones.
  6. Great effort. That's a nice fat bass. Wouldnt worry about the eye.
  7. Sitting at work when I should be fishing :(

  8. I just downloaded this after reading this and it looks like a great app. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  9. They are 14 going on 20 I have 5 days off so might head to Clifton Garden on Monday.
  10. Thanks guys. Might head to Davidson Park.
  11. I want to take my son and his mate fishing on Friday. I'm looking for suggestions. Based in Penrith area and am willing to travel up to 1 1/2 hours. Land based only. Any help appreciated.
  12. Still sure beats the day that I had. Been too long since I had my yak out.
  13. Ummm pretty sure that you guys are talking about totally different areas. Sorry that I can't be of any more help.
  14. What can I say that hasn't been said already. Well done on a great catch.
  15. What a great report. I want to do a trip like that one day.